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Ok... Humans reproduce at a greater rate than they die... Alread overpopulation is setting in, every day we destroy land recourses that cannot be recovered anytime soon. we consume too much, use too much and pollute too much and there are gonna be too many mouths too feed... we know people have to die for the human race to survive or we will destoy the earth... BUT WHAT NATION SHOULD WE TAKE FROM AND WHY? or AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION.

-- Stoner Teen... (, December 03, 2001


I say the Americans should get it... Yes I am an American but... 1) America is a relativly small country but it contributes 25% of world population 2) Americans know a lot less (in my opinon) than other nations about whats going on in the world, because we have biased news broadcasting, less patience for other cultures (IE what we dont understand we must HATE or make fun of) 2B) I also have a contradicting feeling that everyone should just be concerned about themselves and let every one else fuck themselves which leads me into #3 3) America provides greatest amount of finalncial aid and supplies to third world countries and countries in trouble... Where in the wild the sick die off in human sociaty the sick and weak are put on the backs of working strong or semi strong humans to support with food and money... I say if the children are starving overseas.. LET THEM DIE... survival of the fittest is a law of nature! a law of nature we BROKE! I know it sounds harsh but when you look at death of people you have to look out for the good of the species.. by letting our speceis over populate we make it hard on all, If we allowed weak to die the strong could go further. 4) American government is (in my opinion) too corrupt to work and too complex to let good ideas work... Our system of goverment lets ALL (IN theory) have a say on lawmaking and polocies.. makeing, legistaling, publicisng, and putting into effect of GOOD polocies is impossible to do in a time sensative time? (LOss of words) 5) Americans (this one applies to most humans even non americans) connot think for the good of their species but for the good of their nation... now onto american bashing... American governemtn is run by big business money and big business pollutes and kills... a good example is the tobbaco industry.. to date I do not know one GOOD thing nicotine does.. its addictive and kills and if our governemnt were looking out for us then tabbacco would be illigal but since tobbaco industry has lots o money = lots o influence = ciggerette killing good...

On a more personal note on sept 11 I was shaken that somthing like that could happen but not afraid or mad. I WAS mad however when bombing killed innpcent Afgans... even though it killed (EVIL?) afgans it took innocent Afgans who were NOT destroying the earth and shit... On a tottaly almost unrealated topic HOW CAN WE SAY THAT TERRORISTS ARE INSANE BECAUSE THEY DIE FOR THEIR CAUSE WHEN US SOLDIERS KILLED IN BATTLES ARE HEROS!?! Its fuckin hypocrasy...

so save the race and the earth blow up americans!!!! :0) Nothing personal guys just doin statisticks

-- Stoner Teen... (, December 03, 2001.

I would like to go farhter with this topic if anyone else is interewsted but its 2:01 AM and i gotta take the last days of MEA'S and I have a bunch o tests... but before that I need to smoke some pott before bed so ill be tokin while you guys are talking... till about 8ish Ill see you guys... sleep tight

-- Stoner Teen... (, December 03, 2001.

Why don't we start with you, Stoner? It's your idea after all.

-- Evil Cordy (, December 03, 2001.

OUCH! That really hurt Cordy.... but you plobobly have an opinion on human death right?

-- Stoner Teen (, December 03, 2001.

Life is good. But death happens.

-- Tator (you@cant.resist), December 03, 2001.

We should weed out the racists and send them to different planets. This way, KKK people can live in their all-white utopia, and people who have no problems with other races can enjoy living in intergration without people like Wendell to rain on their parade. We should also take all the assholes who don't like to think for themselves and use them for scientific experiments.

-- Tamara (, December 03, 2001.

I am always curious why people who advocate the killing of humans in order to relieve over population haven't already killed themselves.

-- Uncle Deedah (, December 03, 2001.

bravo, this is the most thought full post written in a log time and agrees with my views exactly, i can't believe you wrote everything i thought of, the us gov doesn't care about the people all they care about is lining there pockets with cash and the only way to do that is keep the people of the us happy and feeling safe (note i said feeling which doesn't mean in realality). The amount of pulution your country makes is so much more then all the third world country s, but third world countrys still get by and accomplish there goal of reproducing( which is the whole point of being alive) people in Africa are lazy and can't see past them self s this is true for a lot or western countrys. i belive we should all go back to the way it was before technology crupted us, into mindless consumers there was nothing wrong with the way it used to be no pollution and plenty of food and water to go around, if we continue the way we are going we will all die and take the earth with us.

take action.

