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Just figured I should point out (as if nobody else would notice beforehand) that someone should tell this guy to do recordings without NVRAM.

-- dissolute city (, December 08, 2001


I am sorry that English can seldom understand.

Since reproduction of replay was completed also in the state where NVRAM of the game of a title is also in the state which is not, replay was photographed in the state where it has not deleted. Is it better to delete this inp file?

-- H-AML@Team2ch (, December 08, 2001.

Yousuruni,nvram wo directory goto kesite simainasai to iukoto desu.
Anata no play ha hokano do-datte iiyouna monodeha naku hijou ni kyoumibukai mono nanode machigainaku mirareru kotowo nozonde irumitaidesu.
nvram file ha itsudemo chanto hatarakutoiu wakedeha naiyounanodene.

-- psv (, December 08, 2001.

I think that other Japanese guy told H-AML what to do about it :)

-- Joe Ledesma (, December 08, 2001.

>>psv I understand. >NVRAM An inp file is deleted and replay is retaken once again. I am sorry.

-- H-AML@Team2ch (, December 08, 2001.

a easy thing to do to make sure most recordings always playback for marp is just delete the entire nvram directory. but you do have to remember to deleted it after unziping new mameZips since installation will recreate the nvram dir.

-- Chad (, December 10, 2001.

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