Ferracci bar risers.Any for sale?

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Does anyone have a set of Ferracci bar risers for sale...yes I know I can get them from the man himself but the freight and t/f charges alone are $US 80.00. Plus the risers! Previous injuries are prompting me to contemplate such add-ons. Also is there any experience out there with opening up the stock mufflers and removing some of the material which restricts that beautiful sound. I know about Casoli,however being in New Zealand makes that a bit inconvenient. Thanks

John Samson

-- JohnSamson (jonsam@ihug.co.nz), December 09, 2001


I have a set and they are great, but they only are a benifit when turning your bike out of gargae and parked, you do get a little on riding, but there are pin holes on the clamps, just like the stock ones. So the degree of bar only changes from 8 to 2 which is enogh, but if you are having trouble riding at speeds I sugest two things, change your riding a bit, or before buying the risers I would go the QB carbon tubes that have dimples, or impressions in them. If you have larger hands you will get more space this way. I will be ording a set shortly, I only know of this source. I like their carbon and will be ordering a few pieces unless anyone knows better weaves, etc

ps I paid 110.00 us for my risers and I live in the states, I may have a cnc friend copy them, or I can get a set here for you and send out, but it will still be 110.00us. david

hope this helps

-- d chicatelli (nebbi@msn.com), December 30, 2001.

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