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I am not a technical person but with minimal knowledge of how a basic network setup. I am a need of a telecom consultant nor a good solid advice on how can I setup my own dialup internet company. The problems I am faced with follows:

1. I have a PRI line (that supports 23+1 continous users)with 1 main number for people to dialup into my network. If my trunk lines (23+1 users) would cost me around $30++ how can other companies with dialup access can charge a minimal fee of $20 unlimited?

2. Convergence of PSTN to the IP, (depends on the bandwidth needed) what is the proper setup to be done in terms of routers, programs and other tools.

3. What is the proper setup for a "Business Plan" and how to approach a venture capitalist. Any recommendations.

This is just a skim of what my real problem is. I am looking forward to listen to your feedbacks. Thanks


-- Julius (jchionglo@execs.com), December 12, 2001

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