-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@AOL.COM), December 11, 2001


Using the scarab as a map of the brain as well as an encapsulation to messages is maybe not so much about a connection between communication & beetles as much as a nod to the fact that communication is a higher brain fuction.

What do you think?


-- Rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), July 31, 2002.

Hey Rizz, Thats pretty cool. I have read an article that pointed out that the scarab emblim of the ancient egyptions is actually an almost perfect map of the human brain (the different hemispheres). Curious that they should use the scarab as an "encasement" for so many communications what does a beetle have do do with communicatoin?


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), July 03, 2002.

Mike, The post in which you mentioned "vesica pisces" rang a bell. I seem to remember reading a while ago that a cross section slice of an area at the base of the human brain (medulla oblongata? maybe) actually looked like the eye design that ancient Egyptians liked to put all over.

I read a hell of a lot *smile*

-- Rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), July 01, 2002.

Hey Rizz, Hows it goin. I think you've got a good point there, unfortunately it is probably more accurate to say that the system needs "eyes in the back of its head" as the risk from both directions is probably equal. I don't want to turn this board into some kind of doomsday discussion. I didn't really realise how negative all of my last posts sounded until re-reading them. Please understand that I view death only as change because of the depth of my faith and so some of the subjects which I find intrigueing and even promising in some senses are probably quite horrifying to others.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), June 24, 2002.

It seems to me that the "Star Wars" system will be looking in the wrong direction when it is finally built. It should be looking outward for the next asteroid/meteor that comes a-visitin. Maybe it's just me


-- Rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), June 23, 2002.

There wer recently 2 near misses to the earth by passing asteroids that came very close one was 3/4 the distance to the moon away, the other 1.2 times the distance to the moon.

Scientists have now discovered over 100 exo-planets (planets outside our solar system).

Mathematical figures indicate the possability of a tenth planet in our own solar system (most known planets were discovered mathematically before being observed, pluto most recently.

Enough variety for ya Chance, Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), June 21, 2002.

Anybody read anything on the latest disintigrations in antarctica, huge burgs have been breaking off at an alarming rate lately.

I read that Antarctica is experiancing yearly average temerature increases at 5 times the rate of the rest of the world.


-- Mike Langway (M_langway@bigfoot.com), June 21, 2002.

Hey Rizz, Diamagnetics is pretty interesting stuff although I haven't come up with any good experiments on it yet I am certain it is part of the overall key to what I seek to do.

Thanks, Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), June 21, 2002.

Hey Chance, Great to hear from you, folks tell me I have rats in the attick as well, although they are speaking figuratively. Your idea sounds like a good one on the "better mouse trap" maybe the world will be beating a path to your door soon. I would suggest a bell or something to let one know the rat has been caught, it doesn't sound as if your particularly interested in saving the little sucker, but your market would be as a humane trap.

I shave my head bald every couple of weeks, so actually going bald would be a time saver for me.

What would you like to talk about, my latest interests have been alchemy, ancient egypt, myan civilizations, ancient technologies, ancient astronaughts, atlantis, electrostatics, global warming, nibiru, ancient calander systems, hopi indian lore, creation myths, and the connection between all of these, ancient Sumeria.

You might be interested to know that the Myan Calander amongst several others which have acurately depicted and predicted many astrological events ends in 2012.

Interestingly enough I stumbled into all these connections and new interests when I started reading on ancient geometry. I got interested in this because my diagrams of my most symetrical "special" or tri-polar magnet assembly formed a perfect "vesica pisces" which is an increadably important figure in ancient geomety. They also refer to this shape as the eye of god. Very interesting reading, I recently found a picture from the hubble telescope of a binary system in space which forms a perfect vesica pisces that actually has a very realistic eye in its center.

Let the creative mind run wild and it will feed itself, I've been comming up with all kinds of great designs for paintings and sculptures and a few new ideas for inventions and applications.

Finally beginning to get some time for experimentation too, see I research at free time at work but haven't had much time at home for experimenting in quite a while.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), June 21, 2002.

Hey what has happened to this message board? How you doing Mike? Hey, I have had trouble with a damn rat chewing my wires in the attic. I tried a few different things, not knowing the size of the little bastard. I tried one of those folding paper traps that has some type of glue on it, it didn't work. I tried a mouse trap, and the bastard set it off, but it didn't catch it. I know the little shit likes cheetos, so I am trying a new idea. I put some cheetos in the bottom of a bucket, with a ramp leading up to it. One way in, no way out. I got the idea while thinking about my old boss finding dead mice in the bottom of his desk trash can. I guess he threw out his wrappers from his lunch in there, and the little bastards would make a jump form the desk in to the trash can to get the leftover crumbs. I'll let you know how it works. Also I have a little bit of a receding hair line at the front of my scalp. I have been using Menoxodil for three months and now have hairs growing back in that area that are about a half inch long. They say it might not work on the front of your scalp, but it has started working for me. We need to get a more diverse subject matter here to get some new people. Take care Chance

-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), June 05, 2002.

hi Mike, not much new Im afraid, I talked with a couple of people about the tyre thing but was brushed off. I got no reasons other than "if it was that easy someone would be doing it already" oh well, I tried. On a different note I came across something you might be interested in, if you have'nt already been there & done that. It relates to your magnetism experiments. Its called diamagnetics. Apparently there are a bunch of things (including water?) that are anti-magnetic in some way, that is, they actually repel magnetic fields. There are some movies available on the web that actually have a frog being levitated with nothing more than an electro-magnet. Now it takes quite a bit of power but I figure the way your experiments seem to be going generating power is not going to be an issue. See what you think. http://www-hfml.sci.kun.nl/levitation-movies.html

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), May 21, 2002.

Hey Rizz, What's up. I have been extremely busy and unable to experiment much, but made several advances that have not yet been posted.

The whole theory has evolved again and surprisingly to me, there are some theories already that come very close. You must underdstand that I am teaching myself about magnetism from scratch through research and experimentation. I have taken this apraoch because I wish to create something "different", unique. I take in everything I read with a grain of salt, and put together what I need.

I have created 2 identical "special" magnets, which I now recognise to be Tri-polar magnets. Unfortunately I was RONG about the resistance all the way around for 360 degrees x, y, and z axis. There is one minor position of attraction, which requires the identical tri-poles to be perpendicular. However I have found that if they are lined up parallel or close to it they do resist one and other well. So to take advantage of this I hung them from equal lengths of string, from the cieling about six inches apart from 2 hooks. Now with a minor input of work (starting a twist) they rotate around one and other without touching and wind the string, as tension builds rotation slows. When the rotation is overtaken by the tension of the twisted string, they revearse. When the "twist" becomes seperated they "fly out" from the sudden release of tension, this has the effect of re-energising the set-up, to an extent. They then proceed to re-twist and the whole process repeats itself. This will continue for a half hour to forty-five minutes (from an initial input of very little work). Although this is not as expected it is yet another step in the right direction.

I have also created something which although not based on my initial theories, is quite unique (as far as I am aware) and demonstrates at least to me, that my understanding of magnetism has come a long way from whence I began.

I have taken a steal ladle (shallow, like used in a wok) and removed the handle, leaving a semi-spere plate. To this I attached 4 stacks of 5 magnets, all magnets with there north poles to the disk. This actually weakens the attraction of the magnets to the disk, so I have tapeped all of it together with friction tape. Thats it the whole device.

Whats really cool about it is that ferrous nails of different sizes will stand up on there points within the surface of the disk. I have placed up to 15 of them standing in the disk (this is very difficult because until the nail makes contact with the disk it is attracted to the other nails). When a nail stands in the disk it can be jossled about and wobbles but does not fall down. When there are more than one nail standing in the dish, they are in resistance to one and other, which makes visible the concept of physical resonation (when rocked they will react on one and other.

Now if one takes a lage nail and places it in the dish and then adds a brad, carefully placed as a leg (when forced together the nails will attract to one and othe) now the "unit" is able only to rock on one axis. Puting two of these in the dish and casing one to rock, makes for some very interesting demos. They will get into a rythm and "take turns crossing the center. I have found that the greatest continuation of motion occurs when thier "legs" are perpendicular to one and other. They put on quite a little show.

I took the concept of "cross resonation" gleaned from the disk device and aplied it to my "hanging magnets" and WOW. I have to finnish experimenting with this part as I almost busted my mirror and need to move the hooks, but. I have seen that this will give even more impressive results. I have noted that by starting one swinging and holding the other back and then releasing it perpendicular to the first swing causes a high energy twisting which looks rather chaotic at first. As the swinging and twisting continue it begins to "twist" just as the first set did and looks again like a normal calm twisting. As it begins to untwist (and this was unexpected) it seems to "remember" its resonation. For as it is untwisting along it suddenly starts to swing the magnets perpendicular to one and other again. Here is where the mirror almost got recked. As the tension was released the magnets flew out in there respective directions and all indications appear to show that it releases with MORE energy than the initial swing (because when I started the swing it was a good 8 inches from the mirror at its closest point, and upon tension release it very nearly hit the mirror. This would seem to indicate at the very least that once perfected it will go much longer than the original set. I would be very pleased if it will run maybe 2 hours on one start.

So the levitation Idea has had to be altered (due to the one attraction point that when undetected in first tests) however I beleive I can still accomplish the task with an array of 4 identical tri-poles and one opposed tri-pole. Gotta build them yet, but I should still have plenty of magnets to mess with.

Anything interesting in your neck of the woods, rizz.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), May 17, 2002.

hi Mike, just figured id pop in & see if anything happened. You back now? Have you done any more with your magnet setup?

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), May 10, 2002.

Dead Board? Dead Bored?


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), May 06, 2002.

an interesting thing just happened, I was reading that last post & thinking this guy missed the point then realised that it was mine!! must have been having a bad day I guess.....

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), April 02, 2002.

am finally in place. Usual odd stuff for new office. Interesting idea with the semi sphere & bar magnet. I remember coming across that while playing with my sons science kit. Didnt think of generating power though, kinda toyed with using the principal for frictionless rail/tram travel. Using half shperes curved side up & inducing a mag field then having the equivelant of the bar magnet in the bottom of the vehicle. Got all excited then read about mag-lev trains in Japan. Looking back on it now the principal could be used for other modes of transport. Production lines would use less power using this and if the power load remained constant regardless of load it could be used for a bunch of things. What do you think?


-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 26, 2002.

Came up with another interesting demo of motion magnetism and ferrous materials as well as "shape science". I took a bar magnet and "stuck" it to the underside of a metal semi-spere, then taking an identical magnet and fiding the side that would resist the "metal contacting side" of the first magnet. I placed the second bar magnet on the outer surface of the sphere on the curcumference. Any slight tilt of the sphere away from its level position, send the outer magnet spinning all the way around the edge of the sphere. It rotates on a "point" at the neutral center point of the magnet. The flat shape against the sperical surface causes contact at only the one point.

If I could tapp the traveling fields and generate electricity, it might make a new way of hydroelectric generation. I would float the whole assembly so as to always be tilting and rocking and then just tapp the force in the normal hmopolar way.

More to come, time beginning to free up.

Hows the new place Rizz?


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 25, 2002.

Came up w/ an interesting demonstration of how ferrous metals take on the SAME charge as the magnet and are still ATTRACTED to the magnet. If you place a steel ball bearing on a large flat magnet and bring another magnet into repulsion with that same face, the ball bearing will take a position on the surface as far away from the repulsing field as possible. Was just fooling around last night and came across it. There is a possibility I may be able to come up with a new "field polarity detecting device" based on this.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 21, 2002.

have not forgotten board - am in process of changing jobs - lots to do - back a.s.a.p.


-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 19, 2002.

Just One more thought; The use of iron filings to view magnetic fields is misleading and I don't understand why science doesn't "see" it yet. To say that the iron filings "trace" the lines of force is incorrect. The Iron filings are attracted to both poles of a magnet and cannot differntiate between field types. The iron filings are actually lying at angle to the true lines of force because they are "connecting" themselves to both north and south mag fields. They are useful to visualise the extent of the field from the mass ONLY, they cannot prove the current relationships and would be even more confusing applied to one of my systems.

Mike ;-]

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 15, 2002.

There is something I don't quite understand yet, that I am trying to work out. It would appear following the same theory and it actual physical effects in the real world, that "Poles" are only virtual entities. When I put together any number of magnets in a normal relationship say 10 there are no longer 10 poles displayed but 2 and when I put together my special relationships something similar but more complicated hapens.

It is accepted that one can create a "multi-poled" magnet, so it seems to me if someone did a little thinking on one of these, they could see that magnetic fields do not flow between field but orbit there "poles". It helps me to picture it as if the magnetisation process, were a couple groups of ants on a log in the river. Ok take equal numbers of "red" ants and "blue" ants (they can't stand each other) and place them on a log in the river. They automatically devide the log evenly, but there are too many and the opossite "tribes" that are closest to one and other in the center (bloch wall)are not happy. They keep pushing for better position. Some actually can't stay on the log and begin to swimm away (fields) but can only go so far from the log so they end up "swimming" in circle or "orbits". While swimming (or interacting at field levels, the ants can't stand there own kind but are rather fond of there opposite tribe (because of oppossing revolutions) and so there orbits become interlaced. Each tribe continues however to dominate its domain.

I hope this helps give a picture of what I am trying to get across, it is a big difference from current thought (as far as I am aware)but also shows how the old theory physically managed to work.

In my systems there are "pure field" sections which don't exist in "normal" magnets and the Bloch wall as we know it is virtually non-existant. Sooo many possibilities open up when you start to think about this stuff, it's just increadible.


Have a great weekend!!

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 15, 2002.

Well, I'm really not sure how they make ceramic magnets (I am purchasing pre-made from radioshack. My best geuss is that they utilise some ferrous material mixed w/ the ceramic. They may just magnetise the material in a normal fashion afterwords or it could be that they keep the disk under "magnetic tension" (exposed to a magnetising field) while the ceramic initially hardens. Definately something I should research when I have the chance.

Your second question is very good. I am forcing them together and adhering them (w/ masking tape at moment, but I think I'll be sealing them in acrylic in future, must develope good methode that does not require material to be between the magnets). In a 12 magnet system (chosen at this point for best reactivity to one and other)I will have only one resistive relationship in the very center (for a symetrical feild configuration). When the magnets make contact to one and other in resistance and are forced to remain in contact, something sort of unexpected happens. They become one magnet system, which displays; either 2 north and 1 south or 1 north and 2 south fields. The feilds at top and bottom of the magnet are sperical & share the same polarity and the one in the middle is turroidal (donut shaped, although technically there is more of a "high pressure zone" in the air core than a hole in the fields). Because of the difference in the shapes and the way the fields increase (when magnets are added to system), the relatoinships between them can be manipulated in several ways.

