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We planted fountain grass this spring, and it came up nicely, but it has died off now that it has frost-do we leave all the dead grass alone, or cut it off? Not certain if the long blades green up in spring, or not...thanks for the info! Joe

-- Joe (, December 04, 2001


Hi Joe, I have not grown any but do have several home owners around here that do. I have noticed that they let it go through the winter and cut it back during spring cleanup. It looks pretty neat standing through the snow. I'm sure lots of people let it stand through the winter just for something to look at. Also probably help to protect it through the winter, snow covers plants and helps insulate roots.

-- george (, December 04, 2001.

George is right. People leave fountain grass and other ornamental grasses untouched for "winter interest". The leaves won't green up again. New blades will come up from the base. I usually cut off the dead stuff in the spring.

-- (, December 04, 2001.

I've burned off the old material in the spring. It is a warm season grass so I figured burning would help it. It did, but I caught the mulch on fire too, not good. ;)

-- Susan (, December 04, 2001.

I've left it 'till spring here (zone 6. central Ky) then cut it about late Feb/early Mar.The type I grow is the species, I believe the latin name is Orientalis, there is another variety that is purple, latin name purpureum (I think) & it isn't hardy for our zone 6 winters, I grow it from seed every year.If you're in zone 7 or lower & grow it, it will be perennial for you as well.

Grasses are Great! The best 2 native varieties for ornamental purposes (IMHO anyway) are big & little bluestem.Both are clumpers instead of spreaders & give good color during the fall/winter season, and they respond well to controlled burning in spring.

Thanks for reminding me that there ARE things to enjoy in my flowerbed after the killing frosts.:)


-- Sparrowhawk (, December 07, 2001.

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