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What's a campaign without some female influence? At this Party Party there will be lots of fine young ladies looking good, like we only know how to do. These good lookin' women know how to have fun. We love to shake our booty to "Hotel Motel" while sipping a fine drink of our choice. Other songs we like the DJ to play is "We are Family" and none other, Gloria Gainer "I Will Servive" Once these songs start kicking there is no putting a stop to these ladies.

Warning: At this Party Party, beware of the dazzeling power these fine women have when they flash you a smile and blow you a kiss!!

-- Sharon AKA Bear (dearens@yahoo.com), December 13, 2001


I hear ya sister! we are going to be looking so fine, so fine! There isn't going to be a Party Party with a crowd like this one, no where...not ever, people will be reading about this Party Party for years. We are all good lookin Party people that know how to Party...and I can't wait for the Party Party!

-- Jen Stag (jenstag@yahoo.com), December 14, 2001.

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