The 12 magnet system and others I'm sure, has the special property of what I refer to as "a dominent field" for the moment. They will resist one and other 360 degrees on x,y & z axis. Built w/ the exact opposite resistive relationships in the center (NtoN or StoS), they attract all the way round. This in itself is unique, but I believe that the fact that creating these systems is even possible, proves that my theory of magnetism is "more correct" than the currently accepted theories. If magnetic particles flow from N to S or S to N, what I am doing and physically demonstrating is impossible. This also indicates to me that many other theories dealing with magnetism and electricity are "not as correct as they could be". I hesitate to say that physics is "wrong" because obviously it has achieved a great deal, I simply believe that my understanding opens up more possabilities. The real coincidence is that I have charted out my theory step by step and the final image of a "regular magnet system" is the same as the currently accepted theory shows. The difference however is that the current theory does not allow for what I can and am doing.

Interactions of the fields must be considered at both molecular and field levels. No I don't have an electron microscope or anything. I am simply saying that when able to interact at molecular levels (w/ in the mass of the magnet) the particles do. At molecular levels LIKES ATTRACT and OPPOSITES REPEL, at feild levels (magnetic particles outside the mass w/in the same system and seperate systems)must interact at field levels (OPPOSITES ATTRACT & LIKES REPEL). The reason for the difference is that when interacting at field levels the forces or more accurately the EFFECTS of attraction and repulsion are caused purely by spin and orbit. The actual NORM or default is that LIKES ATTRACT and OPPOSITES REPEL, the interactions at field levels are caused by different actions.

Also the Homopolar relationship although it works the way we use it is much more limiting than it need be. I theorise that I could take a very strong magnet and place it across from a coil (may not even need to be a coil, just a piece of ferrous metal) and run a ferrous propeller in between the two to generate electricity. The idea is that the propeller acts as a sheild when present. I believe that electricity is generated by the exposure of the "coil" to the field long enough that it begins to "conduct" the magnetic field, and then the field is seperated and the "coil" now contains magnetic particles (which are the same as electric paricles, just behaving differently)and NO poles, the particles begin to "run" out to the extent of the coil, (which if it were not connected to a circuit would become a magnet) and now an electrical flow has begun. This is important because, applying this to the current methode of "electrical generation" (we don't create electricity though, we harvest it)it would be possible to increase the magnet and coil sizes w/out increasing the necessary work of the unit, this could be a key to OverUnity. (getting more output than input)

Hope I haven't given you a headache Rizz, I'll try to get some of my diagrams up or if you want I could e-mail you some stuff (its not in a finished state, but will help).


PS In closing "The Laws of Physics are the same within ALL inertial frames", Einstien, Special Relitivity. It has recently been discovered by science, not me, that at molecular levels N attracts N (wish I could find that darn article).

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 15, 2002.

Thank you, very informative as always. How do you go about imbuing ceramic with permanent magnetic properties? also when you force them together how does that affect the actual 'stickyness' normally associated with magnets? (apologies for the description but I couldnt think of a better word)

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 15, 2002.

The difference between a ceramic magnet and a "regular magnet" (these are made of many different materials) is mainly that they are ceramic.

The reason I chose to experiment exclusiveley with the ceramic ring magnets is 1. that I made my initial discovery with them 2. I realised when charting my fields that the formulae and figures would be different for all different sizes and shapes of magnets 3. I am interested in utilising the fields w/in the "air core" 4. they are able to be forced together in resistive relationships and adhered w/out a great deal of pressure or special jigs 5. They are cheap

The theory could be applied to any kind of magnet but would require research on the particular magnet before I was able to determine my distances and such. Hoping to get about 8 or 10 , "12 magnet systems" together soon for experimenets w/ chaos pendulums and levitation. I have put on hold the new design for my magnetic motor, as I feel there is more to be learned about the fields. Since I have found no-one working w/ anything remotely similar, I sort of have to "write" the rules for it as I go. I should say that I am absolutley positive already that I have created very unique field relationships with-in single magnet systems, which have opened up at least 4 more possible relationships. The new possible relationships open up new potential combinations, that have not yet been experimented with.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 15, 2002.



-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 15, 2002.

what is the difference between a ceramic magnet & the usual type?

what is an asoooo?

questions questions lol

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 15, 2002.

you are a assooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ok

-- TT jackson (jfo@hotmail.com), March 14, 2002.

You know, Rizz, the exciting thing is that that kind of logic can be used in so many applications. It makes money while helping the environment and utilising "waste" rather then letting "waste" become a new problem. If we required future engineers to be responsible for the waste as well as the work accomplished, just imagine. I think it has to be dangerous for us to continue to accept the destruction of Mother Earth for the percieved "greater good".

It's kinda like when I was a kid, messing with electronics, Dads only requirement was "don't burn down the house", seems pretty elementary Huh. So why do engineers continue running around "burning down the house" to accomplish short term immidiate goals at the expense of future generations.


PS, Just picked up 300 ceramic disk magnets, more magnet instalments to come.

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 13, 2002.

I thought about the fire problem & decided that as the product was going to be sealed under pressure & buried there would be little danger due to the lack of oxygen. The company that gets the contract will be happy, two pay packets for one job!! paid to pick them up & paid to fill in the sink-hole

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 12, 2002.

Very Clever Rizz, I know they are using recycled tires for road surfacing in some places already. The main concern I would have would be that the resulting material from the tires be somehow treated against flame, an underground tire fire could burn for a very, very long time. I wonder if it might be practical to build landfills (or dump sites) in the sink hole areas, some states have the problem others don't. So what if the states not having the problem sent there fill materials to the states having the problem, the state with the problem could finance the operation from the perspective of "sink hole repair" costs, and the states not having the problem could finance there end from the perspective of "garbage removal". Uninhabited sink-hole areas could be utilised as recreational lakes and reservoirs.

Wow, you know I just watched a show last night about how Boston is in the midst of building an entire "sub-terranian" highway system. Do we know enough about sink-holes and there causes, to know that they are not going to create a brand new sink-hole problem right under the city???


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 11, 2002.

I am kinda interested in the magnets especially the levitation part, it sounds fascinating you should be aware though that my understanding of the field is quite limited. As for other ideas how about this. I recently read in a local news paper about a company who removes tyres from tyre dumps. They charge an amazing amount of money to do this. I dont know what they do with them but I have seen chopped up tyres in everything from playground swings to boat bumpers but this is only good for a limited amount of tyres. I now live in PA which appears to be the land of sink holes. I was wondering if it was possible to combine the two. 2 birds with one stone kind of thing. It is not a good idea to just put the tyres in the holes due to chemicals leaching from the rubber compound into the soil but what about using a plastic liner in the form of a bag that would be 1 1/2 the size of the hole putting it into the hole empty and filling it with finely chopped tyres? Lots of sinkholes, lots of tyres. What do you think, can you come up with a better idea?

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 07, 2002.

Hey Rizz, If your really interested in the magnetic stuff, feel free to write me an e-mail and I'll be happy to keep you updated. I will be picking up my magnet order (45 packs of ceramic ring magnets, 5 to a pack) this week. I expect to have a new form of magnetic levitation, a working kaos pendulum w/out the kaos, and a magnetic motor working by the end of the year.

My spinners have also evolved, I beleive I can tap the power of an air or water vortex w/out the anomolous behavior normally attributed to such an effort. Have a great concept for using a static windmill to create a vortex and then tapping it in appropriate places for higher power generation.

Any one is welcome to write for updates, and I probably won't "abandon the board", but without any input from folks, it doesn't have much meaning to me. So I will no longer pressure myself to publish here, but if there is suficiant interest I'll be happy to start again or to start individual diologues.

The shame of it is that although my magnetic discovery sounds quite elaborate it is truly quite a simple thing to replicate and would be easily comprehended upon some simple experimentation.

I'm a problem solver, so if anybody out there has a great idea that has potential and can hold my interest I would be more than happy to give you 4 or 5 ways you might aproach it.

We have an opportunity or two that our inventive forefathers did not, and I'd like to take advantage of that. 1. The internet affords us a limetless cereberal array if we use it. 2. "necessety is the mother of invention" is no longer true, what happens if we re-approach all the classic sciences w/ only curiosoty and wonder as our guides.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 06, 2002.

I was trying to follow your experiments with magnetic fields but you quickly managed to get beyond my understanding.

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 06, 2002.

interesting you should mention prozac & increased seratonin levels. I was reading an article in either Scientific American or Discover a while back about the use of anti depressants & other seratonin production enhancing drugs actually physically changing the structure of the brain after prolonged use. Apparently, so the theory goes, the drugs enhace production & after a while the brain re-arranges itself to copy it. Strange but true......

-- rizz (rizlazz@excite.com), March 06, 2002.

I am abandonning this board for lack of interest.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 06, 2002.

CORRECTION; All previous refferences to psycology & psycologists should be psyciatry and psyciatrists. I can never keep the 2 strieght. Psychiatrists are the ones who medicate evryone who walks through the door. Psycology is in fact the answer I support, therapy learning how to cope etc...


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 01, 2002.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oops, sorry fell asleep, talking to oneself can be rather tiresome.

Please note this is not my personal notebook, I seek dialogue.

This board is meant to be a place to share and express ideas on any subject you like. This leads me to wonder; a. is anybody out there? b.have I unintentionally intimitaded you folks? c. is my stuff so whacky people don't want to deal with it? d. is there some lack of cereberal activity out there?

Common guys, lets talk. About anything your into.

Please also note a debate is not an arguement. I challenge in order to be challenged. Being challenged forces us to iron out our beliefs on a subject.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 01, 2002.

Just file this under, "Things that make you go, Hmmmnnn"

I was reading an interesting paper about ions the other day, and this guy put forth a couple interesting notions about another interest of mine, Psycology. He claims that positive Ions cuse increased seratonin production. He claims that long term studies of drugs like Prozack which increase seratonin show that the individuals taking it are most often worse off in the long run.

I have often wondered about societies seeming willingness to become guinee pigs for psycological drugs. I have a son who takes them, and it seems as if the entire procees would be best compared to the doctor playing a game of darts. They throw one thing after another at it and if doesn't work try another. The other thing is that they are the only necessary input on wheather it did work. In other words if my son stops acting out, the doctors will call it a successful treatment. But what about subtleties like, his creative energy, his comprehensive abilities, his ability to be a productive member of society. None would seem to be considered.

There is an alarming rise in the number of children who "need" this drug, which seems to coinside most effectively with the prodution of new drugs rather than any outside force. Would it be safe to go to a car dealer and tell him to go ahead and pick the car for you and make all the arrangements for payment and you'll just sign it and go?

Anyways the main thing I was trying to get to here is comming up. But first lets also consider that science tells us we use only 10% of our minds abilities. Lets also consider that for the most part we accept the idea of evolution. Evolution does not stop.

Is it possable that the next step in human evolution is more access to the power of our minds? Could the current "psycological diseases", simply be the symptoms of change in function of the mind?

Could modern psycology effectively be putting a "stop" to the natural evolution of the human mind?

We cannot know. And any psycologist who tells you its simply not possible, should be held as a very suspicious character.

Something to think on, Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), March 01, 2002.

REF:Cool Stuff Going on in Great Britain

Hey all, I watched a program awhile back about a new transportation solution, that will be like an automated taxi on tracks. Real cool stuff, kinda like a horisontal city wide pay elevator.

I just saw on the news that testing has begun over there and they expect implimentation by 2004. I would love to hear any news about this.

Thanks in advance, Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 28, 2002.

REF:Magnetics Hey all I've got some of my diagraming done now and it is much more apparent what is happening. It seems the funny quirk I mentioned a while back (that the new magnet systems could be made 100% resistive to their clones, but at some smaller sizes the effect is different). It would appear that since the horizontal field expands as a turroid or donut while the vertical field expands as an hourglass or 2 stacked spheres, and the horizontal field displays no bloch wall characteristics whatsoever, that as we increase the column of magnets in the vertical direction; the turroid horizontal field becomes more and more dense as the horisontal simply "grows". The angle at which they intersect is altered, and this is where I first saught the answer. But what I have noted in my diagrams is that there is a possability that the horisontal field is completely hidden within the vertical (if a braiding is taking effect as in normal systems). Then it hit me what is happening is that the attractive relationship is always confronted by a stronger repulsive relationship before making contact with the mass of the magnet system.

I think that if I can't get the unit to be "self ressonating" I could modulate a phase relationship between 100% attractive and 100% repulsive relationships. My thought is that this would in effect be a force field against magnetic or non polerised ferrous materials which do no meet the frequency of ressonation of the fields. I realise this sounds like a star trec episode or something, but it does make good logical sence. The main problem is that it might have exactly the opposite effect on diamagnetic materials.

What would happen if I make a permanent magnet from ferrous materials by utilising only the "pure field", top & bottom area of horisontal field is apparently free of opposing field particles unlike a normal magnet?

More to come


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 28, 2002.

REF:Curious contradictions in currently accepted science;

1. Newtons Law of Gravity can NOT be reconciled with the earths gravitational relationship to the sun.

2. Einstiens "special relitivity" States that "The Laws of physics are the same within all inertial frames. - This means most importantly to me that if N attracts N at molecualar levels, this is in fact the norm and the interaction of magnetic feilds MUST rely on a different force or interaction in relativity. - If science in fact accepts that perpetual motion exists at molecular levels than it cannot deny its existance at other levels.

3.Pepetual motion is a deliberate catch 22. Science defines perpetual motion as creating energy from nothing. We know that "you can't get something from nothing" right? Wrong mathematically 0 can be used to create 2 opposing quantities- 0= 1 + (-)1.

Well I think I finally get what my problem and others has been, I am not really after perpetual motion. I will set my goals lower. It is my beleif that energy is not created but harvested, and in my opinion we probably utilise less than 1 thousandth of a percentage of what is available all around us, and we harvest destructively. So I think that with-in a gaseous environment one could concievably create something that runs as long as say a Tree lives or a river flows. With-in a vacumn one could expect to create something that runs as long as say a solar system or a galaxy, or maybe a universe. What I truly seek is to create machines which harvest there own energy from the surrounding environments ample supply and put this to use to maintain there own systems.

