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I posted a SARN to the solicitors and the Building Society adding 10.00 postal orders too. Today I have had the one from the solicitors returned asking me to quote their reference number in order for them to deal with my corrispondence. But I had put their reference number on the letter it seems that they didnt read it !!!!!! On the orgional letter and postal order returned to me they have stamped them both as recieved on the 6th Dec. Do I post back the one that they have returned or do I send a duplicate letter and keep the stamped one for my files?? Is this the normal tatics that they use? I wont let them ruin my weekend...2 letters in 2 days nice eh??

-- (, December 08, 2001


My advice is to just send the letter back recorded with the requested reference number.

Some firms have a habit of losing SARN requests but the Information Commissioners will accept proof of posting sch as a recorded delivery slip that you actually sent it.

I doubt that you will get much information out of the solicitor from your SARN.

Good luck.

-- anon (, December 14, 2001.

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