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Now I have aquired a 12' x 20' space for a home layout (just right for myself) I am thinking of doing a doubble deck shelf type layout. The bottom level will be able to run a contiuas loop but I just want to have the second layer to just be poin to point. I will a have about a 2 1/2 x 20' place to put a have way place to put a yard with a 16" turntable & a 16-17 stall roundhouse. With a 3 track for a passerger/ freight track. I with be single track with sidings. I am still tring to get some more ideas. What I might do is some run night will be just steam nighrs 1940's with 4-8-2 2-8-2 2-8-0. I also like lost of industrial swithching. I have a nice space that I am going to just have a coal mine brach . I am eather going to put it down in code 70 or 55. I also need to know if code 83 is to heavy for the Souther with is about 135-138 # rail in HO scale.

-- Greg (, December 08, 2001


That's an awful lot to pack into your area, but if you are looking for a prototypical area to model, I would suggest looking at Birmingham, AL. Southern served coal mines close to Birmingham, plus all the steel and other industries would allow for plenty of industrial switching. Steam era Southern used 4-8-2's, 2-8-2's, and 2- 8-0's in the area, as well as 4-6-2's. Southern also had two different yards in the area, both with turntables. I suggest you get a copy of SRHA's Ties for March-April 1993, which had an extensive article on Birmingham, complete with steam era photos, and a diagram of rail lines in Birmingham from the thirties. If you find this area appealing, I'll be glad to answer other questions.

As far as the size rail, code 70 would properly be must accurate for the main, but a progession of code 83 for the main, 70 for sidings and heavy duty yard tracks, and code 55 for the spurs and lesser yard tracks, would probably look pretty convincing.

-- Jack Wyatt (, December 08, 2001.

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