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The Red Springs and Northern group is looking at a Baldwin Lima Hamilton industrial locomotive. It's a two axle diesel hydraulic, with chain drive from the transmission to the axles. Looks kind of like a Plymouth, but I think larger. No model or s/n on the builder's plate, mut the date is 1953, and the "Construction Number" is 40750. I don't find anything on the BLH websites I've look at. Can anyone give me a clue??

(Hey, I know it's off topic a little, but the thing is on live rail with a CSX interchange so it sorta fits).

Pete Wenk Red Springs & Northern Foundation Parkton, NC (Home in Beaufort)

-- Pete Wenk (, December 14, 2001


There was a book written several years ago just on diesels the baldwin built can not remember the exact name there may be a list of builders numbers in it.

-- Alan Ashworth (, December 20, 2001.

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