-- sahir (, December 04, 2001.

I think when we realize what time we are living in, it comes down to who can deal with the reality that the human species is made up of hybrid races. People who can't handle that should have separate cultures from the people who want to live in non-racist world and breed right. But Tamara's solution isn't really practical, because if all of the people who get along ok are put in the same place, people just don't get matched up right.

-- Rita Hill (, December 04, 2001.

Rita, I really do hope that you didn't me seriously. While it would be great if we could, technologically speaking, go back a couple hundred years, it would never work. There are too many people who like their cars and central air conditioning. Everyone is too lazy to want to make their own food and clothing and housing. Besides, we wouldn't have the kind of medicine that we do now.

-- Tamara (, December 04, 2001.

People die. Happens all the time. War, murder, cancer, AIDS, drive by shootings, car accidents, old age, what have you. The problem isn't that not enough people are dying, the problem is that too many are being born. Earth's Full, Go Home.

-- Evil Cordy (, December 04, 2001.

i think the stoner guy is cool u toke it up and they talk what a great idea yahhhhhh

-- Kyle (, February 03, 2002.

what sort of stat says that america contributes 25% of the world's population? I wish I had some of that green stuff 'cause it sounds like it's fuckin' you up real good. I know I'm coming in late to this conversation but if you want to start the population control start with the afgans, moron. what, a few thousand years without a major positive contribution to civilization isn't a good enough reason to slaughter those fucks? try saving a cell or two upstairs and write something that doesn't blatantly give away the fact that you are quite possibly the dumbest fuck I've had the misfortune of reading anything from. by the way, do you think they have nice big pinecone sized sticky stinky buds in Afganistan?

-- fred (, March 02, 2002.

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to say pollution. America contributes around 25% of the pollution, but only about 5% of the population of this planet.

And there's a flaw in your logic. Survival of the fittest would implicate killing off the weak, which by no means are the Americans.

-- MrCool (, April 01, 2002.

'there is enough on this planet for everyone's needs, but not enough for everyone's desires'. Mahatma Ganhi said that, and I believe him right. Ideally, the most humanitarian way to combat human overpopulation would simply to ensure a better distribution of goods among the peole and a international repriortizing of crops. I'm sure that the world's combined tobacco crops could be used to produce enough food to feed a small to medium third world country, for excample. Of course, seeing how some people is so greedy that they resent sharing their surplus to those in need I suggest that we terminate them first. Then we'll both have a lower human population but also have better living conditions for those reminding. Problem solved.

-- Grudgeal (, April 01, 2002.

your saying that americans are not weak, and thats a lie. we are all acustomed to having everything we need there for us, being brought up in a house, eating food from the store, and so on. but the people surviving in poor conditions, like the people that have to make their own houses, hunt and/or grow thier own food are the stronger ones. i say take out the rich and give to the poor.

-- neuman (, June 07, 2002.

well if america is killing good afghans on sept 11 alquida (who had afghans in it possibly the majority race) killed a lot of innocent americans.

My friend says:well, look at it this way. who is stronger? the person that has everything on a silverplatter, or the person who works for everything?

and i say:america had to work for what they got as well they just got it along time ago

i continue to say: they were blessed with safe territory but u cant build somin like what the states has with just good territory

sorry for the choppyness of my reply but i'm tired and the guy who started this page had an opinion that rubbed me the wrong way and i had to voice mine before i went to bed.

-- Seth Lambert (, June 08, 2002.

I know this is REALLY LATE but I will try and make a point.

I wonder why do people belive that Destroying is the way to make everything better, 99.9% of Americans (if had read the first message by stoner) would have tried to KILL Stoner, He's a problem if we kill him that problem will be solved, WRONG, that problem turns into another problem and then another: Who is going to take Stoners body away,clean up the blood, tell stoners parents that he is dead.

