A little help for the men ; )

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The Hormone Hostage knows that there are days in the month when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his own hands!

This is a handy guide that should be as common as a driver's license in the wallet of every husband, boyfriend, or significant other!

DANGEROUS: What's for dinner?
SAFER: Can I help you with dinner?
SAFEST: Where would you like to go for dinner?

DANGEROUS: Are you wearing that?
SAFER: Gee, you look good in brown.
SAFEST: WOW! Look at you!

DANGEROUS: What are you so worked up about?
SAFER: Could we be overreacting?
SAFEST: Here's fifty dollars.

DANGEROUS: Should you be eating that?
SAFER: You know, there are a lot of apples left.
SAFEST: Can I get you a glass of wine with that?

DANGEROUS: What did you do all day?
SAFER: I hope you didn't overdo it today.
SAFEST: I've always loved you in that robe!

-- Pammy (pamela_sue57@hotmail.com), December 09, 2001


PS- chocolate always works well, too. : )

-- Pammy (pamela_sue57@hotmail.com), December 09, 2001.

I just printed that out and put in on my new computer armoire...


snoozin' on my couch...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), December 09, 2001.


-- Oxy (Oxsys@aol.com), December 09, 2001.

Geez, I thought all I had to do was keep my mouth shut and do what I was told. You mean I should have been doing this other stuff too?

It's a wonder we've lasted this long.

-- Jack Booted Thug (governmentconspiracy@NWO.com), December 09, 2001.

How about chocolate flowers...

The candy lady... : )

snoozin' in front of the Xmas tree...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), December 09, 2001.

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