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I will soon be having a performance class/piano party for my students, who range in age from 5-13. This will be a holiday party, and I'm looking for a fun game for them to play...which would have some elements of interest for different ages. It could involve some piano playing...but there is only one piano in my studio. Any ideas would be welcome!

-- Dana Schmitz (, December 03, 2001


I also am having a holiday party for my students. I still have a lot of planning to do before next week, but in addition to having all of the students play a Christmas piece, I am thinking of playing a holiday version of the old game show "Name that Tune." I have looked up some background info regarding Christmas carols online, and I will use that info as the hint, then the kids will play the Name that Tune game by telling me how many notes of the song they need to hear. In case you are too young to remember the show, contestant #1 can say "I can name that tune in 7 notes (they can bid less, but 7 is the maximum). Contestant #2 has the option of then bidding less than the 1st contestant bid (any number less). They bid back and forth (possibly all the way down to zero) until one contestant gives in and challenges the other to guess, by saying "Name that tune!" Then you play the number of notes of the carol that the winning bidder bid, and that contestant has the first option to name the song. If that contestant is wrong, the opther can then guess. Hope that makes sense!! Michelle

-- michelle (, December 07, 2001.

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