If we consider that a magnet passed by a coil will generate electricity, doesn't this in fact show that they are the same material. If we consider that all that is needed is motion to pass the magnet passed the coil and think of what is happening isn't it apparent that electrons are "pealing off and being forced into a new frequency and rotation". This means that all permanent magnets are like "batteries". So in fact the creation of a purely magnetic driven generator is just a conversion of existing energy.

Energy is currently harvested in ALL circumstances by the utilisation of existing contrast or the creation of said contrast. Coincidentally Contrast is the one absolute requirement a sentient being must place upon his environement to be able to experience anything.

PS. It occurs to me that physics argues that you can't harvest more energy than you expend. If this were true, wouldn't all living things have to spend 100% of there time foredging and digesting and have 0 energy left over to accomplish anything?

If one system can accomplish 80% energy out for work put in, couldn't 2. Any body ever seen a bucket brigade, would it not work in a circle? Does not all life depend on the interactions of cycles? Isn't the human body a biological machine? Can you build a machine which only reaches one stopping point? If so could you build 3 of them put them on a shared axle and oppose all 3 of there "stopping points" wouldn't this create a situation where it was always at least 2 against 1 against stopping? We all know that networking is possible we know that nature exists and functions in interactive cycles so why to we put up our own imaginary barriers to accomplishing our goals? If for every action there is a reaction, is there any law that says one cannot turn the reaction around, put the "waste enrgy" to work at accomplishing the same goal as the action? Why do we allow science to run around contradicting itself at so many levels and still accept it as "concrete".

Seems to me there are many roads to one center and for some reason it is human nature to attempt to block all other roads as we assert the correctness of one. Is it necessary to put up creative "road blocks" and "booby traps" on all the other roads, simply because of some fear of being "overtaken"? Organised religions are in fact guilty of the same behavior (and could very well be leading to the same center).

Just a few things to contemplate? Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 25, 2002.

man you advertise your mp3 player well. its a joke to make your own for cost of parts. i did it about 4 years ago in grade 10 highschool

-- afdsa (asdfasd@bar.com), February 22, 2002.

that didnt work (duh)how about this.

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), February 20, 2002.

like this

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), February 20, 2002.

Mike I think I found the answer. (p)(img src="http://www.geocities.com/rizlazz/lefthand.jpg") replace the () with <>, the only space is between the img & src letters. You need the exact url of the image you want to insert. This can be found by right clicking on the image and clicking properties. insert it into the app space & bingo. By the by, I have been following your magnetic experimaents with interest. You lost me a while back tho 8-P

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), February 20, 2002.

Let me apologise ahead of time for any snide remarks that I made yesturday on the boards. I was very frustrated and am stressed out at the moment. I have a bad habit of becoming very sarcastic when frustrated and vented in the wrong places.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 20, 2002.

Well guys, sorry for wasting so much space, does anybody see an image. Three of the tests are close, and I can see the "brocken image icon".

The guys on the 100" TV board haven't answered yet and since one of them is plagerising my ideas from quite a while back, this is understandable.

I have been able to copy the surrounding code from the source HTML (I don't know HTML) and I am certain I now have the right syntax. However they are pointing at other servers which hold the images and our Yahoo board may be blocking that. Any body got anything out there on a personal page? If we could test at pointing there, figure it out and find an appropriate location images can go on this page directly.

I will resume tests in the appropriate place (100"TV board) tommorrow hopefully I wont cause any HTML loops or anything. Wouldn't want our more stingy friends to have do any more scrolling than necessary.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

TEST 3 Pointing


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

TEST2; Pointing at a graphic on yahoo.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

NEW TEST; (pointing at graphics on Yahoo)


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

Test 5

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.


-- Mike Langway (
m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

REF: Test II

Shgbayclty;syugliu;bg halivkNCZXV/,mnczxvbncalkbgfdhkjhdskjhkjvhz,mm nbmn,mcxnvhglkgjhlkfdglkfdhglkjjfdjfdlkgjlkgjlkjlkfdjgfdjgljglkjgjfdgj fdlgjflgjfdljlkgjlkfdgjlfdjgjgfdjgfdjglkjfgkjfdgjfdgjfdlkgj.nmn


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

REF: Test

Please just ignore this I am figuring out how to post graphics w/in this page. I have now seen it done, on the 100" TV page. Unfortunatly the 2 individuals who have done it wish to be stingy with there info. So now that I Know you can do it I'll have itr figured out within the next few days. Also no information will be further shared with these individuals should they become interested in something more than the "Ghetto" Projector box project.

All Ref: tests which follow are just tests bear with me.

First Test;

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.

OOPs, Last post second paragraph last sentance should refer to the horisontal again not back to vertical.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.


Ok guys I can now perform the following operations in the real word and will attempt to explain it to any one who is interested. I have begun to chart it in a simplified manner (down to 2 pages and about 8 graphics) I'm trying to re-create my sketches on the computer now and will post this soon.

- I am able to create what I refer to as a "shared mass" single magnetic system, which shows extremely unusual characteristics. · When 2 of these are built identically (with proper mass proportions, and relationship patterns) THEY RESIST for 360 degrees on the x, y, and z-axis, to one and other. When built the with the same mass proportions but opposed "relationship patterns" they will ATTRACT for 360 degrees all the way around. · Now when either of these configurations is exposed to a "normal magnet system" of at least half the mass and as much as 100% of the mass; · It "shows" (by feel of repulsion fields) a horizontal field ONLY when exposed to the north face and a vertical field is shown when exposed to a south face · If one builds the same relationships with a "nearly symmetrical mass" they act to one and other as normal magnets interact but still reflect separate field relationships when tested to "normal magnet systems" · If one moves the "Main resistive relationship" off center the vertical field (the field that is up and down on the cylinder) begins to reflect a funnel or vortex shape. · If one adds to the mass in only one axis (building stack of rings) one has the effect of stretching the vertical field as an hourglass. However the Horizontal field is an elliptical shape due to its relationship to the mass. And increases the vertical field in an arc who's radius is half the height of the system

I theorize; That with these much more complex interrelationships to work with the magnetic motor project is simplifying itself as we go. Because the fields do have to cross one and other, and increases in mass effect the 2 different shaped fields differently the "angle of intersection is altered causing a "braiding effect in the fields" which presents different qualities. I have also theorized a way to add the "next twist" to the system, this should have the effect of pushing the fields into another dimensional relationship. No I don't think its going to disappear or travel in time or anything like that. I theorize that the entrance of this field system will cause the field to resonate in phase (back and fourth from attractive to repulsive relationships) this would have the effect of resistance to any magnetic relationship which fails to match the resonation. In other words it would resist all magnetic materials, and possibly automatically cause ferrous materials to "reflect" both the poles and resonation's while being considered a part of the same system (I will explain this in my more brief synopsis). This might cause the same system to also be attracted to metals or to always be repulsive to them. If it was possible to create a field that repulses all magnetic relationships as well as metal, and you threw the system into a metal salad bowl it would have to hover or be thrown out of the bowl. If you turn that relationship inside out (look at it from a different perspective) you have created an invisible force field.

What if I take 7 fully resistive magnet systems and put six around the inside of a cone and then leave the seventh loose in the center?

What if we made 2 fully resistive cones and sealed them together in the correct correlation with a lose one in the center?

What if I use one of my special magnetic systems to replace "normal" magnet systems in some classical experiments?

Please understand that in the use of these boards I am utilizing the Socratic method of thought and that I also utilize creative visualization techniques which I have loosely based on Einstinian method of thought combined with native American vision quest, Shambala, and Shatki Gawain visualization techniques. Don't take my word for anything, just try this stuff I'll show you how I do it maybe you can come up with a better application. I approach all things as an artist and with beginners mind (a Buddhist term) I hope to retain beginner's mind and produce real world effects and applications from the creative journey I am taking. Someone else can explain the actual science of it. When I say that I have a new understanding of these things it in no way means that the current understanding is useless, just that mine is able to open more possibilities. I believe I am onto the TRUE homo-polar relationship as well, the current one although accurately reflecting the current methods of generation is limited to that.

Above all understand that the underlying goal of all that I do is spiritual, I seek the infinitely distant goal of enlightenment, it is my "North Star". And if anything I say sounds wacky please point it out to me. I am afraid that because of my broad spectrum of interest, my customized styles of thought, and my wholistic view of things, sometimes I say things that won't make sense out of context.

I am no expert at anything; in fact I take great pride in the retention of beginners mind. "In the mind of the beginner there are many possibilities, in the mind of the expert there are few".

I would like to share with you the core of my belief system. NOTE: that when reading ALL UPPERCASE you are to think of the greater version of the word, that which accumulates in time, and when you read lowercase it is in reference to the lesser sense of the word within the present moment.

MIND follows mind.

Soul Follows MIND.

Body follows MIND and SOUL.

Mind follows ALL.



PS. currently I have been testeing with a limited amount of magnets, just reconfiguring them for each "experiment". I intend to begin to put togethr some "permanent demonstrator" sealed in acrylic resin. All of this stuff will only work with the same magnets I am using as there is a complexity to the relationships of the mass to initial field shapes that I do not yet comprehend well enough to figure out the math, I will not get to that point until I begin the process a new with another kind of magnets. there is much potential for creating even stranger relationships with different shaped magnets.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 19, 2002.


Well my diagrams & sensing methods have again evolved somewhat. It occurred to me that the "Bloch wall" disruption occurs with the creation of the multi planer field relationships before I add my "drawing" magnets (this name may be miss-leading as this new evolution of theory is one that is totally unique from currently accepted theory). So I thought, "I started out doing these in an unbalance manor (repulsive relationship off center) because my intent was to create a vortex and because of the way I began, to glean what was going on here). It occurred to me that although the only symmetrical relationship I observed in this mode was 1:1 in (field system repulsion w/ molecular attraction, and continuous mass) the diagram was not very impressive as far as fields go, and I need to re-look at it. This was taken to be my "starter block" and the big part that made me notice the effect was that I added to this a normal array on only one side of the "starter block" intending to induce a vortical field (I need to re-interpret a lot of my first drawings based on the new "understanding I have come to.

Please understand my, theory is in a state of rapid evolution and it will be necessary for me to backstep and re-evaluate data, based on new additions to the theory. However I can state the following with a pretty good deal of confidence already.

1. Modern Science is the victim of a major miss-visualization in the field of magnetics.

2. The statement "magnetic flow is south to north" is false.

3. The statement "magnetic flow is north to south" is false.

4. It has been discovered (BY modern science, not me) that "At molecular levels (possibly atomic is a better word here) N attracts N. I have to look into it further, but I have begun forward by assuming this means "Likes Attract and opposites repulse at molecular interaction". However the case may very well be one of the following -"All particles attract at molecular levels" I don't find this likely though because of another part of MY theory." It could be that "S repels S, N attracts N, and N and S" attract. From what I can tell so far though my assumption was safe enough".

5. So called South poles and North poles are the same in nature, with the exception of "intra field system rotation direction" it would be best to eliminate the terms "South Pole" & "North Pole" and replace them with an indication of spin or rotation relative to orbit.

6. Magnetic flow does not occur from point to point between the poles. But the magnetic particles w/in a field system (a "bi-polar magnet" has 2 distinct and separate field systems, a "normal" magnet because of field orientation relative to one and other, becomes "orbitally interlaced, but not molecularly intermingled". In my special Array (most "visible" in the symmetrical version) the polar relationship is "twisted" eliminating the block wall and demonstrating 2 distinct fields perpendicularly orbitally interlaced. I'm beginning to think the "all magnetic particles attract at molecular levels" idea is probably closer now. They are all the same w/ the exception of spin direction.

7. So at molecular and all levels the default is actually that; individual magnetic particles attract. I' not certain what causes the 2 different spin directions yet. - I'm thinking that at molecular levels the particles interact with out the influence of spin force, while at the level of a "Magnet System" (I define this as all the "polar" relationships occurring with in the same mass) the molecular interaction is such that where ever possible the like fields become intermingled, so as on one mass one might have "multiple poles" but would most often only have 2 distinct field systems. As I say the relationship of the magnetic particles rotation to its orbit around its pole is the difference between the field systems.

8. OK you think I'm crazy right about now, but let me try to explain what seems to be a contradiction in my theory and you decide.

It has been assumed (that magnetic particles at molecular levels would act in the same manner as "full magnet systems") when the first diagramming of fields occurred. This is not the case. And it would appear that ""modern science"" has gone ahead and assumed that the new discovery was the ""exception to the norm" rather than the true default relationship finally gleaned.

My theory assumes that the new discovery of molecular level interaction is actually the true relationship at all levels. The reason nobody else has seemed to "go there" is because we Know that the in the interaction of "full magnet systems" the Norm is Opposites attract and likes repel. After all this is the only relationship we were able to observe up until now. That last statement is not quite true, I believe we can observe another relationship in an upward direction macrocosmically and have for quite some time (but nobody made the connections between astronomy and magnetics).

Ok here goes; Why does the "magnetic system to magnetic system" relationship function in exception to the molecular rule.

OK, the orbiting particles of each of the 2 "field Systems" within a magnetic mass have opposing spins or rotations (and may also have opposing orbits, have not figured out how to tell this yet). Lets look at the relationship between a single orbit & rotation of one "field" system as opposed to a single orbit and rotation of the other "field". Now break that down to the most interactive segments of each. These would be little arcs, but for my purpose imaging they are little straight cylinders.

Ok, now you can prove this to yourself, but; two cylinders in taction contact parallel to one and other, must rotate in opposing directions to assist one and other and roll without friction (this constitutes attraction, at magnet system level), if the cylinders were forced to rotate the same direction during taction contact they would have to be driven individually and would create a friction type relationship (this constitutes Repulsion at magnet system level). So what I just said means that AT MAGNET SYSTEM INTERACTION, North (call it clockwise CW although uncertain of spin directions at this point) and South (call it CCW) attraction and repulsion is a result of "spin interactions".


(N)CW: (S)CCW = opposed spins = ATTRACTION------or------ N:S= ATTRACTION (N)CW: (N)CW = same spins = REPULSION------or------ N:N= REPULSION (S)CCW: (S)CCW = same spins = REPULSION------or------ S:S= REPULSION

Well enough for now, needless to say I'm very excited about this stuff, it could mean a great deal.

