Having problems with ethernet port on G3 300. Any advice?

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I've been trying to hook a cable modem up to my G3 300's ethernet port. Appletalk won't allow me to switch to ethernet with the modem connected. (It says there is no network connection.) The modem works fine on my G3 Powerbook. My TCP/IP is set to ethernet, "using DHCP server" as it should be. (This works on the Powerbook.) I think my ethernet port is bad. Is there any way to fix it? If I have to install an ethernet card, I'll have to get rid of another card. I have an ATI Rage Orion video card. I'm thinking of tossing that. Withoug it I can still get millions of colors at reasonably high res 1152 x 870 at 75 Hz. I can get higher res at higher speed with the Rage card. If I run without the Rage card will I lose any functionality other than the higher res screen? Is there a way to run two cards from the same slot? I seem to recall such devices back in the Nubus days. (My other two slots are filled with firewire and usb cards. I need both of these.) Hoping to find an easy and efficient solution. Thanks, Paul Stenquist

-- Paul Stenquist (pnstenquist@earthlink.net), December 07, 2001

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