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The Party Party is looking for a slogan for the night. It needs to be short and one that will remain in the years to come.

-- Darren LaRusso (, December 11, 2001


In Ladi, Ladi we's likes to Party, Party.

Here is where the Party Party stands on some of our countries major issues: Education: to party or not to party....PARTY PARTY

Interest rates: how low can you go, that is the PARTY PARTY tempo

The Budget: Yo's yous betta Budget cause we's PARTY PARTYING all night.

Welfare: PARTY PARTY is more than fare on everybody being well

Over Population: Mo Betta Mo Betta says says the PARTY PARTY

Take Note and Vote PARTY PARTY. that's cause down in Ladi, Ladi we's likes to Party, Party.

-- Mikey (, December 11, 2001.

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