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Crafts/Hobbies: I'd like recommendations for a good sewing machine for quiltmaking. Also, any information on dying fabrics and patchwork techniques. Thanks.

-- Gloria Bartek from Omaha (, December 13, 2001


Hi Gloria..My best advice is to go to a sewing center and try them out and see what works for you..we all have different choices and price ranges..what I might think would be a good machine,someone else would your best bet is figure out your price range and go shop..Good Luck and happy quilting!!

-- Lynn(MO) (, December 13, 2001.

Bernina if you can afford one, they are high, I don't have one but my Mom does. I agree to go to a sewing center and try several out, the Bernina is in comparision to driving a cadillac/ as opposed to a economy toyota or something like that.

-- Carol in Tx (, December 13, 2001.

Gloria, I taught myself to sew on my Moms old Singer that came with instructions on how to modify it for electricity. As I learned I moved up to a 20 year old Riccar and then a 25 yr old Elna(hated it!) and as of 2 years ago was able to buy the sewing machine I wanted. I spent 8 years asking people both professionals and home sewers like me what kind of machine they would like if they could have any kind they wanted. 95 % of these people said they wanted a Bernina. I have a Bernina now and I just love it! There are only two features that I would change if I could. One: the light is ridiculous on it, an Eagle couldn't see by that light! So I just have an extra light on a moveable arm(five bucks at Walmart) and two: for the money I would have expected it to have more memory for letters. I quilt and like to put poems and sayings on my quilts so I was disapointed about that. I have the Quilters Edition 150; didn't want the more sophisticated, intensely computerized more expensive model with the touch screen. Other than those two things I dearly love this machine! That's my choice. As per the good advice you have been given, go to some quilt shops and try out their machines.I checked out Husquavarna, Singer, Phfaff(however you spell that! LOL) and Viking first and bought the Bernina. God Luck, LQ

-- Little Quacker (, December 14, 2001.

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