We are at a very low point in here.

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Somebody tell me when it gets better.

-- J. Socks-Barbarian (redpirate@apples.com), December 11, 2001


in the....? abusive exploitation of the news, reporting the same damn thing every day, instigating the American people to support war on other countries? ... The corniness of the T.V. icons, and politicians who never gave a shit about anyone, exploiting the people’s families who got killed in the terrorist act, acting like they care, and the noticeable look of greed twinkling in there eye, with the phony look of concern as they do so? ...Or is it just me? =)

-- Bob Knob (Bob@Knob.com), December 11, 2001.

Hey, it's J. Barbarian Sock Pirate!!!!!

-- Okie Dan (okiedan@oklahoma.net), December 11, 2001.

'tis the season to be greedy, fa-la-la-la-la, la la la la....

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 11, 2001.

A low point? In what way?

Please eludcidate your musings on this matter.

Then again, it HAS been awfully quiet lately.

-- Nexar (Icant@tellyou.com), December 11, 2001.

It IS very quiet here...almost....TOO quiet.....

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 11, 2001.

Rita? Europe isnt so backwards they dont have the internet. I know you can post from there.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), December 13, 2001.

Nexar I like to read you. and you others. I don't like most of postings lately though. Teenagers who will always be failures and who are expressing that around here.

-- (snowpirate@here.com), December 13, 2001.

I suspect they are just fantacizing, and masurbating like mad. I can't for the life of me imagine how they'd get off on fantacizing about defecating into anyone's vagina.

Perhaps they'll take my advice and seek psychiatric help, or at least talk to their dads.

-- joj (jump@off.c), December 13, 2001.

definately a misuse of testostorine. or a sad use. I think it is evident that no one would find them attractive in any sense. poor slobs.

-- (applepirate@amtrak.com), December 13, 2001.

The problem is that LUSENET is very troll prone without constant moderator attention. Besides, the very term "anarchy" seems to naturally attract the "do what thou wilt and screw everyone else" crowd. "Social Libertarianism" as a name for this forum would probably make it much less attractive to those types.

-- Nexar (Icant@tellyou.com), December 13, 2001.

You are all going to get the Dong Treatment. That's right, it means being penetrated by my throbbing, erect dong.

-- asshole widener (dfegr888@yahoo.com), December 14, 2001.

You already posted that.....

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 14, 2001.

You dipshit; if you want your pencil dick to THROB, stick it into a light socket.

-- joj (jump@off.c), December 14, 2001.

The problem might be that he stuck it in a light socket too many times

-- Okie Dan (okiedan@oklahoma.net), December 17, 2001.

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