Announcement #01-2001 : LUSENET : Georgia Southern & Florida RR Historical Society : One Thread

Sounds official doesn't it?

Ok, glad to see the use of the forum is picking up. A couple of things to note:

1. You can add yourself to receive a copy of each post on the forum by simply looking in the middle of the Forum page and subscribing to an "alert". By doing this, you will be automatically sent each one. If you wish to stop receiving an email everytime there is a post, simply email me and I will "deactivate your alert". Simple.

2. You can also send a direct email to the person posting by clicking on their hi-lighted (linked) email address on their post or response to a post. You probably knew this already, but mentioning it again won't hurt. Sometimes, you may wish to carry on a one-on-one discussion without including the whole internet public.

Thanks, as always I am your service.

Buck Dean, Webmaster and Forum Moderator

-- Buck Dean (, December 12, 2001

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