Dumb question about windows/greenhouse

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We have accumulated about 30 windows and doors of odd sizes. Can these be used to build a small greenhouse? What about whitewashing the upper ones in the summer.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (atilrthehony@hotmail.com), December 05, 2001


Hello Cindy, Of course you can make a green house out of your windows. Make the top ones so that you can open them as to let out the heat. My simple green house has temperatures of 120 degrees in the summer!

Sincerely, Ernest

-- http://communities.msn.com/livingoffthelandintheozarks (espresso42@hotmail.com), December 05, 2001.

Ernest Wasn't that the outside temp im MO. last summer? JAY

-- JAY (jay@townsqr.com), December 06, 2001.

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