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What's a favourite vacation or trip you've taken?

-- Jen (Jen@echoside.net), December 04, 2001


without a doubt, spontaneous runaway road trip to boston on the bus, then hooking up with a coke-addicted stripper and her friend who were in the process of moving to california, them taking me to atlanta where we partied and i caught another bus down to florida to stay with another friend, then my dad just happened to pop up in the same city and took me flying... then home where i got sent off back to my boarding school.

-- emily (emilymarguerite@yahoo.com), December 05, 2001.

Hi Jen,

Crossing the Grand Canyon has got to be
one of the most awesome trips I've taken.
The canyon is home to an amazing amount
of critters. The rock walls create a
dazzling array of forms to scintilate
the senses.

This Summer's trip to NE Oregon was pretty
good. John Day, Strawberry Mnt., Nez Pierce
homeland in the Wallowa Valley, the tram to
Mnt. Howard and the Snake River. I put together
a cool video of the trip on CD-ROM.

-- spider (spider@web.com), December 10, 2001.


-- -- Karrisa (xxx@msn.com) (Karrisa (xxx@msn.com)), July 21, 2003.

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