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Would like to invite you all to come play cards with me at mystic island...To be sure this is not a homesteading question, but in times of stress and tight money, we all need a chance to have fun and relax. So far all there is are card games...euchre, spades and hearts, pino is in the works. It is a friendly, clean site. You won't get lost in the shuffle like at the zone. The graphics are good too. My name there is venus... so come look me up. I so enjoy reading the posts here and would like getting to kno some of you better. Think a good game of cards or two may be in order? :) The addy is: http://www.mysticisland.net

-- Lynnda (venus@zeelink.net), December 04, 2001


I have been trying for the past week to get into mysticisland - is there a prolbem on your end that won't let me in. I have spoken to someone else and they can get on either. Please advise if there is a problem I saw that there was a conflict with the site name. Does this have anything to do with my being unable to log onto the site?

-- (jdancey@execulink.com), January 07, 2002.

do i need a special link to et page to download games ..i have been trying for 2 days

-- kyle bearra (wdstokr@alltel.net), March 16, 2002.

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