Microscope slide grids

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Since the subject came up today, thought I'd remind or inform everyone (depending on who you are!) that we can supply you with grids for microscope slides. As we all know, being able to use a grid to estimate the size of an object under a microscope is a skill that students need for the TEST. Of course, it's also a nice skill to know anyway, test or no test.

If you have MSPublisher 2000 and a nice laser printer, you can print them yourself on Avery labels (5160 or equivalent) by going to:


Scroll down the page and download the file Microscope Slide GRIDS

Michael Gatton

-- Michael Gatton (mg143@aol.com), December 06, 2001


Any MAC users out there who know how to use a PC document (Publisher, microscope slide grids, e.g.) on a MAC?

I also added an MSWord version of the grids for those who have trouble with Publisher (converting to PDF shrinks everything slightly, which messes up the measurements). You will need the Avery Wizard plug-in for it to work. The plug-in is free from their website: www.avery.com

The grids are at: www.middleschoolscience.org/plan8.htm

Mike Gatton

-- Michael Gatton (mg143@aol.com), December 17, 2001.

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