The current interpretations work well enough to do what we currently do, but this principle is what makes possible my special array field relationships. Who knows what the possibilities are? I have already gleaned that if this theory is on the right track there is a similar misinterpretation of the homopolar relationship (a model of the interrelations of magnetic, electric, and movement) This would seem to me to indicate that electricity itself is similarly miss-interpreted (and with my whole-istic view of how things work, all known forces are simply different effects created in The Aether, by angular relativity and resonance, this means that after refining these processes, we should also be able to glean new insight into all specialized sciences.)


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 15, 2002.


Sorry, just wanted to note connections to the inventors whose names I have at the beginning of the name of technique. I have only read there publicly posted materials and have not yet been in contact w/ them, I want to steer this thing a while before getting other branches started.

Bedini- Naudin- Harris- Langway field sculpting technique (BNHL FS).

Bedini; John Bedini, invented the Bedini Gate (for use with Hammel Spinner Experiments), this was an initial inspiration.

Naudin; Jean Louis Naudin (JLN laboratories), reading his experiments w/ the Bedini Gate and viewing an incorrectly labeled, insignificant diagram in the corner of one of his notes pages. I came up with my initial experiment (this guy is brilliant I only say this was incorrectly labeled because I think he missed an important point, which I have found).

Harris; Stuart Harris, came up with the TOMI concept. I was working on a cyclical TOMI based on a TOMI II linear design, when I began to stumble upon this. Also his method of mapping the gradients etc... was how I began to do my diagrams and has been an illuminating tool in realizing what was going on here. Also I am interested in applying my special gradient relationships to a linear and a cyclical TOMI style Design [Note; JLN has a device called the SMOT which is very similar but uses a non-magnetized (un-polarized) ferrous runner as opposed to a permanent magnet runner & he is using the polar faces rather that the gradient effect of the TOMI, however his cyclical design gave me the key to making a cyclical TOMI]

Langway; Me, I have realized the motion of the block wall in my arrays, and the ability to set up ratios from 1:1 to 3:4 between the gradients (I suspect my "air core" pressure gradient could be set at 1:1 to 7:8). I have noted pressure gradients caused by close proximity of like polar fields (want to look into how this relates in solid magnets, no holes, non turroidal fields) it may be that in this case the pressure is graded along a "zero point" vertical line through the solid core (I also suspect my ratios could be 0:1 to 7:8 with a totally blocked "back EMF" also the 8 might increase). I have recognized the potential relationships of multiple opposing or similar arrays w/ different arrangements of pressure zones (interested in trying to set up a relationship where the natural pressure flows oppose the natural magnetic flow direction).

I plan to start studying a bit about weather patterns, I believe this will give me insight into the kinds of effects that might be created with different relationships.

Thanks for your patients, kind reader.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 14, 2002.

PART II (continued from Part I below)

I am interested in seeing what the effects of proximity of the "magnetic zero point" to the "mass zero point" are and whether these two gradients in interaction produce an effect.

I have discovered that the interaction of the fields in the "air core" of the cylindrical array is one of greater magnetic compression [Electro-magnetic high pressure zone (based on the Homo polar relationship, wonder how the multi planer polar relationship affects this)] to lesser magnetic compression [Electro-magnetic low pressure zone].

I must tell you here, that I was fooling around with putting 2 of these things together. I believe it was NHP (North High Pressure) to SHP (South HP) and noted two interesting effects and a third supporting effect.

At one point when taking this thing apart at the very center after a short period of forced junction, I noted a small pink spark.

After messing with the thing for a while (seemed plenty sturdy with 2 layers of masking tape holding it together) I put it on the table and went to sleep. In the morning when I woke up the array was in three distinct pieces on the floor (I think pressure must have built as resistance of tape gave way and it "exploded", but the cat might have knocked it off.

I have a S/S with no "drawing" magnets attached to the array; it feels cold to the touch on both outer south surfaces. (Negative ions are associated w/ cool air, south is generally considered the negative magnetic relationship, flow is south to north, if you blow air through a vortex it will come out cool at the high pressure end or hot at the low pressure end. You can demonstrate this to yourself by blowing on your hand w/ a wide-open mouth and then puckered as if to whistle. Also there is a side fed device I have seen demo-ed with water or pressurized air that will eject hot from one end and cold from another)

If we force air or water through the "air core" could it come out the other end ionized negatively or positively depending on starting end?

If we force different relationships like; NHP:SLP, NHP:SHP, NHP:NHP, NHP:NLP, SHP:SHP, SHP:SLP what will happen (these electromagnetic relationships w/in our own atmosphere cause different storm effects, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, lightning, etc...)?

Can we find the Homo-polar angle? So as to tap energy from this.

What happens if one places an electret inside vertically or horizontally?

Is the "Bloch wall" now also bi-planer? Could this lead to the ability to tap "south" energy separately from "north" energy (-/+?) and if so create both "hot" (electricity generated by "explosion" , Heat effects) and "cold" electric (electricity generated by "implosion" produces cooling effects).

Does the "magnetic pressure gradient", cause automatically a "temperature gradient" ? If so is this gradient in the same ratio as the "magnetic pressure gradient" (inside air core) or the "magnetic expansion gradient" (outside array) or is it in fact the combination of these? The expansion gradient is 4:1 and the compression gradient is 1:4?, but flow is S:N and in special array flow must occur from like poles as well, in which case flow would naturally occur from (N/S)LP:(N/S)HP so instead of canceling one and other out as in a normal array.......Hmmmmmmn........

Sorry so long guys, but I'm really getting into this thing. Starting to feel as though I'm talking to myself most of the time, though.

To get an idea of what my special field looks like, draw two equal cones overlapping (corner to center) and horizontally on the same plane, then spin from center point of horizontal base on vertical axis. Vua, La, a "conical turroid shaped field" which through interaction w/ the opposing field (bi-planer polar relationship, means the opposing field is a different shape relationship than the normal symmetrical, single planer relationship) may well prove to be an active vortex. Even if the field is not an active vortex I think the magnetic pressure calculations I've made based on the concept of field compression by repulsion and expansion by attraction, show that at very least the "air core" is in an active magnetic pressure vortex.

Hope some of you will join me on a new adventure, I am not concerned with getting rich from a patent on this thing. But I do wonder if we end up releasing it to the general public (would it be protected from somebody trying to grab the patent rights by being released as free/shareware. I think this stuff is important to share with the world and if there is money to be made it could be made in the applications and devices coming from this technology.

I dub it, The Bedini- Naudin- Harris- Langway; Field Sculpting Technique


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 14, 2002.


Hey Rich, When you said you were really into this stuff were you referring to; Physics, Magnetism, Free-energy, perpetuom mobile (perpetual motion) or just generally all of it.

Have you got any experiments going that might relate to this stuff I'm doing? I am almost ready to begin sharing my findings on magnetic and the diagrams I've been putting together, however I don't think the stuff is quite ready for general public consumption. I would like to get a small group sharing findings and replicating results, and you would seem to be my first candidate. Chance, Graham, Tim, any interest? Anybody want in?

I am also considering trying to contact, an inventor/experimenter who's work has inspired me for sometime, as my findings take one of his discoveries, much further and in a new direction. His name is Jean Louis Naudin, an incredible mind, reaching beyond the contemporary (I have never been in communication w/ him, but am interested in contacting him soon.)

From what I can tell my special N/N (half hour glass field) is doing some very interesting things;

First it appears that besides altering the polar relationship to occur on multiple planes, I have found the secret to moving the "Bloch wall" to any location within the array (imagine an hour glass with an adjustable center. This also has the effect of moving the magnetic zero point (which in the case of a ring magnet array becomes a "zero point ring" at the "Bloch wall". Note that ring magnets produce turroidal fields. I have learned at least for the ceramic ring magnet arrays how to shape the fields of individual magnets w/in the array through field compression (repulsive relationships) and field expansion (attractive relationships). The movement of the "Bloch Wall" and magnetic zero point occurs because of the compression vs. Expansion relationships.

I theorize that after experimenting with ferrous and non ferrous spacers, and air gaps that I will also be able to move or control the "zero point" center of Mass as well (not certain how a controlled mass gradient would affect things). But I am interested in trying it because, I have read some theories about how controlling this "Zero Point of mass" may be one key to anti-gravity (I should mention here that I do not believe gravity is a force unto itself, but an effect produced by the combination of centripetal force (spin force) Air pressure gradients (barometric pressures) magnetic and electrostatic pressure gradients all of which are truly effects of the Aether particle at different relative angles, and resonance's viewed within a gaseous atmosphere.

Continued in Part II


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 14, 2002.

Suppose the entire universe had a single controling resonation, and we were only concious of one of two phases. Would we not experience such as "solid time". Doesn't this possability take a lesser stretch of the imagination than the idea that our mere observation of an event disturbs said event. If quarks could exist in both phases of this resonation, wouldn't that explain the strange behavior we observe better?

We will always be slaves to our perspective, and a complete understanding of the universe would require the ability to remove oneself from that perspective.

Doesn't it seem to you guys that science and technology is leading us rather than visa versa? In other words we "progress" in scientific discovery and invention at such a rate that our moral standards always seem to come second. Each new "ability" we gain presents us with a new moral dilema, and then we compromise and change our moral standards to fit in with our new abilities. What would happen if we maintained our morals with the ridgity that science portends to possess, and then required new devices and inventions to fit in with these standards. At what point can we ever put a stop to the moral decay and wishy-washy-ness of current and future societies until we stop our current mode of "progress" and set our priorities streight.

We have all dreamed of the eutopian society, of the Jetsons style. We have all supposed that the developement of machines to do meanial tasks would lead to more freedom for humanity to devote its efforts to artistic and intelectual pusuits. I think we can probably agree that this will require some form of "world government" to ever be practical (because the economy would have to function quite differently).

Here is a question for you; Can existing governments ever afford to let this eutopian society develop?

If so, is there any existing example of a functional governmental system capable of existing without a competitor?

Are we running ourselves in circles trying to create a greater good that will not be allowed to happen, and allowing the deterioration of our moral standards for an impossable dream?


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 11, 2002.

REF; Magnet Vortex I have done some further testing on my special magnet array. So far I am testing attraction vs. repulsion on all "poles". My "north" poles are opposite one and other, end to end, and the "south" pole wraps the entire cylynder through the middle twice interupted by a "north" pole ring. Then 2 more magnets are added to the array as to "draw" the "south" poles up or down. This results in a final magnetic cylinder which has opposing "north" poles that are 4x as strong at one end as at the other and an outer cylinder surface that acts as a "south" pole the majority of the time.

I need to build a 3D viewer for the fields, but am currently testing by "feeling" the attractions and repulsions, as well as mounting on a spindle and "levitating" magnets above each side. My figures thus far definately show that I have created a "vortex"/"funnel" shaped gradient w/ a mixture of "north" & "south" poles (the majority being south) around the surface. This may not prove to be an "active" vortex as originally supposed, because the 4x side of special array shows little or no improvement over a "control array". However the "field forming" has beneficial applications even if not active.

The "gradient" effect which I intend to utilise in a TOMI style device is different than a "normal" array's gradient. In the TOMI concept magnetic instability in the gradient is used to propell another set of magnets through opposed gradients. Theoretically the moving magnets are first attracted towards the center of the gradient and then repulsed on through. Then it has a gap and starts into the next "gradient track", this works linearly and was the basis for my first attempted permanent magnet motor, (which acheived 25 revs before sticking). The TOMI gradient is the equivalent of 2 of mine facing one and other, so I can create "north" or "south" gradients that are funnel shaped rather than hourglass shaped opposing gradients (mine can also be set up in the hour glass shape).

All this means that my special gradient could be an improvement to a cyclical TOMI style permanent magnet motor. I have also begun to get a grasp on "zero" point energy. This array may have applications for use with the "Bendini/Hammel" gate and or the "hammel spinner". I have also pictured a sort of a pendulum set-up where the pendulum would be in repulsion to the array which is centered such that the resting place of the penndulum gravitationaly falls upon the greatest area of repulsion over the array, this should give a gravitationally propelled orbiting effect.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 11, 2002.

Mike, I’m no physicist either. Until you mentioned it I’d never thought about vortexes at all. Wouldn’t the return path be kind of like a corkscrew? & the objects orbit would get either smaller & faster (like water down a drain) or larger & faster (same water going the other way) or am I all wrong? I agree that energy cannot be destroyed, I think that it, like matter, can only be transformed so I don’t see why it, also like matter, can’t be re-used.

How do you know what the field looks like? and how do you make the field spin with a stationary magnet? Sorry for all the questions but I am fascinated by this stuff.

Stephen Hawking actually uses Occam’s Razor to justify uncertainty in Quantum Physics “We could still imagine that there is a set of laws that determines events completely for some supernatural being, who could observe the present state of the universe without disturbing it. However, such models of the universe are not of much interest to us mortals. It seems better to employ the principle known as Occam's razor and cut out all the features of the theory which cannot be observed”

Gotta luurve those physicists doncha? Got an answer for everything ;P

Rich p.s. found an interesting magnetism site : http://www.dextermag.com/Science_of_Magnets.htm

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), February 07, 2002.

Hey Rich, Do you consider a magnet a machine, and either way where does it get the power to continue being a magnet?

OK we can agree that a magnetic field exists, I hope. And that magnetic flow exists right. So if we can use the wind to turn turbines and we don't even know from day to day which way it will blow. What is the difference with magnetism, if there is a flow it can b tapped. And I know there is a flow, as I can displace it.

I'll be assembling two special arrays with opposed vortical flow which if we looked at the fields they would apear to be two spinning hour glasses (even while the magnet is stationary). And they should induce a spin in one and other when simply placed next to each other on axles. But I've got a lot of experimenting to do as I am unnaware of anyone else haveing acheived the ability to sculpt the magnetic feild in such a way.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 05, 2002.

Hey Rich, I'm no Physisist, but have you ever tried to visualise the path of a returning object which was sent out in a Vortex. And if you understand the vortex what is the effect of the return?

I am now able to displace the flow of a magnetic array so as to put the "polar relationship" into an additional plane, and then draw the feild up or down into an active vortex.

Science is like a small child, who thinks he is all grown up and already knows everything. If his attitude doesn't change, he will only grow towards ignorance.

