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Fellas, I am modeling a small section of ROW and would like to incorporate a small signal similar to a SAL prototype. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what would be specific for this application? Thank you,

Justin May

-- Justin May (, December 08, 2001


Walt and John, Thank you very much for the information you have given. It is appreciated.

Thank you, Justin May

-- Justin May (, December 15, 2001.


Since you are modeling a small area south of Mulberry, FL, let me try to suggest to you the signals set up in the area.

I assume you have a track diagram of the area, but let me try to visualize the area.

Downtown Mulberry FL is the location of the ex-SAL Valrico-W Lake Wales Main and the ex-ACL Winston-Ft. Meade Main. The ACL line is not signaled except for the diamond: remote controlled interlocking. The signal masts wer equipped with the US&S tri-light signals, very common for interlocking applications. Ths SAL main is signaled between IMC pass (Mulberry sv 841) and Ridgewood (both legs of the wye are signaled). The rest of the main is controlled by dispatcher verbal authority, either DTC or straight track authority.

Hope this helps, you may also note the SAL main is abandoned from the old wye at Bartow to W Lake Wales and the ACL main is abandoned from the wye at Agricola to Ft. Meade.

Almost forgot, the approach signals to both sides of the interlocking were the vertical type with the approach aspect lit. (yellow). you might want to incorporate a semaphore signal on the ACL side as this was common for approach signals before the equipment was upgraded and when moving from non-signaled to signaled territory. WHEW...

-- Walt Rogers (, December 12, 2001.

JR, SAL used several standard signal types, either mounted on masts or "ground" signals (often called "dwarf" signals). SAL used US&S mast lights in two configurations: vertical and round, although vertical was much more common. The number and color of lights was customized to each particular signal depending on it's location on the ROW. You already know this, I'm sure. SAL had a standard configuration for CTC / Signalled sidings north of Jacksonville which I can tell you about off-line. I've built lots of different variations using parts from Integrated Signal Systems parts (you can find them advertised in MR...just ask for Walt). I'll try and scan some of my signals and put them up on my PhotoPoint site for you too. -John

-- John Golden (, December 10, 2001.

Gary, I will be modeling this small diaroma in HO scale, using the area south of Mulberry, FL as the basis for the scene. Thank you in advance,

Justin May

-- Justin May (, December 08, 2001.

Justin you need to tell us in what scale you are modeling in.

-- Gary Riccio (, December 08, 2001.

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