What is a SARN and how do i go about asking for one????

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sorry to seem thick..

i am new to all thses terms and cant find anything on site telling me what a SARN is...

i have looked about the sight but am way out of my depth here..

TIA Mark

-- Mark (lostin1999@yahoo.co.uk), December 02, 2001


Mark - here are the directions for you. If you haven't got to this Q&A page through the home-repo site, you need to get first of all to the home page of www.home-repo.org. Click on 'repossession' on left side list of options. Click on 'do's and don'ts'. And then under the heading ' After they contact you and demand cash' click on item 3 and all will be revealed. There is also a sample letter you can click on there. You will find everything you read on the site helpful and reassuring and most of all you will realise you are not alone. I was a quivering wreck until I discovered it.(thats what Eversheds do to you).So get reading!! Good Luck!

-- alyson (faydupp@hotmail.com), December 02, 2001.

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