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In that the stumper are becomming a testosterone slinging contest, I am going to take a break. This is why I live alone, I refuse to become involved in the compitishion orentiated standard male world, that is behind me, I have visited the Enlightened Dust Bunny and choose to seperate for a length of time of my choosing; I will return when I have gathered an adequate amount of questions that are search engine proof and publication proof. The fun has been removed with the "my dog is bigger that your dog mentality". I often fear that our life-lessons, when complete is the catalist that triggers a reason to exit this world; I do not feel adequately complete yet but it is not my choise; I will answer any post about the existing question, the clue is visable and understandable by those who think in two stage thinking; I will continue to post at will within the guidelines of the forums that I visit. I have posted for 56 days continousley with the stumpers, I also spent over 750 days in Viet Nam without a break, this is not a challenge-just a fact. I am capeable of being as raw as is needed to survive.....

-- mitch hearn (, December 13, 2001


I do understand the need to step back and take a breather now and again. Just know that I enjoy your stumpers very much and look forward to their return. I hope you aren't offended when I post my "class clown" answers. It is in NO way intended to be disrespectful. If, when you resume your stumper, you wish me not to participate with my antics I will completely understand.

-- Jo (, December 14, 2001.

Dear Mitch, Unfortunately, people are people. I teach art at a public high school, and you would think art would be a buffer against the usual stress of education. Alas, it just makes me and my room the target of different kinds of stress. Higher order thinking skills are simply beyond some folks. The bell curve applies to EVERY group.

Huggs and Peace

-- Rose (, December 14, 2001.

Jo, I enjoy you 'class clown antics', you're very clever, you remind me of me and Gary:~)

Mitch, Enjoy!

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, December 14, 2001.

Mitch, you know I applaud your continuous presence on this forum. I am so sorry you feel the need to take this break. I think my kids will be the saddest of all, as the very first thing they say to me when they walk in the door is "What is the question for today!!??" Now I will have to make one up myself! Come back soon, my friend.

-- Melissa (, December 14, 2001.

My older boys are just like Melissa's children. As soon as they see me logged on to the forum, they ask, "What's the question for today?"

We will miss you and look forward to your return.

-- Cathy N. (, December 14, 2001.

This forum is Melissa's. Melissa allows what she wants to allow here.

Mitch's stumpers are a very valuable part of this forum. The exchange which precipitated Mitch's Stumpers vacation, was over whether a poster had used a search engine or not. If they hadn't (which they claimed vehemently), then they had a right to be indignant about it. Threatening to never post here again was (IMO) childish, but still their right to do. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and do not know how Mitch could be certain they had used a search engine. I have felt that Mitch was a little high handed a couple of times, and even felt he wouldn't credit me with the most correct answer on a stumper. I love trivia, and my enjoyment of the stumpers made any ruffled feathers smooth out easily. (Note that I am definitely a stumper lurker.)

Mitch will be back.

As always than you Melissa and Mitch.

-- Rick (, December 14, 2001.

I do allow just about any topic as long as it is respectful and in language suitable for all. I often think Mitch's "high-handedness" is the result of his wry sense of humor though.

Believe me, in the beginning he and I had many e-mail exchanges over this, and eventually ironed out our differences through an understanding of different styles. So I certainly allow the stumpers, no real reason not to.

As to the search engine issue. I believe he puts them the search engines first to see how easy they are to find. He tries to word them so that they aren't easy to search out.

As to the correctness of some answers, I believe he just goes by what his source says is correct. Of course different sources might say something different. I read that a turtle can live 177 years in captivity and that other animal (can't remember what) wasn't even mentioned!!!

So to me this is an interesting amusement at best. It is fun to think them out, but not something I would get the least bit mad about.

-- Melissa (, December 14, 2001.

People, I sometimes think I am misunderstood. My approach to humor is excessively dry, thats just my personality, allways has been, won't change this late in life. If I tell someone "to go out side and play" or "go stand in the cornor", I know these people are more than 8 years old; it is the idea I am trying to present, not the action; it could mean that I am feeling playfull or it could mean that I am mildly annoyed. One time when I posted a stumper about cats whiskers, Cheryls 11 year old daughter had the answer, I told Cheryl to tell her daughter:"homework causes pimples and I heard she had cooties, ect.". Is this what is being called an "attack" or "high-handed"? I thought of it as adult level dry humor; anything I post as humor will have at least 2 exclimation points after it ( !! ).

No, Jo, I am not offended, I was wondering why it took so long for someone to question my sources/answers or tried to swamp me. I acctually felt disappointed it took so long! There is nothing I like more that going one on one with brains. You will please notice I answered with "Nope", not No, or No, your stupid, or anything else that did not convey an answer worthy of the question, or on the same level it was presented. I could not find Cedric Weehut (but he did have an aunt in Leeds !!)so I knew it was smoke.

Rick, which post? I will review; if the post is "hot" meaning a stack up of answers, I will hold out until it is perfectly answered. If the post is "cold", I will award to anyone close it that I believe most people are uninterested, or the question is too hard; then I can post a new one of interest to more people.

It is very hard to sit in this seat, some questions require a 2 hour search to make them interesting without making them "pushovers". This explains why my 2 hours of research, when swatted in 3 minutes after posting, makes me suspicous of search engines. My education includes 44 credit hours towards an arch. eng. degree, that might include my lack in spelling as a reason ( !! ). I would preffer to return to the word and number questions but the most of them I can answer as soon as I read them so the would not be a challenge to the readers.

And for the poster whom accuses me of whatever was said aganist me: I am Howard Mitchell Hearn, HC 86, Box 25, Purgitsville, WV, 26852, phone is 304 289 5568; at least put a first name on your trash.

-- mitch hearn (, December 14, 2001.

Mitch how about rank and serial number (unless posting it would violate federal law).

Mitch, the valid answer you were looking for was 364. I didn't appeal it.

Next question?

-- Rick (, December 14, 2001.

Being appreciated is a wonderful thing, taking risks is hard. And it's hard to appreciate something/one you don't understand or a little bit cautious of. Since we can't see expressins on faces or hear tone of voice or read minds, it's often hard to discern where a person's coming from or tell dry humor from rudeness. It's also hard- sometimes-to tell sincerety.

If Melissa hadn't talked about how important this is to you, or how hard you work, I would have never known it. I was checking in less and less to see what the answers are and considering not even bothering with the whole thread. I really like learning so I do want to know the answers.

I've known a couple answers but haven't answered, because of what seemed to be your lack of appreciation. Fear of being ridiculed. You obviously care about people or you wouldn't do this in the first place. So much like my step-grandpa was.

Now that I see more where you're coming from, I can read the questions and even risk being embarrassed by having a wrong answer now and then{8~).

BTW, thanks for going to Viet Nam and fighting hard for us, that's appreciated, too.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, December 15, 2001.

Rick, if you will go back and read the "Whos alert, stumper" you will find that Cheryl in KS posted the correct number, 364 about 5 or so posts before you, that why I changed the question to a new one. Since The Enlightened Dustbunny gave me the answer I did not do the math, that "stack up-stack down" pattern you found was enlighting.

-- mitch hearn (, December 15, 2001.

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