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I Mentioned on the tread about saving clothes with paint that I painted clothing for income, and I thought I'd give more info on that. I usually paint from photos of pets, classic cars, or special areas. I usually paint on Hanes Beefy tees, or equal quality shirts, because people don't like paying 50 or 60 dollars for a shirt that fades or falls apart in a few washings. One of my favorite sources for shirts is THINC Actionwear in Portland, OR ( They have no minimum order, but they prefer orders over 50 dollars. I use water soluble paints (deka, and versitex are two brands) that are heat set. There are shirts that are being worn that are ten to twelve years old and still looking good, so I know how they last. If someone wants more info about how to do shirts, let me know, and I'll try to answer. Jacki

-- Jackie Goss (, December 04, 2001

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