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Assuming I have a suitcase nuke and wanted to blow up something to get these stupid infidels to fight a *cosmic* war think I'd start in Indonesia. More Muslims than anywhere else and plenty of us militant types working the docks. A cargo container full of cheap sweatshirts and bikinis aught to work. Stupid Americans buy that shit by the ton and security here in Jakarta is nill. Simple enough to stash the device with a timer set to detonate the day of or after the ships' arrival in a west coast port. Ships run on schedules you know and it doesn't really matter exactly when it blows as long as the understaffed port inspectors don't get to that particular container first. Blow it before it just docks and that works just fine. Have to pick though. Could do LA and wreak economic havoc or do San Diego and nail the Pacific fleet. Can't do Frisco cause that would put them two up on us. Your thoughts.

-- Osama (coming@your.home), December 05, 2001

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