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Did ACL or SAL operate a passenger train in 1952 that would pass through Gadsden ,Al enroute to Jacksonville , Fl . If so what was the name of the train and it's origin. Thanks, Jerry Bradley

-- Jerry Bradley (JWBRADLEY@HSV.K12.AL.US), December 04, 2001


Jerry....niether the Seaboard or Atlantic Coast Line operated trains through Gadsden. The Southern (Alabama Great Southern) passed SW-NE through Attalla with a branch into Gadsden; and the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia terminated there. Also, Gadsden was an intermediate point on a somewhat circuitous branchline of the L&N that still had local passenger service in at least 1950.

None of these lines operated Jacksonville bound trains through Gadsden; this would have been done out of Birmingham.

-- Buck Dean (, December 04, 2001.

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