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Hi, I know a 750Mb file can be burnt on a CD (80 Min) but my software prevents me from doing it. Says 73Mb overtime. I have an HP 8100 plus series CD writer. What can I do to overcome this ? I read somewhere about upgrading the firmware etc, but am reluctant to try, as I'm a novice. Thanks in advance ram

-- ram (ramsamant@rediffmail.com), December 12, 2001


Are you talking about a file for a Video CD or a data file.

If it's a file for a Video CD, then you should be using the Video CD creator program which comes with EZcd 3.5c. If it's a data file, then you can use 99 minute CDs in NERO which can hold up to 875 MBytes of data. Haven't tried this yet. 80 minute CDs only hold 700 Mbytes of coputer data.

Hope that helped.

-- Andrew (bosss7@telstra.com), December 12, 2001.

You could try upgrading EZ CD Creator. Just FYI, while a 750 MB video file should fit on an 80 minute CD-R, no versions of EZ CD Creator allow overburning. If you ever have a need to overburn (ie. you want to make an audio CD of 81 minutes on an 80 minute CD-R, burn a VCD with a video file barely bigger than a full 80 minutes will hold, etc.) you will have to use something else like Nero. I doubt that your firmware is preventing this. Most likely it's your version of EZ CD Creator. I have seen burning programs in the past that simply did not ever burn more than 74 minutes and the version you have is pretty old, so it might have this limitation.

-- Jason (Jason.Shumate@equant.com), December 12, 2001.

Your Easy CD came bundled with that HP writer, right? You should not be caught dead with that. Not recognizing anything more than 74mins is just one of its stupid little foibles. Get the latest Nero instead.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (turk690@yahoo.com), December 13, 2001.

Thanks to all who replied.

I could not find the EZ 3.5c VCD creator ?

I got hold of a copy of NTI 2000. That S/W fails ro recognise my CD Writer, though its documentation says it supports HP 8100.

Maybe I've got to try Nero. Thanks Ram

-- ram (ramsamant@rediffmail.com), December 13, 2001.

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