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Are there any ACL/SAL train layouts at the Florida State Fair in Tampa or the Strawbeery Festival in Plant City or the Citrus Festival in Winter Haven?

-- Richard H Kearns (, December 09, 2001


Joe got close on the Ridge layout. Many years ago there was an outstanding layout based on ACL and SAL at the Orange Dome in Winter Haven. Working draglines, fruit packing houses, etc., This has been gone for >20 years.

The Ridge club (Winter Haven) is running their modules at Mistletoe MArketplace in Eagle Lake (not Eloise) through tomorrow night. The modules aren't really site-specific, though we do run ACL, SAL, and CSX trains. Some members of the club also maintain the layout at Cypress Gardens. It does run on a routine basis - if it was static, there probably was a major mechanical malfunction. That layout is also not railroad specific.


-- Paul Bizier (, December 14, 2001.

Just an idea. Why doesn't the society build an HO layout similar to one that was at the State Fair in the 50's and 60's. It was a very simple layout with two loops, one ACL and one SAL running through Florida scenery. You could setup a table with the hopes of drawing new members.

-- Carey Stevens (, December 13, 2001.

Cypress Gardens near Winter Haven has a nice HO scale layout in a building in the park. During our visit in June 2000 this was static (no moving trains) but lots to look at and admire. There is an operating garden railway there. The trains travel through a garden area with multiple bridges.

-- David Godwin (, December 12, 2001.

The only thing I know about.In "Cracker Country" at the state fair there is a Lionel layout.Not sure if they model either railroad (I doubt it)It is not my cup of tea.Years ago,the state fair had exibits of both ACL and SAL trains in "O" gauge.Bill Lenior built bought sets as far as I know.Of course,the SAL was the prettier one. The trains made a large loop,passing orange groves and a beach scene with "rollng" waves. At one time there was some kind of HO layout at Winter Haven.Haven't been there in years,so don't know about now. Do know that the Ridge Model Club has many modules,they set up in various places.As I type, it is set up in Eloise for Christmas. There is nothing at Plant City,nor do I recall one at any time. What you are talking about,in the old days railroads advertised in many ways.Model trains was one way.Most of the expense was paid by them.Railroads don't advertise any more.When was the last ad you saw? Some of them don't print calendars either.(not calling names)

-- J.Oates (, December 10, 2001.

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