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I found this site at another forum. I don't claim this one as my own find.

You can write an e-mail to a sailor or soldier for the holiday season. Apparently the mail is all screwed up because of the Anthrax scare.

These folks are away from home, doing something that they would prefer not to do, and they are doing it for OUR benefit.

I hope that everyone who reads this will send at least one letter to someone in the military and cheer them up a little.

When you get to the web page the area you want is under the changing picture in the upper left where it says to any service member. They give you the choice of which branch of the service you want to write to. So all the rest of you vets get up off yours and get out a letter ASAP, that's an order. Those military folks will be very happy if you do. Thanks.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, December 04, 2001


Thanks for posting this Bob.

-- Melissa (, December 05, 2001.

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