The Buddhists have a much better grasp on reality than the current scientific community.

The new theories I am developing based on my recent discovery, can explain things at many scales without the need to invent a theoretical science to catch all the stuff that doesn't make sense (Quantum Shmantum). My theory could explain many scales by the same physical laws and stands up to Occums Razor better than any I have seen.(how come science doesn't require quantum mechanics to stand up to Occums razor, sounds to me like they've gone to far in a wrong direction somewhere and its suddenly OK to force a square peg into a round hole)

Tesla was not exagerating when he said that man would one day gain power over nature itself. I would only change his statement to say man could rather than would.

If you've kept up this far, now visualise the true nature of a frequency wave (It is not a 2D line, an oscilliscope is showing you a 2D profile, it is more like a ripple in pond, but not quite because it eminates out that way on multiple planes).

Now if matter cannot be destroyed and the universe will always have the same amount of energy within its supposedly closed system, energy cannot be destroyed either so what makes people think its so darn impossible to re-use.


-- Mike Langway (M_langway@bigfoot.com), February 05, 2002.

Mike, I may be missing the point but isn’t it the 'law of diminishing returns' that prevents us from utilizing perpetual motion machina? Whatever form of energy you are using to power the machine needs to be re-charged by the machine but because you need to power the machine at the same time you can never fully re-charge to the initial level, eventually running out of power. I agree with your closing comment, the journey is indeed the reason for goals

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), February 04, 2002.

REF: Newton Well I've been contemplating the first law of motion, some more. And although I still beleive my exception applies. I think Newton was right, and the problem is simply the scientific communities miss interpretation of the law. Science tells us that pepetual motion can't exist because of the laws of motion, and then turns around and recogises that all particles at a sub atomic level are in a state of perpetual motion. It is my beleif that the laws of motion presented by Newton do not eliminate the possability of perpetual motion, but in fact prove that it can and does exist. If for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, from a perspective out and away from things is not the re-action also by this law required to have an equal and opposite re-action as well (yes and the original action is the re-actions equal and opposite). However in an asymetrical architecture or a symetrical to asymetrical ratio, each action causes 2 divergent actions whos average is equal and opposite. Each of these re-actions because of the center point being outside of center of the overall system "reaches for" 2 other points which are not in the same position as each other or the original action.

Perpetual Motion may be out of our reach, however the scientific community is wrong for discouraging its pursuit. In the persuit of perpetual motion, one has to deal with utilising the waste energy of a system amongst other things. This has lead to the discoveries of heat cycles and many other things.

For instance your home uses pressure to deliver water to all its faucets, if it's like mine, you have 1 boiler (running on gas or electric or whatever) serving all these faucets with hot water (which takes a while to get there wasting water, pressure and heat. The delivery pressure simply goes to waste after dropping off the water. Why not create a simple water pressure driven ratary heating device at each faucet. The rotar is driven like a water wheel by the pressure, the heat is generated at each faucet with out the consumption of external power (savings 1), The distance traveled by hot water is much shorter, less heat loss thru dissapation (savings 2), the amount of time waiting for hot water is reduced wasting less water down the drain(savings 3), You no longer need your main boiler, saving maintanance, space, and power (savings 4).

Most existing systems waste a large percentage of available energy, this is the result of closeminded thinking and tunnel vision. A designer sets out to accomplish the goal of acheiving result X instead of acheiving result X with the least energy consumption, or instead of Trying to accomplish X and utilising wasted energy to accomplish Y and Z.

The persuit of perpetual energy is a good one because of the by products it inevitably produces. To use a Zen analogy (loosley), when one utilises the north star for navigation, one does not expect to ever arrive at the north star, but this does not mean that the north star is useless for navigation.

Set your goals to create your journey. The meaning is in the journey not the result.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), February 01, 2002.

REF: "EMF Dancer" (light organ, electro magnet, mag feild viewer bottle combo spoken about some time back)

I came up with another interesting concept for musically modulated electro magnets. Imagine an array of them around a circular platform (lets say six speaker input for Dolby 5.1 surround system) okay so I'm thinking 3 electro magnets for each channel one for high, one for mid, one for low tones in that channel (still need to conceive best actual placements) Ok now take the stage and frame it, dump in 30 or 40 steel Ball bearings, stretch a balloon rubber over the top of the ball bearings such that it holds a slight downward pressure on them (may need to be lubricated on inside).

Now turn the thing on, plug in the tunes, and the bearings will form different clusters moving around under the rubber to the sound of the music.

Ok now if we use the same concept but using pairs of solenoids directly modulated by the music and connected by bars all lined up parallel to one another. The music will now cause waves in our surface, switch the pairs between opposed and alike and you can create "rolling Ocean Wave effects.

Mostly just a weird display idea at the moment, but the ball bearing one may have potential as a massaging device.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 17, 2002.

REF: Spinners

Well I'm working on my wind props and such and I'm surfing around the web the other day and I come across a sight about gyro-copters. They are advertising a set of plan helicopter/glider, no engine. This thing has its prop axis tilted a bit and you pull it behind a car to launch. This sounds really nutty and dangerous so I'm not running out to buy the plans, but the idea was an important concept for me at this point. It started me thinking, if I put a swivel and string on one of my props it could become an unusual kite.

So I'm reading about wind generators as well and this guys talking about how the building of a tower is one of the most difficult parts. It is beneficial to get your prop up high so you can get as much wind as possible.

What if I put a light weight alternator in my swivel, and a 3 conductor wire bundle as my rope, grounded the device for safety (looking into other precautions, don't want to be drawing down any lightning or anything) Now my wind generator is; 1 extremely portable, 2 able to be raised 100s of feet in the air, and enjoyable to operate.

The long wires might cause too much resistance. So here is another possibility, Battery on board being charged. Or just set it up so it can provide power to its own led array with LED's spinning on the rotors. Instant guided UFO if you fly it at night.

For that matter what if we find a light weight light source for the LCD Projector, and make a flying controllable self powered projector?

Grey Matter beginning to ooze out of my left ear.

Ok some of that is pretty weird, but I try not to judge my ideas until they have fully evolved, maybe thats why there are so darn many of them.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 17, 2002.

REF: Perpetum Mobile (this is the name given to an attempted perpetual motion machine that, although not achieving perpetual motion, will often times out run its inventor)

Well I can't stop coming up with these ideas for perpetual motion type devices. I have drawn up a design for a device, which sinks in water. Ok, that's not all, it sinks with an elastic vessel full of water that is forced by the increasing water pressure (caused by more water piling up above it as it sinks) to evacuate itself, this causes suction through the vessels only other opening, an air hose that terminates on a small float at the top this draws air into the vessel. The vessel begins to float back to top at the top there is a raft with a lever (teeter tawter style) the lever over shadows the small float with the air tube on one side and the actual vessel on the other, the vessel guided by a wire or rope to its position pushes the lever up forcing the air hose float to become submerged. Now the air flow tube is pulling in water rather than air. The vessel begins to fill with water from both openings now and sink, starting the whole cycle again.

OK Gang, here is what I need from you. I know this device exists and I don't know what to call it or exactly how it works, but the one thing I need to be able to make a model of the device is a valve of some sort that will only allow water/air to travel through in one direction. I am looking for the mechanical equivalent of a diode. Could it be a One Way Valve? I'm trying to start searching and such but thought you guys might already know what I need.

Ok, Newton's Laws of motion rule out perpetual motion. And what the heck do you do with this thing if it works?

Put it in a column of water, a very interesting display is had. Put coils around the column and magnets on the vessel and it becomes the motivational force of a linear alternator.

Besides that, I am of the opinion that there is something wrong with Newton's first law, actually 2 things. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, does this not imply balance throughout the universe, and are we not aware that in most motion style systems the key is imbalance. Also He depends on the universe being a closed system I don't believe it is.

Also check out my special exception to the law and see if you can tell me why it doesn't hold true. "In an asymmetrical architecture, for every action there are 2 divergent actions who's average is opposite and equal to the first"

Big deal, well in my mind this means that by manipulating phase between these 2 divergent actions (causing one to happen at a different moment in time than the first) we can effectively over rule at least the first of Newton's Laws of motion.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 17, 2002.

I believe you are on to something there, Mike. I love technology. Sometimes it scares me though. They are already talking about putting computers directly into the brain somehow. Once we get to that point, either life is going to be very good for many or very bad for many. Just like an automatic rifle in the wrong hands is deadly, so is knowledge. I agree with you that life would probably be very different today if they had the internet in the fifties. You gave me a point of view that I hadn't considered, and it got me thinking. Thank you for that. What do you think the teenagers in the fifties would have done with the internet? Just a question for you to ponder. Take care CHANCE

-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), January 16, 2002.

REF; Giving Myself a Pat on the Back (and the group too).

First I must say that this board, just being able to express my ideas and have them seen, has done wonders for my confidence levels and sent my creativity through the roof.

Now for my back patting; My sister screwed up her hard drive and was attempting to reformat it from DOS, when I arrived. Taking over for her after her frustration level had reached its apex, I began to try to figure it out. From DOS I was able to start the reformatting, but received a message about compression system, and bad sector in 0 on drive. The error seemed to be telling me there was hardware damage and that the drive had had it. I was able to access the partition manager and delete the Primary DOS partition, create a new DOS partition, re-format the hard drive and re-install windows (still have to re-install other software) in just two hours. Ok that's pretty good, but the reason I feel deserving of some bragging rights is that, I have only a mild familiarity with DOS, have never formatted a hard drive or installed an operating system before, and never cracked a manual.

Thank you, Thank you (blushing, bowing, flag waving)

OK, that's out of my system, Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 16, 2002.

To continue the thought.

"Garbage in, Garbage out" "Ye shall reap, what ye sew"

The Internet is what I like to call a "communications amplifier" it is a reflection of what is going on in the world and it may occur that what is going on in the world becomes a reflection of what is happening on the web. It is our responsibility as a people with this power; to be role models for our future leaders, to set appropriate standards, to apply peer pressure to one and other, to encourage growth, new thought, sharing of brain power (scientists have figured out the they can link a bunch of personal computers together to perform tasks previously performed by supercomputer main frames, imagine the potential of a cerebral array).

While in a debate with my father (an anti technologist, who won't have a computer in his house) about "The evils of the Internet" I made a good point, in fact the final point. What I said though actually disturbed me a little bit, what do you think?

"The only problem with the Internet, is that it came 40 or so years too late (at least for America). If the Internet had come to a society with higher moral standards it would reflect and amplify those values."


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 16, 2002.

Bravo! Chance


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 16, 2002.

I for one am pissed off at all the SHIT going on in the world today. I am sure that all of you will agree that it is not any one race responsible for all the garbage allowed to walk the streets today. We have garbage in low places, we have garbage in high places. We have white garbage, black garbage, red, yellow, and brown garbage, but we also have good quality people in every race. I hate garbage. I love throwing it in the trash can and having it picked up weekly, hauled off to one location and burried in the ground. In my opinion some of the people today have lost sight of the idea of self discipline. In days past a persons peers would pressure them to do well, competition used to be about who could be the best or who was the most honest or who was the hardest working. Today, a persons peers pressure him with challenges of who can be the biggest outlaw or gangster, who is the bravest to take on the law, who is crazy enough to kill or steal. We are all guilty of turning the other cheek, pawning it off on "that's just the way it is today." We are all afraid of being shot, stabbed, or sued for standing up against the garbage. We can't even spank our kids anymore without fear of Social Servises putting us in prison because some piece of garbage out there is beatting their kids to death. We cant hug our lady friends at work because some big shot piece of garbage is out there sexually abusing their help. We can't kiss our friends children, and we have to be careful how we play with them, because some piece of garbage is out there mollesting our future leaders. This is not what this page is all about, but I am so discusted in the way the world is today I could just vomit. I don't want some damn big shot piece of garbage denying the Americans their rights because of color or gender or any other damn idiotic bullshit reason. Put the jackasses in with the rest of the garbage, down by the curb for weekly pickup. If I need to open a discussion board on this topic, I won't hesitate. If I was the only one putting the trash down by my curb, do you think it would be taken to the County Refuge weekly? People have to get together. Stop trying to keep a race from succeeding, and concentrate on "TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE"


-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), January 16, 2002.


A famous photograph of 3 AMERICAN Firemen (who happened to be 1 white & 2 blacks) raising the flag at the sight of the World Trade Center Tragedy, has been used as the basis for a beautiful sculpture intended as a memorial. This sculpture depicts an actual event in an accurate manner. But, there are groups here working to stop or change it, because it does not reflect enough ethnic diversity. We cannot go changing history to make it "appear" as if it was more diversified than it was. This event occurred spontaneously, because of the "American Spirit" and was performed by courageous men who's patriotic spirit was so strong that they found the time in the midst of hell to show respect to our flag. These men were not black, white, yellow, or red they were all Americans first on that day. Possibly some sculpture should be commissioned to represent the loss incurred by other ethnicities, however does this not defeat the spirit of the day.

The memory I have of September 11th, after the horror is that we were all instantly Americans, not Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, or Muslims. We were all neighbors sharing an American Tragedy, a world tragedy, if that thought gets lost in the midst of all this political correctness, I cannot bear to think of the lives that were lost for nothing on that day.


A famous photograph of 3 AMERICAN Firemen (who happened to be 1 white & 2 blacks) raising the flag at the sight of the World Trade Center Tragedy, has been used as the basis for a beutiful sculpture intended as a memorial

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 15, 2002.

Mike, try this for the magnets - http://www.wondermagnet.com/dev/magnets.html

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), January 14, 2002.

REF; Niece's Room; Building Loft style bed w/ desk and clothes cubby underneath and tack board on outside, fitted into extra closet, so whole unit takes up half the footprint of the bed w/in the room. You may remember that last week I painted a mural of blue sky and puffy white clouds on walls and ceiling. The loft bed will be made to look like a tree fort with roll up walls for "secret place" for child (4 yr.s, spoiled!) and after completion I will paint tree branches w/ leaves coming out behind and around bed. This room is turning out to be the coolest in the house. I want one!

REF; LCD Video Projector, Deconstruction complete hope to build and photograph this weekend (I miss big screen so much I don't think I've watched TV in a few weeks. Probably not a bad thing, now that I think of it.)