Now if you DIDN'T GET THE HINT above I will do ANOTHER Demonstration:

Stoner said by destorying the Americans all would be better, WRONG By Destroying you are simply making more problems, How would you Kill 281,421,906 People????

Nuclear Bomb/s: Yeah Good One who will drop the bomb, It bomb all of america it would take around 961 Nuclear Bombs, where will the money to buy the bombs come from.

There are more ways but in the end 99.9% percent of people will be pissed.

THIS IS WHAT IS MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN: Mars, etc another planet it sounds far out but think back in 1960 going to the moon was an impossibility, now we are trying to go to mars next who knows what eventully we will be blasting along at lightspeed and that still will not be good enough.

I hope you think alot about what I just said. By the sounds of it Stoner had an IQ of 2 Agree, Disagree e-mail me by clicking below or

-- David James Mr. Extreme (, June 15, 2002.

bravo, this is the most thought full post written in a log time and agrees with my views exactly, i can't believe you wrote everything i thought of, the us gov doesn't care about the people all they care about is lining there pockets with cash and the only way to do that is keep the people of the us happy and feeling safe (note i said feeling which doesn't mean in realality). The amount of pulution your country makes is so much more then all the third world country s, but third world countrys still get by and accomplish there goal of reproducing( which is the whole point of being alive) people in Africa are lazy and can't see past them self s this is true for a lot or western countrys. i belive we should all go back to the way it was before technology crupted us, into mindless consumers there was nothing wrong with the way it used to be no pollution and plenty of food and water to go around, if we continue the way we are going we will all die and take the earth with us. take action.

-- Foo Bar (, October 21, 2002.

I see that our dollars spent in education are being well spent. I does my heart good to read what people have opn their minds. The discussion about how to solve this problem must begin with our need to be fair or it will not be a solution that will be seriously considered. Someone sid tha oppinions are like something, but you know what I am getting at. The solution to any problems lies withing the problem itself. It will tke more that sharing our feelings to solve this problem. We will actually have to put on our thinking caps, and tap our index finger to our temples in order to uncover a solution that we can all live with. Sorry for ruining the mood, but I haven't smoked any pot since the sixties and I tend to think more clearly these days. What was that song the Beetles' sang, All We Need Is Love?

-- Calvin Johnson (, November 17, 2002.

America was founded on British beliefs and British democracy. Americans are weak, to believe that Saddam is capable of launching any attack on the US or Europe, although the English government is weaker by joining the US's side in all this.

America hasn't really contributed that much to society in recent years, as most have been expansions on European ideas.

I think the English should go first and leave the UK to the Scots!

-- D Robertson (, February 21, 2003.

Just kill all of the Humans. What's the point of them? You others have no idea what you Humans have done to my people, more of what you did to our planet. Sure, it's not YOUR fault, but in some way you have contributed to destroying the Earth and my people,the Luthranians.

-- Ketrino Wilson (, April 18, 2003.

