What's with the Weather?

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It was 64 here today, beat the old record by 3 degrees. It was over 60 at 8AM. That is summer weather in December. I'm not complaining, but I fear we may pay for it later this winter. Those things sort of even themselves out.

Maybe it is global warming. I doubt it, don't hold to much to the notion of that idea since mostly what they go on is computer extrapolations and similations. Sounds like a computer game. If their computers work the same as mine does somtimes I would actually expect an ice age. A while ago a read an article in Astronomy magazine. The author said that global warming, if there is any occurring, is coming from the sun, not what us puny humans are doing. He said the sun could also destroy more of the ozone layer in a short time than people have in their history. Sounds about right to me. People are quite arrogant to think that they are in charge of controlling everthing on earth. How outrageous. We are microspecks on this big green ball.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (bjwick@hotmail.com), December 04, 2001


45 here this morning expected to top out at 70 later on today. Were ready for some winter weather. A white Christmas would be a change. :o)

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), December 05, 2001.

over 60 here today,, just across the lake from you Bob. Bes where flying,,,, I know they are going ot run out before spring now.

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), December 05, 2001.

I'd be glad to give ya'll some of our cold Colorado air. Been longing for the warmth of Central Texas;)

-- mary (mlg@aol.com), December 05, 2001.

Astronomy is great magazine isn't it? I think we can screw up the planet. At the same time I agree there are much more powerful forces that makes life precarious. Still, this Mother Earth will probably be going strong when all the Chicken Littles are dust.

I understand we get one week to play before we freeze our butts off.

Mary, when you are ready to say that you are 'sorry' you can come back to Central Texas.

-- paul (primrose@centex.net), December 09, 2001.

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