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Well we have a litter of aussie pups ready for the holidays. If you navigate to our web site you can see some pictures of them. Reach us privately if you're interested. o.k.? The URL's are: Singing Falls



-- oxman (, December 09, 2001


Great looking pups! I'm in the market for a black tri male, but I just don't know how I'd ever get out there!. Love those aussies, have two of them myself. And I love the smile, neither of mine do it, but their mother did.

-- melina b. (, December 09, 2001.

The picture of the "charmer" is a male. All of Calebís littermates have been in the Oregon Futurity championships (working trial show with large monetary incentives). His parents are working champions also. Acuva comes from champion lines too. We've raised Aussies for 24 years. Worth their weight in gold on a homestead as far as I'm concerned. Saved me a lot of steps and a lot of running. Caleb even rescued my wife once. :-)

-- oxman (, December 09, 2001.

Oxman, they are beautiful. Wish I was closer, I might talk hubby into one. We had three aussie/blue heeler crosses as I was growing up, at different times, all from the same line. Smartest dogs we ever owned, and very protective and faithful. "My" dog (I picked and named her, so I claimed her) looked almost exactly like your black- and-white parent, only she had black spots on the white side of her face. Thanks for the memories, hopefully in the future I can give my kids some of the same.

-- Christine in OK (, December 10, 2001.

Yes, I must agree they are the smartest dogs. Caleb has a vocabulary of several dozen words plus he really does well with hand signals and body language. The first aussie we ever had was the beginning of many years of remarks by others, including many veterinarians, that this was the "smartest breed". I would add, smart and faithful. Their intelligence coupled with the desire to please their masters can't be beat. Of course the first year of their life is pretty wired. They just bounce off the walls, always wanting to work (at least our stock has been that way). But then they mellow out and serve well. Please pray with us that this litter gets good homes O.K.? It's one of our finest.

-- oxman (, December 10, 2001.

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