Ok as far as i can tell this topic on this 1 board has been going on for well over a year now. This is one of the best topics to discuss wile not the most... attracting. As the world stands with all the disagreements in the world every country always worries about what the other is planning,if there planning to attack the other, or what ever else they can think of. I am an american yes, but i well admit that the american government is one of the worst on the planet.Reason being in this matter is that anything ( from the laws made to the way people think) can be changed by how much money your willing to spend to get what you want. My oppinion as it is someone with enough money could most likely controll enough of the population of the world to actually achieve Adolf Hitlers dream of world domination. Though the domination may not be of a single race but of the dictators sole power over the rest of the populas. If you think about it, the rich the famous. They have everything they could ever want they can get away with crimes simply because they buy there wayout of it in the states. The sole problem of this world is that everyone is "OUT FOR HIMSELF" wile not the survival of the species. Each person on this planet has an instinct of self preservation. Thus that has what this world has turned into, a world where everyone is striveing for thereselves instead of trying to improve upon itself. Wile i admit this has worked for the past 100 years or so with the problems this planet is faceing today something has to be done or else we will end up destroing ourselves in our own pride. These problems we are facing today are not well that will never happen in my lifetime so why should i worry about it?, sort of problems. The problems facing this planet today are iminent and will come to pass in the not to distant future. A few examples such as maby no one seems to view as much of a threat in the present ( but in a few years everyone will be scrambling around trying to figure out what to do and wondering why they dint start earlier) are global warming a major threat. In the next decade or so at the rate were going now most of the ozone layer will be depleted. Thus skin cancer and other diseases will flourish. What will we do then when we can hardly leave our homes in fear of dieing from overexposure to the suns deady rays? Will everyone wait till dark, will the world simply switch its schedule to compinsate for everything to run wile the sun is down? I very serousley doubt this. The most important threat i thik that we face in the immediate present thoush is TOTAL ANNILATION of our own doing. As volotile as the different countries of the world are now its a wonder we havent destroyed ourselves already. With the nuclear bombs they have today the most deady of devices for wipeing out all life on this little speck in the univerce. You are completely wrong as it taking so many of the wipeing out life as we know it on this planet it would only take a single bomb for every major city on the planet and then the wind currents and the radiation would do the rest no need to worry about trying to find a place to run unless u have a bunker somewher u can spend the next 30 or 40 years.It does not take a genius to see what the problems this world are facing are imminent and thers probably nothing 1 can do about it. I am not a religous man of any kind. Matter o factly i dont not even believe in god. My belief is this, if there ever was such a being as to have created the heavens,the earth,and the seas then he has long such abbandoned us long ago thus what such reason would he have for letting us desove into such a state of decay? One can hardly believe the churches anymore for most now days worry about money as much as any other for instance i read in the paper the other day a church of the price tag of 1 million usd ( U.S. DOllars) that is a shit load of money for 1 building people that go to church think o ya great they wil feed the children or something. Ok my question in the first dam place is what in the hell does god need for such a material thing as money,or anything else of this world for that matter? I mean after all he supposedly created it so why would he need anything from it? Another thing that has always bugged me is that if there was ever a being so powerful why would he pride hiself on never being known except through a single book that can hardly be considerd the hole truith since it was copied through the centuries by word of mouth and by hand written coppies? I mean after all 1 can hardly copy such a book and expect to not make a single mistake, and if so mistakes compiled over many generations of coping. My complete though of the hole thing is that in the next 10 or so years( if we dont destroy ourselves first) is that if we dont learn to live together there is no hope what so ever for the survival of our race.The most effective way i can forsee to unite everyone into 1 force to try and expand and evolve our way of understanding is to completely abolish the economical system. No im not saying take away everyones jobs for what ever profession ther into. IM simply saying take away the competitiveness that deprives of greed and power.My belief is that if the complete and total deletion of any kind of wealth other than that of the quality of life we are living.This would modivate self evolution of the entire species, not just the single person,country, race , or color. I CAN NOT IMPHASIZE THAT ENOUGH. NONE of that shit matters, there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between any human on this planet excpeth what part of our dna makes us look different from each other.Then again how much is that .1 of a percent of the human dna code? IM not sure. I am a sinple hard working man i work for my way of life. I do not work for the money. I work because the money is the only way i can live in this world. If there were no such thing as money, you would still haft to work for what you wanted.Thats the hole point of this post. Yes i work hard for my way of life and that of my son and my wife. Does that mean i am better than the poor man that lives on the streets in a cardboard box? Just because he is classified as a lazy person or a drug addict does that make him a bad person? We all make mistakes we haft to live with those mistakes. There is an old saying that i think stands true "WE Reap what we sow" ( lamens turms u get out what u put in). The entire world is heading to self destruction no matter what youve heard 1 person cannot change the world. To change this world for the better its going to haft to combine all the races/colors/religions of the entire planet working on a sole goal of trying to make our lives better. Trying to improve, to expand our knowledge. Not working agains each other at every other turn in the road tring to get the upper hand. Unless the world unites into a sole voice and learns to except each other as equils and stop with these petty querrels that are ultimetly going to destroy us all there is no hope.This is sad, but it is ultimately true think over what i have said and see if you do not come to the same conclusions i have. Maby you wont after all no one thinks the same other have different views thats what makes us human. The other thing that makes us ultimately a sad, and very ignorant race is that we fail to see problems , or do not want to see, problems untill there is no other choice but to try to save ourselves after there is no other choice.Then i fear though it will be to late, and then we wont hafta worry about it anymore will we hmmmmmm.

