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I went to the supermarket today and attemted to withdraw 80. The ATM advised me that it was 'unable to carry out transaction'. I went to the next machine and requested 80 and the transaction went through OK.

When I got the receipt I noticed that the balance was 160 short and concluded that the first machine had taken 80 off the balance without dispensing the cash. Being 2 weeks before Christmas I can ill afford to have this shortfall and would like to know:

1. Where do I go to sort this out? 2. How long can I expect to wait to get my 80 credited back to my account?

Thanks in advance John

-- John Robinson (, December 07, 2001


I fail to understand why you are coming to a Home Repossession website to ask for information on ATM withdrawals when the obvious place to go is your bank!

Go and see your bank immediately. If money has been withdrawn from your account then it will be on their records. If there is a problem with the ATM of the bank you were using, then there should be a record of that too. It is also possible that the ATM you tried to use had been tampered with so you couldn't get your money.

But see your bank asap - you should have rung them as soon as this occured.

-- pendle (, December 07, 2001.

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