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hello, on november 26,2001 my rooster was found out in the chicken yard not moving. he always sleeps on the rope to put the door up & down in the day and night time. my father & mother been saying that he may have flew in to the window or my other 7-8 pounded mixed buff and leghorn was fighting over a hen.please help i don't want to loss him. i need a rooster to take over for my other rooster that is 4 years old. sincerly, Kristina Zinn

-- Kristina Zinn (, December 05, 2001


if hes not moving at all,, its not a good sign. and IF it broke its back,,it wouldnt be able to "perform" even if it survives

-- stan (, December 05, 2001.

Kristina, where are you located? I'm in N Tx and have a rooster in need of a good home. He is about 9 months old but bigger than his RI Red father. The mother was a Golden laced Wynodotte (sp?) so his colors are just beautiful. Hope all goes well with your rooster!

-- c.d. (, December 06, 2001.

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