-- Matthew Dockery (, May 05, 2003.

"a world where an creature feeds on another and where the death of the weaker implies the life of the stronger."

"In the end only the urge for self-preservation can conquer....mankind has grown great in eternal struggle and only in eternal peace does it perish....The stronger must dominate and not blend with the weaker, thus sacraficing his own greatness. Only the born weakling can view this a cruel."

These were taken from Mien Kampf written by Adolf Hitler while he was in prison during 1923. Your writing reminds me of his book. I have read all of what has been said, the only conclusion that i can come to is that no one should die, no one should be born, but this is not possible, its geting to a sad world when people should be deciding who we should sacrafice and who should we leave. WE ARE NOT GOD, thus we should not play god, death will come eventually, there is no doubt about it, the 25% pollution that america causes is nothing, if it werent for that pollution then the world would die at a slower rate, but what would the world be like without life, for a start we wouldnt have this debait, every thing that has happened would not have happened, Earth wihout live would just make Earth another venus. In the next million years or so earth would be a uninhabital place, for humans any way, we may speed up the process but the end result is the same but yet agin what would the earth be like without life, i would imagin the sahara desert but global,what an extremely boring place, so stop worring about it and get on with what you want to do in life as it only happens once.

-- Joe Tinsley (, July 02, 2003.

Its quite simple... Kill the Americans, and by Americans I mean those living in the Unites States, (Primarily, the term "Americans" can apply to those who live in Latin America and South, but I am especifically referring to those in the United States). I love the idea of countries having rich and profound cultures, and the United States obviously seems to be the antagonist of such idea. As it was said by the person who started this thread, the news given by the media of that country has been, is, and always will be Biast, and it will continue to spread this among the rest of the world. Wiping of those who are weak first would be a mistake... a typical AMERICAN mistake. Having more weapons and money doesen't make you any stronger, it just makes you more blind, a disease that Americans suffer. We have in our minds that people like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden are evil, because of their acts, and their Muslim religion. People tend to forget that obviously the amount of collateral damage (Ex. Civilian Deaths) caused by the United States is uncomparable to those caused by Osama and Saddam. Yet this is not the issue. I'd have to say that the United States is probably the most "retarded" race, and it can be seen throughout their history, from Lincoln fucking a slave to Bush bombing Iraq. Their culture has exploited and damaged and corrupted the minds of the new generations through (even if its a matter of taste), music and other arts. Thanks to them we value stupidity, and low morals. It's evidently hard to write about a subject like this due to the limited amount of time and insignificance of this thread, for there are over a million ideas I could continue to write about... yet its not worth it, because Americans will never realize till they fall, hopefully in approx. 20 years from now when the Chineese rise to power. (I'm not Chineese but its a prediction made by many).

-- Inno A Satana (, August 24, 2003.

Here is the real problem: When people live in racist world, they get to make kids with anything that comes near, that makes overpopulation.

When people live in non-racist world, the tribes breed right, but it's harder for people to find the right mate.

This is why population growth went crazy after the British sunk the Spanish Armada. Just look at the graphs.

So, the idea is we DON'T kill people. We tell people how to breed. What I've been doing is putting the slow screws to racist tyranny.

The world is truly hitting the wall right now, and cultures that call angels racist, and mutants non-racist are going the way of the Neanderthals.

We just need to keep telling the truth, because racist regimes are driven by angel extermination cult. Make them hold up their shiny cows and say who they are.

-- Rita Hill of Earth (, October 06, 2003.

Everybody who submitted their opinion on this page and tried to make an ass out of the stoner should all be shot. this message has been brought to you by G-Unit Wisconsin!! (W)

-- Bobby Marx (, November 11, 2003.

I'm in agreeance with stoner teen the Americans must die, how is the question and no dick we don't need neuclear bombs. In my backyard labarotory i am developing a version of ANTHRAX that will wipe out a nation in days. FOREVER ALLAH

-- Baked as (, September 05, 2004.

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