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Look at this. from Dec 10th Nealz Nuze


Have you seen that video of the two CIA agents trying to interrogate John “Taliban” Walker in that Afghan fortress? One of those agents was Johhny “Mike”Spann. Walker wasn’t talking. He said nothing. Hours later Mike Spann was dead … attacked and killed by Walker’s Taliban pals.

Now we learn that The Mullah of Marin is going to be turned over to US civilian authorities “as soon as possible.” It can’t be too soon for the Marines who are guarding his miserable life at Camp Rhino. I suspect they would just as soon shoot the bastard as protect his life. It’s probably a safe guess that Walker knew of the planned Taliban prison uprising. He knew they had smuggled weapons into the fortress. He could have saved Spann’s life by talking. He remained silent.

So … it looks like we’re going to have our show trial in the US. Mullah Walker charged with treason, murder, conspiracy --- or one of several other charges. So, who do you think his pandering parents will hire? Dershowitz? Cochran? Let’s see, what will Cochran’s punch-line be this time? “If the beard doesn’t grow you must let him go!”

Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid is a lawyer. Did you hear him with Brit Hume this weekend? Of Johnny Taliban Reid said “Looks like a poor, pathetic soul to me.”

“Poor, pathetic soul.” He’s a damned traitor. He took up arms against U.S. Marines. He participated in an enemy uprising that took an American life … and he’s a “poor, pathetic soul”?

This is just the beginning. Wait until Perky Katie and Dashing Diane get their emotional hooks into the TV audiences, with poor, pathetic John Taliban sitting there.

I like what Georgia Democrat Zell Miller has to say on this one. Strip the twerp of his American citizenship and have him tried by young Marines --- the same ones he was fighting against.

There is word that Walker is now cooperating with American operatives. If his cooperation turns out to be valuable then let him serve live instead of hanging him.

Copywrite 2001 Neal Boortz

-- Okie Dan (, December 10, 2001


I don't know. Sounds like this guy should be tried for murder, but TREASON? Mmmm, I don't know. I don't consider opposing the marines to be that big of a deal.

-- Tamara (, December 10, 2001.

Hi Okie,

Walker was captured in Kabul by anti-Taliban Afghan forces. Name the U.S. Marine unit he was engaged against. (Hint: NONE)

Prove that the uprising in the prison compound was anything other than opportunistic as opposed pre-planned and that Walker had advanced knowledge.

Again, name the U.S. Marine unit that Walker faced in the prison uprising. (same hint: NONE)

Give one reason why Walker is anything other than a complete fool. Remember. If you try him for treason you elevate him to the same status as Benedict Arnold. And Benedict Arnold, prior to his treasonable activity, was a brilliant and fearless general in the Continental Army. Walker on the other hand, started as a humble fool, rose to the level of an idiot and finally distinguished himself as a complete asshole. Don't defame Benedict Arnold by putting Walker in the same catagory!

You know how the Taliban treated women. If you want real justice, put Walker on Oprah and let the women of the U.S. tear him a new asshole.


-- Craig Miller (, December 11, 2001.

Wow, Craig, I think you hit it right on the head. Oprah? Hell, put the little shit on Jerry Springer, with his parents and all the rest. "next on Jerry, Taliban Trailer Trash"

This whole little "breaking story" is very fabricated sounding I know. I haven't heard anyone call Walker another McVeigh yet, but there is no need to. No similarity. But as this developes, you know some dumb schmutz media hound is.

Hey he wants to be a Taliban fighter, I say lets release him back amongst his own kind and let him get killed with the rest of them Let's not make a welfare case out of this. No more bleeding heart stories with the "compassionete parents" who still "forgive" their son, because he's really a middle-class gen-X-er (a term which I detest) straight-A student yada yada yada BULLCRAP. He screwed up. Its his decision. He's old enough to make desicions. No one forced him to join them against us. Let's just treat him like a Taliban soldier


The TV rating for this war have gone down, so this was introduced for some sensationalizim.

-- Okie Dan (, December 11, 2001.

Give him a military firing squad. Three men. Two bullets.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), December 11, 2001.

Since we haven't actually declared an 'official' war against Afghanistan, and since this dipshit wasn't selling state secrets to another country, charging him with treason seems to be a stretch, at least legally. If you enjoyed the joke that was the OJ trial, this one should be just as fun.

-- Uncle Deedah (, December 13, 2001.

My impression of Walker was that he never claimed to be on the side of the Americans. Treason implies betrayal from within. This guy, on the other hand, seemed openly hostile from the get go.

IMHO, he should be considered a Prisoner of War and treated as such.

-- Nexar (, December 14, 2001.

No! POWs get a military tribunal. As an American he deserves an American Trial. Find him guilty by a jury of his peers and then shoot him!

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), December 14, 2001.

this walker guy sure has made an interesting entrance into his adulthood. he was just out trying to find himself. he needs to cut his hair. the laws and definitions are archaic for his identification. treason? I would hope that would require concious decision to do so. I don't think this guy rises to the level of that. murderer? I don't think so, not in a war. volunteer mercenary is maybe what he is in my brain. what do we do now a days with mercenaries? this must have come up before, somewhere. clean up, aisle B.

-- (, December 17, 2001.

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