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I'm strongly considering the purchase of a brand new F4, and I'm fortunate enough to have a dealer within a few miles of where I live. This dealer has two F4S's on the floor, one a 2001 red and one a 2002 silver. The 2002 is exceptional to look at, except for one small detail: the carbon fiber tank guard just in front of the seat is at least a half an inch offset to the left, and it's crooked(!). It's very obvious, and detracts from an otherwise beautiful bike. Since I've only seen the two, I have nothing else to compare with, so my question is this: Is this kind of poor fit and finish common to these machines, or is this the rare exception?


Great forum!

-- Rich Roberge (, December 11, 2001


I may be wrong, but I believe the carbon fiber tank guard is a dealer installed add-on. The 2001 models didn't come with one, so I bought a Casoli one and put it on myself. If it's like mine, it's probably stuck on with silicone, so you could pull it off and reattach it.

As far as fit and finish, my opinion is you won't find a better bike. Mine has been absolutely perfect (I've had it since April). Actually, it's quite amazing for an Italian bike ;)

By the way, where are you located?

-- Brad Cowell (, December 11, 2001.

Rich, The silver plate with the bike No. of my Ducati 996 SPS is attached to the top yoke with a contact adhesive, not only is the adhesive soft, i.e. the plate can be moved slightly, but it is mounted squint; foibles such as these are indicative of hand assembly, rather than robotic, and is what gives these machines so much charisma. I would expect something similar on my Senna whenever MV decide to deliver !!

-- Francis Duguid (, December 12, 2001.


The 2002 models I believe come with the CRC marked tank guard which is not carbon fiber, just has the look. This can be removed and replaced, repositioned, thrown away, whatever you choose. If you look at the rest of the bike you'll note the fit and finish to be quite good. Do not let this small detail detract you from an otherwise excellent machine.

Take Care,


-- Todd Mazzola (, December 12, 2001.

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