REF; Permanent Magnet Motor/Generator I need to order Neodymium magnets, in bulk. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

REF; Spinners Well second frame is complete but cannot be skinned in the method planned (it would require a stretch material, that would stretch taught without collapsing frame. The tightness required in order to capture the originally planned shape will crush this frame. So I came up with a new design just to utilize this frame and will investigate another method of construction.

REF; "Natural Robotics" Well some of you may remember my description of the "spinner creature" where a motor would be used as a generator and a motor. Turns out, this is possible, but the RPM needed for generator is only about 300 and that means that when I switch over to motor function my RPM will only be 300. So the "creature" be created but if I want flight the design will have to be modified to utilize separate motors on the same shaft one for generator with slow RPMs and one for Propulsion / high RPMs. Or the design could be modified so as to feed on wind and then perform some other slow RPM function other than flight. I'm investigating "slow flyers and park flyers" for the possibility of the initial idea.

Ref; Gyroscope Well the frame is still only half-complete, and the first version of the "guts" is complete (but lousy). I need an adhesive that is clear & strong for plastic to metal, any suggestions? By the way this experiment is for an idea I have for a "Battle Bot" that will in essence be an RC top or gyro with blade all about its outer most edge. My friends (a mechanic, an electrician, a communications specialist, a body shop owner, and a machinist) and I have been mulling this over for about a year or so. And can't seem to agree on a design yet, but oh well I've come up with lots of useful stuff from it.

Have a Great Weekend, Mike

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 11, 2002.

Hey Rich, Thank you, just started checking out Beardens sight, looks like some cool stuff.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 07, 2002.

REF:Permanent Magnet Motor Hello all, Thanks for the links Chance. I have now seen Johnsons Design, and am happy to report that all 3 of my designs are completely different from his. In fact the priciple is quite different, maybe so much so that a patent could be issued yet. Also from what I can see, mine is simpler in materials, construction, design, and has more potential for scaleabitlity, since one could potentially be made to replace any existing DC motor. I had not gotten to designing the alternator part of my generator, just the motor.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 07, 2002.

Well, got all tied up at home this weekend. Painted a beutiful blue sky mural with puffy white clouds all around my neices room and ceiling. Also had to give my oldest son instruction on building a hydro electric generator for his science fair project, at the last minute (it's really just a working electromagnetic generator, he built that lights a bulb w/ a model water wheel attached/ it didn't have to be demoed with actual water.)

Also thought I should mention to avoid confusion that there are many "permanent" magnet motors on the market, but they utilise permanent magnets in conjunction w/ electricity and the type we are beginning to talk about here do not require input other than permanent magnets.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 07, 2002.

The pemanant magnet motor which Mike speaks of can be researched at the following address


-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), January 07, 2002.

I should caution you that some of the things he talk about about are pretty 'out there' but the actual items are good. A magnetic Wankel engine for instance that actually works (as reported by Popular Science a few years ago)

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), January 04, 2002.

Hey Mike, have you ever heard of a guy named Tom Beardon? if not you should probably check out his site at http://www.cheniere.org he has some very interesting things to say about free energy etc etc

-- Rich (imfatter@excite.com), January 04, 2002.

REF; The BIG IDEA Well I found this add for a book today- The Invention is by a man named Johnson and was out in 1964 (had I read this book ad before discovering my system I probably would have thought it was a lot of malarchy)

"The permanent magnet motor produces continuous energy -- Without fuel! All energy produced by this motor is derived from permanent magnets, situate in a manner that controls the electron flow. Using Samarium - Cobalt Magnets, this motor will run continuously.... the only parts to wear out are the 2 armature bearings which last a Long time. The potential uses for this type of device are beyond imagination...the sky is the limit This is the most complete package ever assembled on the permanent magnet motor -- an 'over unity' motor that has an output of about 3/4 h.p. Included is his presentation to the United Nations Institute For Training & Research. This bold address proves that magnet motors exist and that government and oil companies are suppressing them. Order Your Copy Today!

Well that is the BIG IDEA I'm working on, I plan to get ahold of more info on it, as it sounds as thow his method was a great deal more complicated than mine. And at least in the way the ad is worded it sounds as thow it was limited in size and power. My methode should be infanately scalable and simpler to construct.

So that seals it I'll be giving this thing to you guys and then the world, maybe I could inlist some of your help to get it out there.

Time to read about Off Grid living, did you know that at least here in America, if you produce your own electricity in excess of your needs the local power company is required to purchase your surplus power. Wow no electric bill plus a mild allowance.

PS while writing this post I have come up with a 3rd way of doing it, I'm just about certain that at least 2 out of 3 of the meathods will work.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 04, 2002.

REF;The "BIG IDEA" Well I'm still working on trying to model this, had to determine a different material to use for an important part of construction. The good news is that I am more confident than ever that this will work, as I have come up with a second meathod of doing it which is even simpler. I should eplain this device will allow the tapping of an existing, abundant, natural energy source to create electricity or perform physical tasks. Requires no input other than it's parts which will have to be replaced periodically. This is really, really big and I think it could be very important to third world countries at least. I have a lot of reasons for what I am about to say and it will probably seem crazy to you guys, but here goes.

I am seriously considering releasing this new technology over the web once I have proof of theory. One reason is that I am almost certain somebody has accomplished this before, and it is almost certain the technology has been supressed by corporate interests or even governments (that is somewhat redundant in my opinion as they are one in the same behind the scenes).

If I do this you guys will be the first to get it. Thankyou all for being an inspiration, a thought stimulant and in many cases a teacher to me.

I think all people should have access to this.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfot.com), January 04, 2002.

REF; WIND SURFER Yet another idea spawned from that little kinetic noise maker (rather indirectly). Imagine a wind surfer who's surf board is a saucer shape, now imagine that your sail is rigid (always holds a "pocket" for the wind. Now allow the sail to rotate about the board (pependicularly, is that a word?)now have the axle of the ridgid sail go through the suacer boards center to the under water side, attach it to a "center board" so that it automatically rotates with the sail witch automatically rotates to take the wind (this may require, a fin or something like a weather vane uses to "find" the wind). Inside the saucer put a weight on a shaft off center in opposition to the sail which rotates with the entire assembly. If this is designed right and all the priciples work as I expect, you get some great benefits such as; a windsurfer that wont tip over, finds the wind for itself, doesn't require the user to keep the sail up, moves in any direction without turning the suacer board (this will require a resistance fin attached to the underside of the saucer).

So basically a windsurfer for clutses or people who would like to wind surf without making the sport their whol life No training would be required to ride as the Users only responsability is to run around the disk and watch out for the sail. The only thing I have ot got worked out yet is "speed control" a way for the user to slow down, and I think if the wind isn't too strong or if the speed control works well enough the User could stear by giving resistanec to the sail and lock feet in place. Some kind of really good grip is require on the disk top surface.

I plan to try to build a working small scale model of this and if it has enough potential, I'll send it to a freind of mine who is a machinest (I aprenticed to him for a while, but did not pursue becoming a machinist). His life is windsurfing the guy had 7 different full rigs last time I saw him. Maybee one of my ideas will get to market or just become a way for me to personally enjoy wind surfing without the investment of time to learn.

PS any idea I post here is yours for the taking, I would apreciate a credit if your selling them and I would be happy to join any team trying to develope them. I have 6 home projects running concurrently right now, and the ideas are coming faster than I can get them down. So obviously I don't get around to some of these and some get put off.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 04, 2002.

REF; Stirling Engine Well I have begun to construct my first attempt at a stirling engine. I have managed to make a drive shaft w/ a 90 degree phase angle from a paperclip, a styrophome piston with another paper clip to attach to the drive shaft and a cylinder and diaphram using a film cannister and a rubber balloon. (these are not ny innovations except in the sense of materials and scale).

I'm not certain this thing is going to work, because I'm kinda testing my understanding of the Stirling Cycle by designing my own way to do it with available materials (RECYCLE). And because I have chosen to do a solar one right off the bat.

But I have enjoyed it so far and I have had to determine how to aproach things and such. Ive learned a lot just building the working piston and cylinder (works by hand, so far). For instance the drive shaft and how to make a diaphram from recyclables. Also I have come up with a way to build a right angle gear assemble from the film cans (won't apply to this project but it goes in my "tool box" if you get my meaning).

I am very excited to get one of these working, the aplications are limetless in my opinion. I'm also gathering info on steam power.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 04, 2002.

REF; "Natural Robotics" I think I failed to explain my meaning in coining the term "Natural Robotics". My intention is to apply the most basic principles of robotics to mechanics and minimal solidstate wiring, utilising natural effects. Here is a for instance, Solorbotics by BEAM have put out these kits for small robots called sun seekers, they run on solar and are attracted to light. These are for flocking experiments, entertainment etc.. Seems to me they don't really need IC circuitry. OKay lets say that I am able to get one of my "spinners to fly when motor driven (just a foot or two of lift and some light thrust) well a dc motor can be used as a generator as well. So picture the "spinner creature" sitting around spinning in the wind, charging it's batteries, then with a simple circuit to detect either voltage level or amps (probably need to detect available amperage I'll have to look into this) when the battery is full a switch is triggered and the "spinner creature" changes from utilising it's motor as an alternator to using it as a motor causing the "spinner creature" to fly until it is time to "feed" again.

This is just an example of a single "hardwired Program" or as I like to call it an "instinct" one could create very complex "creatures" in this way. Most types of sensors used in hobby robotics could be changed to function in such a way.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 04, 2002.

REF; Help Me solve an anomally.

Hey guys I have not read all the stuff I found on the vortex interaction yet, only the first page. But, this triggered a thought process for me (and loving a challenge I want to try my theory before reading the study)..

Last night I was working on a piston and cylinder for my first attempt at a Stirling (that is how it is spelled) engine (but thats another post) and I started looking at the ceiling fan and the "spin wheel" and it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I remembered a diagram I was looking at last week about a new electrostatic generator and it was showing how cylinders when lined up parallel and touching one and other have to spin in opposing directions in order to spin w/ out friction (i.e. 1st one clock wise, second counter, third clockwise etc... This sounds funny but if you draw two circles (cylinder top veiw) side by side and put arrow showing direction you will see that it is correct). So I began to imagine the ceiling fans vortex column of air as if it were a solid cylinder, and the pinwheels weak vortex in the same light. They are both rotating the same direction. So I think a kind "friction" effect is occurring between the two columns of air.

If I am correct I can build another "spinner" portion for the model, revearse the twist of the triple helix blade shape, making the "spinner" "want" to go the other direction. If my theory is correct the new "spinner" will not only loose the effect of (stop start), but should also rotate at a faster speed (bear in mind I am learning about wind and such and that these spinners will react totally different in a natural wind, my object here is to nail down just how I acheived the effect in the first place so that I can replicate it). We shall see!

I plan to evolve these "spinners" next to a point where they turn alternators to generate and store electricity to power other parts of the sculptural display (basically a windmill built as a sculpture).


-- Mike Langway (M_langway@bigfoot.com), January 04, 2002.

Hey all, Well it is another day, I realise there are no posts between my yesterdays, so I apologise for taking so much space. But I need this sounding board, because not only does it help me get my thoughts striaght, but it is probably the best set of notes I've put together. I've never been very responsible about documentation or scientific method for that matter. I love rapid prototyping and model engeneering and trying to document while working is difficult for me as it is not one of the enjoyable parts.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 04, 2002.

Sory so much stuff, but I been away a while without an intelectual sounding board. Plus I'm really bored right now.

REF;Weird Stuff People are doing out there on the web.

In my last post I mentioned an autonomously mobile giant solar flower pot, which inspired me to list some of the cooky stuff I've seen out there. It points out that wheather or not an idea is good or bad is really a matter of perspective, it all depends on where the idea evolves too.

Here are some of the bizzaar subject matter I've come accross in my surfing.

A sight all about blowing stuff up in your microwave oven, cooky right? Wrong. This guy claims to have replaced the spark plug in a lawnmower engine with the magnetometer from a micro-wave oven, replaced the gas with water, and made a few other mods. Resulting in a water powered lawnmower engine (based on the fact that small water droplets inside film cannisters explode when microwaved, the engine would still be internal combustion). Having read it the principle actually makes sense!

A couple of guys converted a deisel van to run on used vegetable oil they collect from fast food joints. Hey they're traveling all over the country without having to pay for gas.

"Bizzar stuff you can make in your kitchen" has some really wild stuff like air vortex or smoke ring cannons, film cannister cannons, matchstick rockets etc....

A sight about the luminescent properties of the common pickle.

One where a guy did a full study on how one can use strawberry poptarts as an incindiary device (If you force your toaster to stay down rather than popping, a strawberry poptart will shoot flames upto 15 inches out of the toaster, if your gonna try it use an old toaster and take aproppriate precautions, I haven't tried it, but he's got some wild pictures on his sight).

The Free Energy sights have lots of wild experiments going on too. I especially enjoy ENERGY 21 out of Aussi. Keep your ears open for info on the Testakita. Here is a kicker for ya, Overunity has been discovered and demonstrated and there are free energy (not perpetual motion) sources and devices out there all over the place. So why are we not benefitting from them, well for the same reason the beutiful original philosophy of communism can never be a reality, THE GREED OF MEN. The corporations run the world folks and there gonna keep this stuff down as long as we let them get away with it. The sorry thing is that we are continuing the unnessesary destruction of our mother, earth, because some corporate so and so wants to keep the change jingling in his pocket. These small minded individuals (usually CEOs and such) can't see the forrest for the trees.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 03, 2002.

Wow, The people at Geogia Tech are working on the "anomolly" I was talking about earlier (at least I think it's a very good possability that I have observed the same effect they are studying).

Check it out; "steady pressure coefficients along the top surface of the simplest fuselage models, immersed in a rotor wake, could not be predicted to within an order of magnitude accuracy. The review article by Sheridan and Smith cited various aspects of aerodynamic interactions between the rotor wake and the other components of a rotorcraft. When the Army Research Office initiated Centers of Excellence in Rotorcraft Technology at Georgia Tech, U. Maryland and R.P.I., Professors Jim Hubbartt and Howard McMahon and research staffer Narayanan Komerath at Georgia Tech began a systematic study of the interaction problem using a simple 2-bladed teetering rotor, and a circular cylinder airframe with a hemispherical nose, mounted in the John J. Harper 7' x 9' wind tunnel. This CD documents the results from that project. The work is attributed below to the PhD and MS candidates who formed the research team."

