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After I complained to Abbey re DLA's tactics, they said they'd deal with me direct. This got us nowhere and I received a letter to say they would not correspond any futher with me from that department. Yesterday I received a letter on behalf of the Secretary of Abbey National (incidentally posted to the address next door)! to say that they are now investigating my complaint. They've enclosed a form for me to state (if not previously stated) exactly what my complaint is, what I want them to do about it and what compensation I'd be looking for. I think this must be a standard letter but was wondering if anyone's had the joy of dealing with this department and, if so, how I should play it? Thanks Jo

-- Jo Berry (, December 06, 2001


I filled out one of these AN forms a while back. I detailed what had happened and what they did to me. I listed my losses and I said what I wanted them to do to compensate me.

The AN Secretariat Office (very long pompous official & meaningless name) responded to my complaint form that they would investigate. After six weeks I got a stupid decision and a pitiful compensation offer that was so low it hardly covered the postage. And, the compensation offer was made with time limits, full and final settlement, no liability accepted. The decision letter implied that it was actually all my fault, AN were totally blameless.

I have formed the opinion based on this experience that AN are simply going through the motions of dealing with complaints. They have no intention of ever offering you even reasonable compensation, and the complaint form smacks of information gathering.

The Secretariat office at AN are totally into damage limitation. They even called me up to “Discuss” my complaint and verify aspects of it, but I now realise they were just defining the extent of their liability and finding out what I was going to do.

Certainly, they then used the information I provided to prevent my complaint being investigated by other bodies. (Sorry this is vague but I can't be too specific at this point in time)

My advice is to only provide a summary of the situation on the complaint form. Do not go into any specifics. You have to complete it and send it in otherwise you are prevented from going to the Mortgage/Banking ombudsman, now known as the financial ombudsman. But don't give too much away to them.

Once they have completed their "ha ha" investigation you must ask for a deadlock letter if you are going to take your complaint to the ombudsman. They can then take upto eight weeks to issue a deadlock letter. So its all a time delay exercise.

Don't hold your breath waiting for AN to resolve your complaint, is my opinion.

Good luck.

-- anon (, December 06, 2001.

Abbey National repossessed my home, without negotiating arrears, (which were 10% of the positive equity of my property). Without going into details...they then removed all possessions belonging to myself and children, one of whom is severley ill, without my knowledge. I had had a mortagae for 15 years. They then took large amounts of the equity for legal fees and because my mortgage had ended early. I complained to them for 3 years...then got the deadlock letter and went to the financial ombudsman...who is in the 2cnd year of looking into this for do we fight such large companies.

-- christine morgan (, January 13, 2002.

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