Gods and Monsters

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Today I bought a new couch. A large semicircular cushiony stylish thing, and we moved the entire living room around. I have a lot of beautiful pieces, (and no food in the fridge) and the room had a 'Mullholland' feel to it. Stylish. I lay on the couch and watched the movie, and the stylishness somehow made me feel safe I suppose, and lent to my ability to really get into this movie. That and the fact that it is great. It's about the man who directed Frankenstein, and Bride of. Evidently the monster and the director had a lot in common, two lost souls in life. In the movie James Whale, (the director of Frankenstein) had many flashbacks to the making of his movies, and his life before making them that revealed the reasons behind the monster's and his own tortured soul. When the monster said "I love dead. I hate life" the movie didn't even have to give you the explaination, you got it alright.

-- Barbara e. (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), December 09, 2001

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