Kinda Cool! Thought I'd read some of this stuff it may be a very reproducable effect. It's a problem for aerodynamic engeneers but I'm not desining for flight (although the possablities are that I will eventually, but at model scale) my concept is that I want to converge all of my best skills in art, mechanics, electronics, electrostatics, electromagnetics, solar, wind, and other natural resources. To build sculptures, I realise someone invented kinetic sculpture back in the 60's but this is kinda a different concept. I want to use wind, sun, ressonance, magnetism, kinetics, fluid actions, etc... to create sculpture which ARE the device. I.E Instead of having my sculpture run by a motor, I will build the motor from scratch making it effectively become the sculpture.

For instance imagine a stack of wind wheels which have been built to rotate in opposition to each other. This would be cool by itself. But now have it collect solar and wind power all day long, and switch to that researve at night by sensor. Now you can light it from its inside and with the right materials create a soft glow. What if the wind power which continues to be generated increases the intensity of the light with the current wind. What about adding sound effect that are based on the rotations.

Ideas just keep flooding me these days, what about "natural robotics" devices which collect energy and then use it by very basic solid state circuitry, which are governed by the natural environment. Solar botics BEAM robots do just this but they use complex unnessessary electronics and they are small scale. What could somebody come up with designing a robot that is not required to perform physically challenging work but merely to entertain the mind and then regulate them by "instinct" based on there surroundings. One could have a series of autonomous sculptures that "change there scene like actors". This is not as off the wall as it sounds (I read about somebody using standard robotics to build a giant solar powered flower pot that moves itself around the roof of a school building randomly).


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 03, 2002.

REF; model engineering

Hey folks I have come across some great little modeling methods lately and my modeling is improving at a rapid pace. I am trying to use recycled and household materials to make working mechanical models. I have come up with some cool stuff if any body needs to be able to make parts for something they may come in handy. I'll just list a few and if anyone wants to know "how" just let me know.

Film Cannisters; Pressure rockets, High Voltage Capacitors, structural connection joints, Instant twist tri-pod, even a bearing, Float swithes, also great for storing little parts.

Bamboo Scewers; structural parts, these are stronger and more flexible than balsa wood and almost as light. Check each peice for straightness though, quality control on thes is appropriately low.

Hair & other Rubber Bands, these tiny little suckers hold well and make good stoppers, and physical limiters, not to mention their potential for winding power. (I'd like to make a windmill that winds itself up and upon overtaking the wind power shoots itself back the other way) Also there is an old trick for making a ball or cylinder roll back to you when pushed away.

Kitchen utensils; Things like ladels and stainless salad bowls can be connected to create spheres (these are great for electrostatics) for all kinds of uses.

Anyway, running long again.

RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE, (and remember in order for recycling to be effective we MUST buy recycled products)

There really isn't much outside food products that I would even consider trash. And it is possable to get professional looking results using these materials. (by the way food products can be utilised for compost and or methane fuel production).


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 03, 2002.

OOOPS! That last post should read thta the ceiling fan is revolving at around 60 times per minute not second.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 03, 2002.

Hey all, hope you had a great holiday.

REF;HELP ME solve a real live anomally that is occuring in my home as I write.

Well the kinetic helix project has inspired 3 or 4 more great ideas. One being that I think the shape will lend itself well to becoming a propellor. So I've started building working prop models. The first is complete, it came out pretty heavy (but I learned so much that the frame for the 2nd is twice the size and half the weight). anyways the first one works, but is exhibiting some VERY VERY ODD Behavior.

OK picture a pinwhel looking thing on a tall skinny stand. It sits on a counter off centered under my ceiling fan (inspiring all kinds of kinetic sculpture concepts) OK now the ceiling fan is on medium speed(sorry not very scientific, gotta figure how to figure RPMs) I'd say it is revolving at least 60 times per second. The "pinwheel" normally does about 10-15 revolutions per second (Im interested in slow graceful motion at this point). OK so here is the ANOMALLY (probaby misspelled, I know I'm irrisponsable about that, but spelling holds little interest for me);

The pinwhell will be spining along at a steady pace and suddenly jerk to a halt, it will sit for a moment or two and start back up again, sometime right back to original speed, sometimes start, stop, start, stop, go. Now the kicker is that it is receiving a steady current of air, but there is no sycronicity, there is no rythm. It seems entirely random. I probably would never have thought it was an anomally but the jerking stops as though someone put on the breaks and then starting up again after being stagnent for sometimes a couple minutes.

MY THEORIES; Alright I know half of you are saying, man this guy is obsessive compulsive (and I probably am). But this thing will drive me nuts if I can't supply a satisfactory explanation for the behavior, and secondly I'd like to be able to reproduce the effect. (note there is the slightest bow in my spindle)

Best theory, I think it is possible that static is building up causing the light weight spindle to seize, after it stops the charge disapates and the airflow takes over again.

Next best theory, It may be responding somewhat like a radiometer (I used chrome poster board so it is reflective on outside of fins but white on other side. I know a radiometer has to be in a vacumm to function, but the ionic force exists outside a vacumm, the vacumm just releives air resistance to the motion)

Related to the last idea and the one I truly hope turns out to be true, is that the "pinwheel" is exhibiting a cycle very similar to the Stirling cycle (stirling engines are way cool and I plan to make one eventually) the reflective surface is keeping itself cool by reflecting the light away (4 70watt bulbs in ceiling fan) and the white side warms over time. If this isn't the case at least it leads me to beleive I can find a new way of utilising the Stirling Cycle ( it is spelled STIRLING if you want to read about it, very interesting stuff) Think I'll try one with chrome fins, painted black on one side.

Last but not least theory, (elxcuding supernatural intervention, which is the general impression to the observer) could this thing be affected by the accoustics of my stereo system, or even a breaze from the cat walking by.

I'd apreciate any advice or ideas on test I can run, or theories of your own, or you can just tell me to get a life (but lets remember that if Eddison had never noticed how a filament releases light just before buring up, he would have had no reason to search for the filament that didn't burn up upon reaching that point, and we wouldn't have the ight bulb, well at least not until somebody else "paid attention".

Sorry so long, been awy a while.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), January 03, 2002.

There's plenty of PBX (not PBAX!) software available that will work with voice modems. Do a search on google for some.

-- Ok (ok@whatever.com), December 28, 2001.

I was given a box full of cordless phones that inspired me with my idea. It isn't really that original. Most of you would probably know of PBAX, a system used at office buildings to organise incoming and outgoing calls. It is also like an intercom system, dialing #11 will get you reception, and so on. I would like to build a switchboard to do exactly that or close to it. I am having trouble getting any further ideas, but i thought that maybe it could be a computer with multiple modems, and a program could control input and output of the modems, just like a network switch would. I am going to make some diagrams and i will post them later. ANY IDEAS? http://www.saide.org.za/technology/switchboard.htm http://www.epanorama.net/documents/telecom/telephone_intercom.html http://www.howstuffworks.com/telephone1.htm

-- Joel (crunch_103@hotmail.com), December 28, 2001.

Can we get a spell check on here? That last message is painful to read.

-- ... (oh@geez.com), December 21, 2001.

REF;Kinetics By the way. The model I was telling you guys about, works. Well sort of, it walks on slight inclines with soft surfaces. I did make a mistake in it's construction but I've figured it out. It should be able to walk across something smooth and flat. The thing is that if it was inside a vacumm, on an infinate flat plane, effected by gravity, it would have to walk forever, but thats part of why purpetual motion doesn't work. My interest in kenetic energy is purely artistic. I'll be building a better model eventually, as a sound machine if nothing else the sound really is tranquil and soothing. Also please note the is nothing all that incredible about this thing, it's a toy, a project for the mind. A controlled cyclic fall as you might well imagine is what is reffered to as "rolling", it just looks a bit like walking the way I did it.

I'm going to be very tied up for a while with my big project and will be away from a system for the holidays. May get a chance to read e-mail but I think thats the only kind of access they have (internet appliance, e-mail reader).

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday, and may there be piece and justice in store for us this new year.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 20, 2001.

No, it's not purpetual motion and I'm not sure I can even beleive perpetual motion can exist. However I do beleive I have found an exception to one of newtons principle laws of motion, or I should say a very particular set of sort of exceptions that allows me to take advantage of the rule. Also this has nothing whatsoever to do with kinetic energy. But if I'm right it could be as important as perpetual motions potential. I'm 98% sure it works because it all charts out and I'll know for sure soon. My main concern is that corporate interests will squash it (or may have already done so to someone else).


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 20, 2001.

Yes Mike you will certainly make history if you have discovered the secret to perpetual motion.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), December 19, 2001.

Hello all, I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I'm getting ready to apply for my first patent. All I can say for now is that I have made an earth shattering discovery. This Will Make History!


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 18, 2001.

Hey Richard, Thanks for pointing that out, your right. The unit would require a magnetic insulator, I did say that the stage should be non-ferrous but that might not sheild it enough. With some investigation, I beleive it would be pretty easy to figure out what material is used for anti-magnetic sheilding. I know it is possable to do, because most of the electronics you mentioned as being "affected by" magnets also contain magnets of one type or another. A CRT uses electro-magnetism to guide the electron ray, anything with an electric motor or transformer or generator contains magnets. Your CD player has a magnetic moter in it, so does your hard drive, and your TV, and Your microwave oven, printing calculators etc.... Also the interference would be caused by the interaction of the CD players moter and a magnetic feild, not by the CD being near the magnet (CDs are read by laser, therefore as far as I know, they are an optical recording media rather than a magnetic recording media, like VHS tapes, audio tapes, floppy disks, etc...)

Good catch richard if anybody is interested I am investigating anti-magnetic sheilding for a different project and I'll let you know what I come up with.

I am going to be away for a short time with no access to the computor, I'd really hate to loose track of this board if it moves, could someone pleas e-mail any info concerning new locations or termination of BBS. I'll be able to check e-mail ocasionally with a text reader.

Thanks Everybody, It has been very inelectually stimulating.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 18, 2001.

In response to that levitating cd holder thing Mike was talking about, wouldn't the magnets screw up your cd player? Magnets mess up computers, vcrs, tvs, etc. Just trying to warn people because I don't want anyone to screw up their cd players. Peace out

-- Richard (ruthfmly@yahoo.com), December 17, 2001.

Hello all; RE; "Electrostatics" RE; "Kinetics"

Well I have all the materials and a plan for construction of my modified disk style Vandegraph generator. But, after having spoken to a good freind who is an electrition, I have decided to hold off just a bit. He convinced me that although I understand alot of the theory behind it and my design should work, I need to learn a bit more about electrical safety before proceeding as the generator put out thousands of Volts, the properties of materials are different to it than with average electrical. So I'm studying electrostatic safety, and the triboelectric series of materials.

I still needed a low-cost project for this weekend, so I decided to pursue an idea I have had rattling around my brain for a while. I interested in kenetics and kenetic sculpture and put my brain to task at trying to create an object that would amplify its own momentum. What I have come up with, and began to build a working model of, is an An out of phase, 3 stage, semi-asymetrical, asincronuos helix that is capable w/ the assistance of the slightest incline of "walking" forward by kinetic means alone.

I can't think of any purpose for it yet, other than being a creativity stimulating toy.

It's really quite strange looking, (I have only completed the first two stages, thus far) I took regular plastic drinking straws and cut them into peices, filled each one half way with Lead Shot, plugged the ends and dipped into rubber dip (this formed a foot and helped stop my plugs from popping out) then each of thes was assembled around a hub in my pattern (made pattern on computor).

It has 7 legs in each stage, and each stage is out of phase with the last. So I have a 21 legged "thinga-mabob" that uses 3 legs at a time and should "walk forward" w/ the slightest incline (a good wind or maybe a little shove might make her walk on a level suface).

With the 1st two stages complete and together I have been spinning it and it displays every quality I predicted thus far. It sounds like rain on a tin roof when it spins. There are rythims in the sound but it is asymetrically based and out of Phase, so one heres about 12 different rithyms all which repeat through each other at different intervals with two distinct "clacks". Really a cool sound, I might have to add this thing to my "Box of Rain". If you put it on a quiet motor it would be very relaxing to listen to I woud use it with my "electronic wind chimes". Funny thing is it's a "kinetic slow walker" but if it gets up speed it acts like a cylindrical fly wheel, sort of, the thing is it pulses the spinning energy back thruogh the "spoke array".

Well sometimes you just gotta play. This thing really is a creative inspiration machine. I have come up with rough sketches for a prop based on this, I think you'd get more push for the buck on a boat motor. Because it is both asyncronous and out of phase, no prop pass directly over another. So you could Make the blades one third the size of a regular blade and it would acheive "pulses" of thrust.

It looks like Davincis sketches of the heliocopter, when you spin it real fast. Might be interesting to try an air prop.

I have come up with all kinds of variations on the theme. And it is teaching me a lot about physics and connetics. I may have also come up with a design for a motor that runns on permanent magnets alone!

There's never a good excuse for being bored.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 17, 2001.

Hey Everybody,

Looks as though they may start charging for BBS acording to Chance.

Looks like theres only 3 or four of us here but this board could really go places.

Don't want to loose this board, Lets evrybody make suggestions on where to move to, and on wednesday, we can start a vote , then migrate.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 17, 2001.

Well, that was kind of a cornball post, but you get what I mean.

REF;"A GOOFY IDEA" that might not be so goofy after all.

OK, think back to elementary science class again. Remember in the unit on magnetism, when your teacher put ring magnets on post with there poles opposing one another. Remember how if you pushed hard the magnets would come closer together and as soon as you removed the pressure they would "levitate back up to the extent of there feilds.

Well, this seems to me to be very much like a spring, in fact it arguably could be considered another "simple machine" (like a lever, pully, gear etc...). So if we took some powerful ring magnets and stacked them around a non-ferrous post with a rubber foot on it and then secured a platform to the top magnet, Ta Da, the "Magneto Pogo Stick"

HEREs the not so goofy application; take the same concept, miniaturise it and make 4. Now put a square non-ferrous platform on top of the top four magnets of the four posts. What is it?------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- A "levitation platform" for your CD player in your car. No Bounce, No Skip.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 14, 2001.

Thanks, John I just realised I'd also need a video card & monitor for the portable system and an interface for my DVD player to the base unit. Well theres another one that will probbably get put on the back shelf. And on that subject, the way I look at this board is kind of as a place to get down ideas and share them at once. I may never get rich and famous for any of my ideas or inventions, but if I can influence someone elses concepts or inspire someone to pursue some of them. Then in some small, tiny way I have left my mark on the world.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 14, 2001.

