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I would like to meet homesteaders anywhere around Phoenix or the surrounding areas, I would like to know how you handle livestock and gardening espically in the summer heat.

-- Roxanne (, December 04, 2001


I lived close to Palm Springs for 10 years and gardening is hard tho the weather is great year around. The price of water is so high in Calif in order to have a healthy garden my water bill was so much I could have gotten the stuff for half the price at the store. My neighbor tho did real well. She planted her stuff in Kids plastic pools and built a frame tall enough she could walk in it and around the pools. She had a net over the frame to keep the garden shaded in the heat of the day. She grew alot of peppers and spuash did well. I also had a friend who had chickens and sold fresh eggs and did a good business. Another friend of mind had horses and goats and was always broke because she said every bite of food they took had to be bought and it was costing alot.Good luck. I would think AZ taxes are better than calif to.

-- Teresa (, December 05, 2001.

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