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I have a question about the Southern's enclosed trilevel autoracks that rode on Southern-marked low-level flush-deck flats in series SOU 50400-50499, 159001-159200, and 159201-159370. (Also possibly 50300-50399 and 159371-159470, but I haven't seen cars from those series.)

These racks are similar to the Walthers trilevel model in HO, but the Southern racks do not bend in at the bottom to meet the flats. Were they narrow-body racks, or were the flats wide-body flush-decks? Either way I don't know of any other cars that were built like the Southern's.

-- Jim Eager (, December 03, 2001


Here is a list of Southern's enclosed autoracks:

FLAT RACK DOOR RR SERIES BLDR BLDR TYPE NEW COLOR NOTES SOU 50300-50399 PORT PORT CLAM 1=3-79 BRN/brn wide-body rack SOU 50400-50499 PS TC CLAM 10=11-78 BRN/brn wide body rack SOU 50500-50551 PS W&K -72 BRN/brn Vert-A-Pac SOU 50500-50551 RBLD PORT? CLAM ?-79 BRN/brn EX-Vert-A-Pac SOU 159000-159200 PS PORT TRIFLD 7=8-77 GRN/grn SOU 159201-159370 TC TC CLAM 1-79 GRN/grn SOU 159371-159470 PORT PORT CLAM 4=6-79 GRN/grn

-- Jim Eager (, December 14, 2001.

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