Well, I tried my hardest.....

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I am submitting this through the school computer for the last time. They've stumbled upon my "secret operation" and as is, this will be my last post for a while.

"They" are the school authorities, whose nazi-like intolerence of freedom of ideas keep everyone around me locked in a mindless trance. Well, I have to go now. They're watching me even as we speak. Theyre probably watching ALL of us.....Damn them.......Damn public education, and the siren song of "free internet". How DARE they put a limit to what the mind can accomplish!

Just because this board has a few "cuss words", the school is putting up a firewall to prevent me from ever going on this site again. You'd think they'd have something better to do, in their spare time, huh?

I will miss you all....Until we meet again........goodbye.

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 05, 2001


sneak on.

-- (adirondackpirate@socks.com), December 05, 2001.

I agree with J_____, sneak on. Go to hackers dot com (dot org?) to learn to get around the firewall.

-- joj (jump@off.c), December 05, 2001.


-- Rensokuken of hell (squal4lyfe@yahoo.com), December 05, 2001.

No. We will fight this.

Davey, whats your school webpage address. From there, I can find out the board address, and possibly do something about this problem of yours.

happyhacker.org. The only place for newbs who wanna learn.

Ill see what I can do.

-- Krunch Kobra (??????@??????.???), December 05, 2001.

What is the priciples E-Mail? I can flood them with requests to do other wise.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), December 05, 2001.


while I was waiting in the principal's office for them to punish me, I hacked on to the school website using the administrator's password (thanks for the info, Ren!), and COMPLETELY SCREWED UP THE NETWORK CONNECTION!!! I also SOMEHOW deleted the attendence files, so now my 17 latenesses to school.....magically disapear. AND NO ONE BOTHERED TO MAKE BACK-UP COPIES OF THE FILES!!!!!!!!!! They have no idea whodunit, so I get off scot-free.

It will take them at least a year to recover all the files, and by that time, I'll have already graduated!!!!! REMEMBER, FIGHT THE SYSTEM, FOR ALL SYSTEMS HAVE A WEAKNESS!!!! And always brush after meals.

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 05, 2001.

Evil Laughter Mwaahahahaaaaaaaa!!!

-- Okie Dan (okiedan@oklahoma.net), December 06, 2001.

Sigh... I can hear the sirens coming for you now, Davey...

-- Krunch Kobra (??????@??????.???), December 06, 2001.

(Singing)They're coming to take me away, HA HA, They're coming to take me away, HO, HO!

But seriously: the schools HAVE gone too fanr no by limiting sites. Censuring is WRONG. Dead wrong. They are afraid about putting "ideas" into our head, Trying to "protect" us from things like Sex, Hate, and Drugs. Well, in small, quiet suburbia, where I live now, kids don't experience these things until college. As soon as they graduate. It's like being thrown into a pool of ice-cold water, because you've never had to deal with it before, because it was NOT part of your world. But where I USED to live, I learned life the hard way. THAT prepares you for the real world. Living in a contained enviorment being "protected" from all the "evils" of the outide world? That does not prepare you for the real world.

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 06, 2001.

Dont forget to end your singing with (/singing). I dont want to have to fix your fuckups! :D

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), December 07, 2001.

Darn tags! I ALWAYS forget the tags.

-- Davey Rootbeer (yankeefans2@juno.com), December 07, 2001.


Nice job man!!!! I, too, have been a victim of public school's oppression. You know what is fun, if you just want to cause a little mayhem? Bring a high-powered magnet to school. You can fuck up T.V.'s, computer monitors, hard drives, and even the teacher's credit cards, if you do it right. Fight the power!

-- Anti-bush (bizkitnut666@hotmail.com), July 12, 2003.

u public school folk have it easy, i am at a boarding school and we have study hall for 2 hrs at night. it was no problem, jsut sit there and talk on AIM. NOOOO they dont seem to like that, now they have set it up so that if AIM signs on through your rooms port during those hours of study hall it shuts you off for 20 minutes. if anyone can get me around this i will love u

-- scott (dumbudy321@hotmail.com), October 02, 2003.

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