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I know many of you make soap, but I don't. Yesterday when I was out shopping at the Dollar Tree, I found a soap that smells so wonderful. It is unbelivable. I was carrying the package around just smelling it last night!!! It is called Yardley London Naturally Moisturing Bar, Oatmeal and Almond. I am hoping one of my kids thinks to buy me some for Christmas. If you see this soap anywhere it is great.

-- Melissa (, December 05, 2001


Yardley's Lavender is really pretty too. It's a hard cake and last a long time.

-- Jo (, December 05, 2001.

Hey Melissa, I was up there at the Mall yesterday too, ALL DAY Christams shopping!!! I am totally wore out, but the weather couldn't be beat for having to "schlep" about all those stores in search of presents for everyone!!!

Yardley makes wonderful soap, and your right, the smell is heavenly!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, December 05, 2001.

Evidently, my brain is totally wore out still, it's Christmas shopping I meant!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, December 05, 2001.

Hi Annie, I was there for several hours too. I had a long day. First I got up and got the kids off to school. While they were getting ready, I scrubbed the whole house and cleaned a little. Then I went to work with Cale and helped on a concrete pour. I like to help him out with dragging the concrete and screeting it off. But he wheelbarrows. I finish some, but he does the brooming. It was a couple of sidewalks. Then I changed clothes at my Mom's, had an early lunch with her and finished all my Christams shopping. Then I came home, hid everthing away, cooked supper, and went to the library and worked a few hours. Then for the best part of the day!!!!! (drumroll...) I watched the Martha Stewart Christams special. I know some don't like her, but I thought it was a great show!

-- Melissa (, December 06, 2001.

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