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From the Washington Post

The administration is thinking of a way to release this to the muslim world to put to rest the argument that Bin Ladin is innocent. Be interesting to see if Al-Jazeera television airs THIS one. :)

After reading Tony Blair's comments back in September, in which he indicated that there was "clear evidence" that Bin Ladin's organization was behind the attacks, I was basically satisfied. There was enough evidence released at that time to satisfy me (and a lot of other people). But of course, the doubters remained ...

I wonder how much more evidence will be required for some folks. I predict that some people will *never* believe that Bin Ladin was guilty. We can almost rank these people with those who say we never went to the moon and that the Holocaust never happened.

People believe what they want to.

-- Stephen M. Poole (, December 09, 2001


Does anybody remember looking up at the moon with absolute wonder knowing that at that very moment there were men walking about up there?

-- (, December 09, 2001.

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