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I like the Agfa MC111 paper. What do you suggest for the deep PURPLE blacks?

-- Joe Lacy (jmlacy1@HOME.COM), December 11, 2001


Try Kodak Rapid Selenium. Start at 1+9 for about 5 minutes and move up from there to get the look that you want.

-- Ed Farmer (, December 11, 2001.

i have not tried this paper, however, i use a 1:3 ratio (sel. to H20) which gives me a very rich purple black on Oriental Seagull. As Ed indicates you will need to test a variety of ratios to get the tone yo wish.

-- Ann C lancy (, December 11, 2001.

I was unsuccessful in getting Agfa MC111 to tone in selenium toner. Only a very slight change and uneven at that. I have come across information in several areas where it was noted that this paper has very little change if any in selenium toner. Too bad, if it behaved in the toner the way Oriental does for example, I would use the paper exclusively.

-- Jim (, December 12, 2001.

I found when using a very, very dilute solution of ferricynanide, MC111 changes from warmtone to coldtone.

-- Marc Leest (, December 12, 2001.


I use Agfa MC111 paper just BECAUSE of the luscious purple metalic glow with Kodak Rapid Selenium 1:20 for about 20 Min.

I take a dried print, rinse is for a minute or 2, then into the toner and agitate gently by rocking the tray. As soon as I detect a change in colour, I leave it for 1 more minute then out it comes. Rinse 10 min in running water.

If it is not quiet right, back in it goes but I have to be careful, as the toning goes on until it is well rinsed.

It works for me: give it a try.


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, December 12, 2001.

Oh, forget the purple. I tried everthing. Must have been one of thoes things with old products. Nearly lost my wife in the quest for purple prints. Try, but don't expect too much. Dean

-- Dean Lastoria (, December 13, 2001.

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