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I have broken my mobile phone in July 2001 and send a letter to my mobile phone company explain this situation.

Surprisingly they have send me letters and letters to pay August, september....November but i have left England.

I am living abroad now (Germany). They are now writing to me in Germany because they have my adress (my letter to explain that i have lost my phone was written from germany with my adress on it).

I have no bank in England right now but the are threatening me to proceed in justice court. What are the risks ? should i pay ?. Can they do anything as i am abroad ?

Thanks a lot for your answer i really need it.

-- Eugéne yeager (, December 04, 2001


That must be an awful situation to be in, how on earth do you sleep at night? I bet it nearly £100!!

-- Simon (, December 10, 2001.

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