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I just built myself a Wherry to row (and maybe sail) here in NJ. It's wood, lapstrake construction, 16'LOA, 4'Beam, 8'oars, fixed seat. I've got the oars set so that they overlap in the middle when they are held horizontal, but at the top of the stroke they are apart by an inch or two. Is this right or wrong? Also, are any of you folks located around Monmouth County? Maybe I could beg a lesson......Sorry if this has been hashed out already, and thanks in advance.

-- Jason Stumpf (, December 07, 2001


Jason I am located in east windsor nj and I build 20 and 16 foot dorys my 20 footers have a 4 foot beam also I used 8 foot oars for years.and had no problem with the overlap,but last year I cut them down to 7 feet. It is more comfortable and I get more power .I wish I did it years ago .hope we can get together for a row sometime phil

-- phil reinhardt (, December 29, 2001.

phil, thanks for the info. do you figure you're getting more power in your stroke because of higher stroke rate? where is the dividing line between higher leverage and too much loom, or is this another issue that divides all people? also, (off topic here) do you build your dory's for a living, or because you can't help it? i'm a cabinetmaker myself, but i keep thinking that it might be a nice challenge to take an order or three on small craft. wonder if you have any wisdom to share regarding this.

-- Jason Stumpf (, January 02, 2002.

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