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I am seeking information about the origins of the Piedmont & Northern Railway. Specifically, when its two components, the Piedmont Traction Company and the Greenville, Spartanburg & Anderson Railway, were both incorporated and the date upon which the P&N was itself incorporated and the above two consolidated to form the new company? Any historical dates or details concerning the P&N would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-- Stephen Dale (s.dale1@excite.co.uk), December 03, 2001


I can't find any incorporation dates but The Historical Guide to North American Railroads says the PTC was opened in 1912. The GS&A's Greenville-Greenwood line was opened in 1912 with the Spartanburg line opened in 1914. It was also in 1914 that the 2 lines were consolidated as the P&N. Other construction dates include the 750- foot tunnel under the Southern main at Spartanburg to allow direct interchange between the P&N and C&WC and the Clinchfield in 1963. In 1965 the Duke Power branch between Mount Holly and Terrell was opened. SCL merged the P&N July 1, 1969.

-- Paul Williams (plwexpress@hotmail.com), August 02, 2002.

Tom Fetter's book on the P&N would be your best source. Contains answers to most of the questions you have. If you want specifics, contact me off-list and I'll do my best to help.

-- Will Martin (shortline@hotmail.com), May 13, 2002.

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