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Just, you know, out of curiosity, why do these perverted teenagers target themselves at me? Am I setting myself up for it or something?

-- Tamara (, December 12, 2001


Those were TEENAGERS?!?!?!?! Wow, they sure give guys like me a bad name....

-- Davey Rootbeer (, December 12, 2001.

Tamara - I am going to defecate inside you. Remove your panties and open your legs so I can squat over your crotch and release a long coilk of stool into your vagina. Also, I want to insert my penis in your mouth when you are on the toilet, and ejaculate semen while your anus opens to let out the excrement.

-- da horndog (, December 12, 2001.

I assume it's is the same person. You know that guy that make's gay comments, talks about molesting little boys, expresses weird fetishes involving different forms of human waist, and makes rude, degusting, expressions of his perversion. I just think this guy needs attention, hes funny at times... but who knows if hes being serious or not.

-- Bob Knob (, December 12, 2001.

Here is what I think. There aren't many places on the net where this guy can express his fantasies in a relatively normal social context. He's not on some porn site where he can't trust he isn't being taken for a ride. That is exciting to this guy. You guys tolerate his continued existance here so he'll stick around as long as he can - unless he stumbles onto an even more exciting place to spew on.

The only reason he fixates on Tamara is he's pretty sure Tamara is a woman and he probably likes the name. If Tamara started posting as Nose Rot, she'd be less of a tempting target.

-- Miserable SOB (, December 12, 2001.

bob knob - you are a gay, homosexual queer who sucks dick pull down your pants so i can penetrate your asshole

-- bob you faggit (, December 13, 2001.

I am not sure that Tamara IS a female, In a previous posting she says "Dont take our cunts for granted" No self respecting female I know would refer to her vagina as CUNT!!!!!

-- Damn Straight (, December 13, 2001.

This guy is silly, You can see the feaming for crack conflicting with right train of though as he post his messages. This guy is gayer then hell, I think he trying to convert, Remind me to ware a grader belt that protects my asshole lined with titanium, if I ever have to be around this fag crusader.

-- Bob Knob (, December 13, 2001.

Then if you read the rest of the post,(not you, cyco)you'd understand why I say "cunt" instead of "vagina". The word "vagina" derives itself from another old word that means "sheath for a sword". My "vagina" is no goddamn sheath for your fucking sword, get it?

-- Tamara (, December 13, 2001.

I stand corrected! So....Tamara, Are you single? (JUST KIDDING!)

-- Damn Straight (, December 13, 2001.

I told all you people a long time ago, it IS the same person. And Tamara didnt use to be the target, it used to be me (Remember all those posts with some queer fuck saying 'blah blah blah KC is good blah blah blah'?). What he dont understand is that his pointless comments are making A LOT of people mad (not upset, mad) and hes going to get his computer exploded sometime soon. And it wont matter about legalities, because this goes all the way to Phil G.

-- Krunch Kobra (??????@??????.???), December 13, 2001.

Well, I wouldn't say mad. I need a little more personal attack before I get mad. Irritated? Yeah, but no one on the net... Well, except Wes and OkieDan know who I really am, and so the attack can't really be that personal.

-- Evil Cordy (, December 13, 2001.

Well Krunch Kobra, work your magic. If it helps you to trace the sick bastards, I see no reason to delete posts. And Dick Tator is right. Sensorship does suck. I know that some of the postings by these sickos have offended people here. And it sickens me too, it really does, to see that shit posted here. It makes the whole place look dirty and less creditable. I am proud of us all for making it through all this with such a high degree of class and civility. Instead of just getting a bunch of requests to delete the posts, there has been a poll, and a debate about the issue, with actual substanced arguements, not just bickering and name-calling. We are truly elevated above the level of the sickos. Maybe a little will rub off on them (okay I'm being really optomistic here).

So far, I think we are split down the middle. It has been the people that have been getting attacked who have actually been more opposed to censorship, then the ones who haven't been attacked. Let's just resolve to turn a deaf ear to the idiots. Eventually, they will get bored and go away (I hope).

-- Okie Dan (, December 14, 2001.

You are all getting the Dong Treatment. That's right - I am going to punish you rectally with my throbbing erect dong.

-- donger (, December 14, 2001.

Um, I just checked. There are THREE (Count em) stoopid people running around here making these nonsense posts. Tracking the IP is easy, the hard part is thinking about what to do next. That four letter word (JAIL) we all know and love sits in my brain and prevents me from doing what I want to do to them.

-- Krunch Kobra (??????@??????.???), December 14, 2001.

easy, just don't get caught. find a dark secluded place, use some ball gags, you could use a stifler, but the ball ggs are a bitch, they strecth your mouth too much. but any wat, then you tke a tarp, too catch the blood, and your trusty hack saw and get to work. oh, andbring some pitbulls to finish off whats left of the bodies. crush the bones, and sell them to a voodoo store as crushed up chicken bones. and don't tell any one about it. and wear your gloves, polyvinyl, not latex, latex tears too easily. sorry if this disturbs you. i jus come up with these things off the top of my head, honestly. besides, i am way too much of a pussy to do something like that to a person. i mean, i'll kick the shit out of someone and leave them to themselves to reflect on what the beating of a life time taught them, but i can't stand the sight of live death or gore.

-- cain adams (, February 10, 2002.

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