Hi Mike.

I don't use the PC in the car for anything other than playing the music. I actually have two HDDs in it, a small one one has the Windows operating system while the second (which is the removable one) has just the music files and the player EXE. When I need to do anything with the system I just pull the cartridge and put it in my desktop.

You only need an early Pentium (mine is Pentium 75 (I think) overclocked to 120) or a 486/100. Old mother boards have less onerous power requirements and I have heard that the moter board does not in fact need the -5V or -12V so that leaves only +12 and +5 volts.

I think you need, motherboard, sound card, HDD in a removable mounting, suitable power supply, old keyboard to make the keypad, numeric keypad from a phone system. Something to handle the audio, which in my case is the car stereo through the AUX input.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), December 13, 2001.

Hey John, Glad you could join us. I'm interested in what you have said about your system running just motherboard and hard drive. I would like to make myself a "DVD" juke box, where I could just load the DVD hit record and make playable disk images to be replayed from the HDD. I say disk images here because I've always thought that was a way to copy around protection, but I may be wrong here. I may need to add a macrovision removing circuit to the config. I am not ready to begin this anytime soon, but would apreciate any thoughts you might have on required hardware, and how to interface mother board to HDD so it will work without alot of other crap.

I was just wondering, if you have reduced to a numeric keypad, do you keep a regular one availabe for accessing the system when you go to load or edit etc... How in the world would you hook up to a monitor inside the house, w/ no video card on board? Have you got a way of interfacing with the system to organise, defrag, edit, copy, download etc...


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 13, 2001.

I bought a new car 3 years ago and the first thing I did was install MP3.

There is plenty of room in my vehicle so I just put a PC box under the seat and an mains inverter to run it, the audio from the sound card goes to the car's stereo system. This is the easy way.

I don't have keyboard, mouse or display. I have taken the ashtray out of the car (all smokers in our family have died already) and replaced it with a simple panel incorporating a two line LCD.

The MP3 player software is in the Windows startup directory and runs when I turn the ignition on.

I ratted an old keyboard saving only the very small PCB and connector cable. I wired this up to a 16 key numeric keypad from a telephone. This is installed in the arm rest.

My software plays random tracks or tracks selected by keying in a number.

I have a removable HDD (40Gb) that is less than half full and has about 5,200 tracks on it. When I add more tracks I just take the HDD cartridge into the house and load them in from my desktop.

It should be easy to install just a motherboard and HDD, especially if you can find a motherboard with embedded sound card. The power supply can be a challenge if you are not used to that sort of thing or just use an inverter like I did.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), December 13, 2001.

Descarte walks into a bar, he asks the bar maid for a beer. The bar maid says "would you like a shot with that". Descarte replies "I think not" and promptly disappears.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 13, 2001.

REF;"Interactive Laser Light Show"

I've got one of these "laser ligt shows at home" it can react to music and create simetrical patterns etc... It's gotten somewhat boring and less than spectacular, so I want to make it more interesting. The unit works through the manipulation of 2 mirrors with a stationary laser.

So heres the idea; I remove the thing from it's casing (this may not even be nessessary. I remove evrything that can be removed [IF YOU"D LIKE TO DO THIS PROJECT IT WOULD BE CHEAPER TO USE A LASER POINTER HERE]. Then I plan to convert my WAO G robot (you could use a remote control car or a home built RC system or a child toy for instance) to manipulate the mirrors. The Bot uses 2 motors, a sensor, and has fuzzy logic programming for like 48 steps and loops (an RC car would have similar conections and such, The bot is really just an RC car that remmembers instructions instead of taking them through RC). I want to use the Brain & possably the motors (may have to replace motors with servos) So with some practice and after setting some limiting parameters of the mirrors (now mounted on motors) I should be able to program some very inticate patterns and possably find a way to use the bots sensors to trigger certain patterns in a program based on input (input could be that pattern toggles when touched or music modulation or even a voice command module, huh the worlds first electron bot.) If you used an RC car you now have an RC laser. Could be fun to get a laser tag set up and use your RC laser to fire at a freinds RC plane (which would be rigged with the laser target and react some how).


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 13, 2001.

REF:"Holographic Projector"

Ok here is a post I put up a while back on the 100"TV board; (edited for your consumption)

The projector that projects same size in thin air is not a hoax, It does not use lenses. It uses a parabolic mirror, similar to floating pig/coin trick you've seen, it looks like the object floats in thin air. Well the set up is actually quite different from the comercially popular trick, and you must start with an extremely small monitor for economic reasons a 5" monitor will require about a 12" concave paraobolic mirror probably very expensive. I plan to build mine using Black and White CRT based viewfinder from old video camera, that I've rigged to accept a composite video signal. My monitor is round 1" and my mirror is salvaged from an overhead projector, it's about 2 1/2" across. I have tested it with a light bulb rather than video signal, and I expect my image will float about 5" out in front of mirror. This obviously has to be viewed just right, but its a neat effect and a fun project. I can't take credit for this thing though, the tricks been around for years and I read about a company having done this and began to investigate how. I'll try to locate the URL for the museum sight I found that shows diagrams and instructions we are simply substituting TV for Light bulb in trick. I'll try to get that URL to you guys, I won't be ready to beta test for a while.

I'll find the URL soon. The diagrams and how to figure focal points and everything is there we'll just be substituting a CRT for the light bulb.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 13, 2001.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN....WOW!!!!!I thought I was the only one out there daydreaming about projects like that. Now you've got me really excited, Mike. If we get more minds like yours on this new board it will meet and exceed all my wildest expectations. I think this message board will be a sort of genesis for new ideas. As the ideas get positive responses I may branch them out to their own new board. If all works well this message board will be like Adam (the first)and it will remain the father of all the seeds it brings forth. It will be the foundation for all the goodness that may come from it. I think your ideas are nothing less that spectacular. In fact I wish I had thought of them ha ha. That is what I mean by taking one idea and mixing it with another to form a new idea. Mixing the three channel color organ with the science project you were fascinated with in school brought forth a grand idea. I am only hopeful that we get others excited about this new message board so we can watch it expand to greatness. Thank you for your support

-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), December 13, 2001.

REF;"Box of Rain"

Hey all have some time on my hands so I thought I'd run another one by you. Ever seen an "infinity light", you know one of those light mirror thingies where the lights appear to form a tunnel into the distance?

Well the way this works is simple it is a sandwich of one one-way and one two-way mirror face to face with the one-way being the back. When illuminated we look thru the two-way mirror at the image of a ring of lights on the one-way mirror whos reflection is repeated into infinity due to this "optical loop".

OK here's the Idea; build one of these infinity boxes but mask the light ring with defuser so that dim solid light continues into infinity. Put a dripping fountain in (10-15 drops at a time should be enough) Now the water droplets are also repeated into infinity, losing a little light with each reflection). This should give the effect of depth and a full rain storm. Remember the pool at the bottom is repeating too, so now we have the image of a lighted tunnel with a streight river running up the center bottom and a complete rain storm. Add a xenon stobe, maybe some sound effects, even a fog machine. We will probably have to either install a windsheil wiper inside the unit or find uot the recipe for that chemical they put on mirror to make them anti-fog.

Sounds like another good one to me, any comments would be appreciated.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 12, 2001.

REF;"EMF Dancer 1.1";

Hey all, Here is another twist on the idea, it also said in the "veiwer bottle article" that if you replaced the iron filing with tiny peices of black human hair, it could be used to read the electro part of the feild. I also read recently about electrostatic speakers this means it is possable to modulate a HV high frequency electrostatic feild to music, what if you took the plans for an electrostatic speaker and modified them as to remove the diaphram (or what ever makes the noise) and maybe change the electrostatic out-put to a pointed contact (allowing controled escape of electrons in that direction and then let these "beams" play on the bottle if the bottle were a vacumm sandwich one could have modulated plasma efects in the outer sleeve while the "EMF Dancer 1.1" dances internally.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 12, 2001.

HEY CHANCE, I think your gonna be so interested in this idea, we'll probably have another board going in no time. It's a personal project that you have inspired me to share here. It is as far as I know an enirely new display concept and as such I must say I am interested in selling it later, but not here of course.

Let me have your imagination for a moment, think back to high school or maybe even elementary school science, remember the units on magnetism. Remember your teacher sprinkling Iron filings on a sheet of paper so you could "see the magnetic feilds". Well I was surfin around and came across the idea that you could suspend the filings in baby oil in a jar and get a 3D image of the magnetic feild, pretty cool all by itself huh.

OK here's the idea; We make one of these "3D viewer bottles" and place it on a project case stand. We then make one of your "Light Organs" as a modulator. We make 6 identical electro magnets. Mount the electromags in such a way as to have revearse polarity pairs opposed to one another across the bottle on x,y,&z planes. Now modulate one pair or axis plane per light on your light organ (High, Medium, & Low Tones). This should create constantly changing, symetrical 3D images that "dance" to the music. We use opto couplers and relays as the interface with the light organ and maybe have the lights play on the bottle as well (not sure if the magnets should modulate on/off or actualy revearse polarity). I have already built a bottle with a light box hidden under it for this purpose.

Another alternative is to skip the light organ and modulate each of the six magnets w/ one speaker channel run through a pre-amp for each of the Dolby 5.1 speakers in a surround system. I think both ways are worth trying, but this way would provide both symetrical and asymetrical patterns, kinda like nature. If we do it right from the beginning, we could even have a "mode selection".

My "bottle" is a glass sphere that I will be siliconing upside down to the top of an old thick glass bottle (it sits there now but not sealed)the bottle sits on a dark blue translucent plate and is filled half way with blue marbles, at the top of the bottle inside the sphere is a convex lens. With the light box underneath it the play of light is subtle and quite beutiful.

Imagine using all bright blue leds instead of multi color, and have them modulate at the base, playing on and through the sphere.

Tell me if this is not original or if you think maybe I've lost my marbles (no pun intended, all 27 are on the bottle).

I really hope you'll run with me on this, Chance, and Graham and anyone else who'd like to finish a project w/ an absolute one-of-a-kind result. I think this has got great potential.

Just a thought, but isn't an electron gun in a cathode ray tube modulated by magnetic feilds. If so what do you supose we could get by modulating the 3 planes to a split video signal (RGB), no I don't expect to get "video images" but the complexitys of the signal might lend themselves well to the project.

I shall refer in future to this project as the "EMF Dancer 1.1", how about a miniature unit, set up to project the filing dance image thru, and run MP3s.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 12, 2001.

I'm really getting interested in HV (High Voltage, Static Electricity) I have built a couple of leyden jars and an electrostatic motor out of some wire tinfoil and film cannisters and it really works. The motor is not persay good for anything but demo of HV, but I imagine all sorts of artistic creation. The Idea that it may be difficult for a hobbiest to get to an invention or discovery before the pros do can be discourageing, so I'm thinking if you can't start even take the same route and get there before th pros, how a bout going back and taking a differnt branch of the road.

I have planned and collected materials for a miniature modified Disk style Vandegraph Generator and as the cost is minimal will probably begin construction right away. Want to experiment with HV motors, Tesla coils, and Ionic Wind. Fascinating stuff.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 12, 2001.

Hey Chance I like the name of the new board "What were you thinking?" how about "Dexters Labratory" as a sub title (Hilarious Cartoon about whacky scientist kid, my kids watch it, yah, yah, thats the ticket.

Well it's going to be difficult to avoid rambling on, on this board. May I suggest that, we all keep each post to one or two ideas, and simply post as much as necessary. In this way things will be more organised, I mean I don't care how much individuals post, but this would make scanning through ideas easier.


-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 12, 2001.

"IT", "Ginger", or "Seguay" as it is now called is pretty darn cool, it's about $3,000 now, but I expect if it catches on it'll be down to $1,500 w/in 2 years. I also expect that this is just an introduction as the name implies, and the other functions I mentioned, (3 wheels on each side climing stairs, and hydrogen engine) will be coming, Dean Kamen already has put out these technologies in other products. The Gyroscopic control is whats really impressive and I think this will give the whole transportation industry cause to re-evaluate all previous design.

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 11, 2001.

I'm excited about a new invention and I just gotta tell somebody intelegent about it. "IT" was to be unveiled a few Mondays ago according to an e-mail I receved. For those of you in the Know I'm sure no further explaination is needed. For others "IT" or "Ginger" is a new invention by Dean Kamen that is touted by Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) as "Bigger than the Internet". Nobody knows what it is, but it's been the biggest buzz goin on the web for a while now.

My bet, it's a 6 wheeled (3 on each side), gyroscopically balanced, hydrogen powered "scooter" type vehicle capable of climbing stairs among other things.

-- Mike Langway (m_langway@bigfoot.com), December 11, 2001.

I built what is called a color organ in high school 15 years ago. It is a project that utilises sound from a stereo and makes lights blink to the beat of the sound. I recently found the schematic online and plan to build another one. I had so much fun building it and using the finished project. It has three seperate channels to seperate the bass treble and mid range. It is great for parties. The address for this project is........http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/organ.htm.....Try it out.

-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), December 11, 2001.

Hey all, I would love to play MP3'S in my car so I started daydreaming the other day about putting my computer in my car. I had to laugh at myself, when I thought about having that big bulky thing sitting behind my front seat. I got online to see if anyone else had thought of the idea. I found alot of different sights where people did it. Some guys built some small compact systems equiped with lcd monitors, remote controls, dvd players, gps systems and etc. Some of them are pretty cool. But I still had to laugh at the thought. I did a little more searching and came up with this web sight.........http://www.carplayer.com/ssi/cpm25/hddunit.shtml....This thing looks awesome. It is a removeable hard drive and car docking bay that allows you to remove an included hard drive, take it into your house, and put it into an included PC docking bay. INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Remote LCD with metal case on a wire - Remote Control for use with the Car Rack MP3 and Remote LCD WHAT’S ELSE IS INCLUDED? MP3 Head Unit, PC Dock, Car Bay, Extra Bright Wired Remote LCD (with ON/OFF), Instructions, MusicMatch Plus, and Cables. Check this thing out, it sounds awesome. Let me know what you think. If you have ideas on how I can make my own for the cost of parts only, let me know.

-- CHANCE (LETSNECK@YAHOO.COM), December 11, 2001.

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