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My husband has just recieved a letter from Reed Smith Warner Cranston about a shortfall of 8,213.00. They have attached a statement of means which they are asking him to fill in. This includes questions such as payrole number, Bank Account and any Savings account details, including the balances, they have even asked if he owns a car, where it is kept, the make and model and even the registration number. Do we have to fill this in, I would have thought this information to be personal and no-one elses business but my husbands. They have given him seven days to fill this in before taking us to court.

Any help gratefully received.


-- Christine Singleton (, December 08, 2001


No, you are under no legal obligation to fill it in unless directed to do so by a Court. They're after your assets - tell them nothing, decline in writing and ask them to evidence the debt. Follow the advice on this site.

-- Too scared to say (, December 08, 2001.

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