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Does anyone know how to get in contact with Mike Hodges, director of Get Carter ? I have no idea on how I would go about finding a person like that, a email address for him would do.If you know your help would be greatly appreciated many thanks Michael Brady of Newcastle upon Tyne.

-- Michael Brady (, December 06, 2001


Its ok, i got in touch with him :-)

-- michael brady (, January 23, 2002.

Anything intresting to tell us about your contact would be interested to hear about it?

-- Stewart C.Bailey (, February 09, 2002.

Yeah a couple of things you might find interesting

Its all there.

-- Michael Brady (, March 09, 2002.

What a great interview with Mike & others and enjoyed the site well done to you.

-- Stewart C.Bailey (, March 12, 2002.

Thanks Stewart, pleased you like it. I have enjoyed making it.

-- Michael Brady (, March 12, 2002.

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